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Aces Immortal  (created by Ithildyn and strangevisitor7)

Alternate Y2K


ATF  (created by Mog)

Stories set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
ATF Training Facility Denver

Battle Fields  (created by Jessie Jane Cheshire)

This AU follows Ezra of Ke-ist and the beginning of a new way of life for the people of Zuriel. Joining him on his journey are six men of courage and skill. Guiding them (and hampering them) are Galataeh - Goddess of Luck, Pacis - Goddess of Peace and Sluaghan - God of War and Battlefields.
Blood Brothers

Bodyguards  (created by Jean Graham)

In this contemporary AU, the Seven are involved in security and close protection, fronting a Boston firm known as InterSept. Founded by Judge Orrin Travis, the company operates throughout the world providing a wide range of security services. Whether it be the traditional role of a close protection operative, an emergency extraction from a political hot spot or even explosives disposal, the Seven are ready, willing and able to oblige.

Button  (created by Hombre)

A Little Ezra AU.
C&B Ranch  (created by Jules)
Silent, 4-year-old Ezra is the only survivor of a brutal murder/suicide by a relative. He's taken in by Chris & Buck as a foster-child on their Ranch.
A/U Status: A/U will be open as soon as the first story is finished. You may un-slash it if you wish, and make Chris and Buck just friends. In which case Nathan and Vin are Chris' adoptions, JD is Buck's. Yes, I HAVE thought this out if it were non-slash too. I am that thorough in my plans. If you want to use it, please just contact me for the parameters of the universe, since all the background information I have established won't be posted yet.


The Changing

The Chronicle

Civil War


Cold Case  (created by BML Hillen-Keene)

It's Cold Case but with a couple of twists. Two very interesting twists. A kind of cross between Cold Case and Ghost Whisperer, all characters are from the Magnificent 7, no crossovers here.
Rules for this AU: Vin and Ezra are ghosts (can be un-slashed, but must remain very close friends). They have no previous connection with the others. Currently Chris is the only one who can see them and knows about them. I am currently working on a second story where the others find out about them, it also contains Vin and Ezra's history. But after that's done feel perfectly free to borrow and do with as you wish. (Just let me know so I can read them. ;)
College AU

Conan Doyle

Constant Stumbling  (created by Clay Kalle)

Old West AU. Main focus is on Ezra Standish and Buck Wilmington -both are kids- during the first parts. Chris Larabee and the rest of the Seven will be joining later on.
Core Team 7

Cross-Border Enforcement Agency  (created by Zeke Black)

AU set in the modern day as Chris leads a unit of the (imaginary) Cross-Border Enforcement Agency.

Cub And Kit  (created by Debra)

Dark Knights  (created by Crow)

I have several ideas on more stories in this Verse. I am calling it the Dark Knights Verse. It is a shapshifters/Were verse. It is open; I only ask that all stories be sent to me before being posted anywhere. I do as I said have ideas for where this story will go and although I welcome any stories that this may inspire I request the right to say if those stories are canon or not in my Verse.
Demon Hunters

Denuo Old West

Denuo Modern


Double Bond - Old West

Dueling C's

Dungeons And Dragons (D&D)



Eternal Seven  (created by Diamondback)
In a world where vampires exist, the members of The Magnificent Seven are The Eternal Seven on the hunt for the leader of a band of vampires who massacred the citizens of Four Corners nearly one-hundred and twenty-five years ago.
A/U Status: Closed.

Famous  (created by Tammy)

Ezra Standish is a superstar and ends up requiring the assistance of four bodyguards. Through all of the danger, star obligations, and hostile feelings, he ends up finding a love that he never thought would be possible.
Fantasy  (created by Jean Graham)

In the Kings And Vagabonds AU, the Seven are situated in a bygone era of swords and sorcery where military might rules and nothing is ever quite as it seems. Join Chris, the knight; Nathan, the cleric; Josiah, the druid; Vin, the warrior; Ezra, the ranger; Buck, the man-at-arms and Jeh-di, the squire in their fantasy adventures that take them -- and you -- to places and situations completely out-of-this-world!
FBI Files

Federal Air Marshals

Feral AU

Fortress  (created by Jean Graham)

World War II and the Seven are airborne! In this exclusive alternate universe, the Magnificent Seven crew a B-17G Flying Fortress. Based in Bassingbourn, England, the boys fly one of the most famous bombers of the second world war in dangerous daylight sorties over Europe. Share their adventures as they fly as part of the Mighty Eighth.
Fossil Hunters

Foster Brothers

Four Corners Detectives  (created by Bernadette)

Four Kingdoms




Heartland  (created by BlueKat)

Chris and Buck are both detectives, working homicide. While Chris is a former street kid saved by Josiah and his late wife Caroline, Buck and his little brother JD came to the Sanchez house after their parents were killed in a car accident. Nathan and Mary are also foster kids of the Sanchez'. Nathan is doing his residency at the local hospital, while Mary lives in the next town, working as a journalist. Vin is also a runaway, who ended up at the house after meeting Chris five years ago. The latest addition to the gang is Ezra who met Chris and Buck after having been involved in a murder case.
High And Dry  (created by Purple Lacey)

A litte Ezra AU where the guys find themselves stranded on an island in the Pacific.
Homicide Squad  (created by VampyrAlex)

Hunter's Moon

Immortal AU

Indian In The Cupboard

Into The Fold

Jamesburg AU

Journey To Avalon  (created by Angela B.)

