Love You

by Tammy

Vin was packing his things, getting ready to move into Ezra's condo. He was finally leaving Purgatory, after swearing time and time again that he never would. He lightly laughed, as he remembered exactly how Ezra had gotten him to agree to it. 'That man's tongue and mouth sure are talented,' he thought with a wicked smirk.

Vin loved Ezra, they had been dating for seven months, and he couldn't imagine his life without him. His green-eyed temptation was at the office, getting debriefed on a case that had just been closed. Vin was using the time to get his stuff moved into Ezra's, hoping to be done before Ezra got back. He knew that his lover would be tired and need some help relaxing.

He was packing the last box when he happened upon some pictures. They were of him and his ex-girlfriend Christy. As he stared at one picture after the other, he got to thinking about her. He had honestly thought that what they had shared had been love, the forever kind of love. But he had been seriously mistaken.

Within five months of the relationship, he had started to suspect that there was someone else. He had asked her several times, and every time she would deny it and accuse him of being paranoid. He had started to think that she was right, until the night that he had arrived at her house a little early for one of their dates. He had peeked through the living room window, when a movement had caught his eye. He saw Christy and another man kissing as they straightened their clothes.

When the door opened, Vin was standing there to greet them. Christy's eyes widened and she started stuttering out excuses, while the man just stood there looking at Vin with a smirk.

Vin wanted to punch the man, but realized that she just wasn't worth it. So, he told them that they could keep each other, told Christy that they were through, and left in his jeep.

Four months later, Ezra had given Vin a ride home when his jeep wouldn't start, after work. They had started talking and had stopped and gotten some supper. They had ended up at Ezra's, talking and laughing until late into the night. That night, they had also shared their first kiss.

Ezra had been worried that he was just a rebound for Christy. But, Vin had told him that he wasn't a rebound, that he had always found him very attractive. They had started seeing each other, and seven months later were very much in love. A car horn startled Vin back to the present. He loved Ezra, he wouldn't be able to live without him. He wouldn't know what to do without him. He knew that with Ezra, it was the forever love, this time.

He knew that Ezra still wondered if Vin loved Christy and still felt a little insecure with their relationship. As Vin carried the last box out to the U-Haul, he smiled as he formed a plan in his mind.


Ezra walked into his condo, stifling a yawn as he threw his keys in a basket on the end table. He walked into the living room and saw Vin standing in the middle of the room, amid a dozen lighted candles, holding a rose and smiling the half-smile that always drove Ezra crazy. Ezra walked into the candle-lit living room and asked, "Vin, what are you doing?"

Vin walked over to Ezra, handing him the rose. "I know that you still have insecurities, sometimes, about our relationship. And, you also wonder if I love Christy." When Ezra opened his mouth to reply, Vin put his fingertips against Ezra's mouth. "Don't deny it, Ez. But, I have a song and I want you to listen closely to the lyrics. I love you, Ezra. You, and only you."

Vin pushed play on the stereo and pulled Ezra into his arms, swaying to the music.

I was thinking about her
Visiting the past
Reconstructing details
With old photographs
I was studying the faces
With that objective point of view
Suddenly rememb'ring doesn't haunt me

Vin looked deep into Ezra's green eyes, letting him see all of the love that was in his heart.

At the time, you couldn't tell me
If one day I'd be glad
That something that I thought was love
Was misinterpreted
She had another lover
She emphatic'lly denied
But they were doing me a favor
A blessing in disguise

Vin gave Ezra a little peck on the nose before rubbing their noses together, in an Eskimo kiss.

If she would have been faithful
If she could have been true
Then I would have been cheated
I would never know real love
I would have missed out on you

I watch you sleeping
Your body touching me
There's no doubt about it
This is where I want to be
You know it's so ironic
I had to lose to win
I want to thank her
Thank her for leavin'

"That's right, Ez, I do want to thank her for leaving. If she hadn't have, I never would have found out how true love is supposed to be. When we got together, I realized that I had never been in love with anyone besides you."

Ezra had been silent up until that moment, because he hadn't known what to say. "I love you, Vin. No one has ever been as good to me as you have." Vin smiled and tilted his head down to kiss Ezra on the lips.

They continued to trade sweet kisses as the song finished playing in the background.

If she would have been faithful
If she could have been true
Then I would have been cheated
I would never know real love
I would have missed out on you

It's a paradox
Full of contradictions
How I got from there to here
It defies all logical explanation

If she would have been faithful
If she could have been true
Then I would have been cheated
I would never know real love
I would have missed out on you (Repeat)

If she would have been faithful
If she would have been faithful

As the music faded away, Vin and Ezra broke away from their kisses. Ezra started toying with Vin's shirt, slowly unbuttoning it. Ezra gave Vin a smile and said, "You do know that you are so going to get some now, don't you?"

Vin laughed as they made their way to their bedroom, falling down on the bed. As Ezra started kissing down his chest, he made a mental note to find out where Christy was, so he could thank her for making it possible to find the best thing that had ever happened to him.


(Lyrics sung by Chicago on their album Greatest Hits 1982-1989)

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