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Being A Star (Isn't Easy)
Ezra Standish is a superstar and ends up requiring the assistance of four bodyguards. Through all of the danger, star obligations, and hostile feelings, he ends up finding a love that he never thought would be possible.
Universe: Famous
Adult: slash (E/V, JD/?)
Date Updated: 22 May 2007
While Ezra's undercover, Chris commits one of the ultimate relationship betrayals. Will Ezra forgive him? Or, is it the end of Team Seven?
Universe: ATF
Adult: slash (E/C, C/Mary, E/?)
Date Updated: 14 February 2007
Let's Hear It (For The Boy)
Universe: ATF
Adult: slash (E/V)
Date Added: 22 August 2007
Life, Ten Years Later
A story that I wrote for the seven's tenth anniversary challenge.
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 6 May 2008
Ezra finally finds love.
Universe: ATF
Date Added: 22 November 2006
Love You
Universe: ATF
Adult: slash (E/V)
Date Added: 5 December 2006
Moving On
Ezra decides that it's time to move on from Four Corners.
Universe: Old West
Date Updated: 10 March 2008
Sequel to Moving On
Work in progress
Universe: Old West
Adult: slash (E/V)
Date Updated: 18 May 2008
Shades Of Death Road
Crossover with Supernatural.
JD and Ezra go missing on a deserted stretch of road. With help from the Winchester Brothers, the rest of Team Seven go searching for their missing teammates.
Universe: ATF
Date Added: 11 October 2007
Universe: ATF
Adult: slash (E/V/C)
Date Added: 10 February 2007

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