A litte Ezra AU.

Little Britches - ATF

Little Britches - D&D

Little Britches - Futuristic AU

Little Britches - Old West

Little Britches North Pass Ranch AU  (created by Joy K.)

Little Ezra - ATF

Little Ezra 4C Agency  (created by Twyla Jane)

Little Ezra - Old West  (created by Wyvern)

Little Ezra - Star Trek

Los Hermanos  (created by Zeke Black)

AU set in 1979 on a ranch in Washington state and featuring the Seven as brothers and half-brothers.
Lost Boys  (created by Angie)

Lost Lambs  (created by KT)

M7NBC Lineup

Magnificent 7 Among The Stars

Masquerade Tangent AU

Medieval AF

Meta 7

Mexico Group  (created by Clay Kalle)

A Little Ezra AU.
Missing Persons  (created by Bernadette)

This is an AU where Chris and the guys search for missing persons and Ezra has a certain ability to find them.
Modern World

Monarch Of The Glen

Moose Jaw

A slightly warped version of Time Trax.
Nasty Boys  (created by Monica M)


National Crime Organization
NO-7  (created by Ruby H)


Old West

Old West - Gender Bending

On The Run  (created by BlueKat)

Nineteen year old Vin Tanner runs away together with the seven year old Ezra Standish, to keep the younger boy from being hurt by his step father. They come to Four Corners to start a new life, hiding from Cain Harburg, the latest of Maude Standish's husbands.
This AU will have a Chris/Buck pairing, which will be introduced in the coming stories.
Paranormal Investigations

Pern (based on Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders Of Pern books)  (created by Judy Seils)

Pirate AU


Project Enhanced Encyclopedic Knowledge - PEEK  (created by MAC)

Christopher Larabee had a vision for a controlled time travel probe to use for observing history without interference. The project has the necessary dimensions for his exploratory team to use a special human-carrier probe, ride time's waves, and record history. The project, known as Project Enhanced Encyclopedic Knowledge, or PEEK, has been approved at the highest levels of world government. The team members are observers only. To interfere was to jeopardize history, the lives of countless others and this no one will risk. It is enough to go back and see first-hand the moments and periods that historians say are pivotal to human endeavor.
A/U Status: A/U is closed for now.
Project Quantum Leap

Pulp Fiction


Rebels And Rogues

Regents AU  (created by Monica M. and Debra M.)

The original story in this AU, Seven Toy Soldiers, is basically a retelling of the 1991 movie Toy Soldiers with the seven as the main characters. They are all attending a high school called Regents, an all boys prep school, and the story asks the question of what the boys would be like if they had met as teenagers.
Renaissance Venice



Roman AU

Runaways - Old West

Search And Rescue

Sentinels, Guides And Telepaths

Seven  (created by BlueKat)

The seven form a sort of special task force group, the members being picked because of their special abilities (mostly paranormal). As Josiah is the team's leader, assistent director Orrin Travis with the FBI is the one that assembled the team. There are at least two other, similar teams. The teams are mostly kept secret, known only to a few persons inside the bureau. Their purpose is assignments that deal with the occult, extrasensory abilities, unexplained phenomena, etc.
7B Ranch

7 Hunters

Seven Brothers  (created by Rebecca)

The original story in this AU, where the Seven are brothers, is The Reading Of The Will.
Seven For Hire

Seven Seas Fantasy Expeditions

SG-7  (created by Kitipurr)

SG1 AU  (created by Athea)

Crossover with Stargate SG-1, NCIS and Without A Trace.

Slayers  (created by BlueKat)

This universe is heavily influenced by the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, with BlueKat's own twist on things.
Sporting Seven

The Stand

Star Trek

Street Gang

Terrorist Trap  (created by MJ)

Crossover with NCIS, CSI: Miami and MacGyver.
The Thousandth Man  (created by Purple Lacey)

A new AU where Chris, Vin, & Nathan are Sentinels, and Buck, Ezra, Josiah, & JD are Guides. In this AU Ezra is 9 years old, and Vin is ten.
Three Aces



Two Blood

Two Blood ATF


Vampire Chronicles

Welcome To The Jungle  (created by VampyrAlex)

Young Ezra - Alternate Civil War  (created by Jaye B)

Young Western

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