Project Enhanced Encyclopedic Knowledge - PEEK

by MAC

Disclaimer: I don't own the Magnificent Seven, or the horses they rode in on, and no money is made from this writing.
Author's Note: The stories in this A/U, so far, are slash, that is, contain male/male loving.
A/U Status: A/U is closed for now, but ask if you have a vicious plot bunny running around.
Warning: You'll have to suspend disbelief and simply accept the author's rampant trampling of history, biology, science in general - in other words, consider this science fiction without much fact
Original PEEK A/U created in January 2003

Christopher Larabee had a vision for a controlled time travel probe to use for observing history without interference. The project has the necessary dimensions for his exploratory team to use a special human-carrier probe, ride time's waves, and record history. The project, known as Project Enhanced Encyclopedic Knowledge, or PEEK, has been approved at the highest levels of world government. The team members are observers only. To interfere was to jeopardize history, the lives of countless others and this no one will risk. It is enough to go back and see first-hand the moments and periods that historians say are pivotal to human endeavor.

i. A Persian Boy Time travel in the 22nd century introduces Chris to an Ezra of the past.
ii. Alexandria Revisited The persuasive abilities of the Persian boy.
iii. And The Beat Goes On The persistence of the Persian boy.

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