Shades Of Death Road

by Tammy

Crossover: Supernatural
Summary: JD and Ezra go missing on a deserted stretch of road. With help from the Winchester Brothers, the rest of Team Seven go searching for their missing teammates.
Author's Notes: This story and title was inspired by this website...

Chapter One

"This is just great!" exclaimed Ezra Standish.

The young man, in the passenger seat, sighed. "I'm sorry, Ez. I didn't know that the bridge for the shortcut was going to be closed." Ezra and JD had been away at a week-long conference in Boulder, Colorado. Now, they were on their way home to Denver.

JD had gotten a map out of Ezra's glovebox, telling Ezra about a shortcut. Now, here they were, lost.

"Should get us home an hour earlier," mumbled Ezra. Shaking his head, he wondered why he had listened to JD.

"And, it would've if that bridge hadn't been washed out and closed for repairs!" JD defended himself. JD knew that Ezra was tired and just wanting to get home... but, dammit, so did he! He figured he'd better just keep his mouth shut before they both ended up saying things they would regret.

The car started losing speed, before rolling to a complete stop. "What's going on?" asked JD.

"I do not know, Mister Dunne. My car seems to have died," Ezra replied as he tried to restart the Jag. The engine refused to turn over. After three times, Ezra clenched his jaw in frustration. "The car refuses to start."

"You have OnStar, right?" Ezra nodded. "Well, call them."

Ezra pulled out his cell phone, but couldn't get a signal. "I can't. No signal." JD tried his cell phone, getting the same result. "Damn!"

"My sentiments, exactly, Mister Dunne," drawled Ezra.

"Ez, I'm sorry about this..."

Ezra sighed. "I know. It is not your fault any more than it is mine." Just then, there was a loud wailing noise, causing both agents to jump.

"What was... that?" whispered JD.

Before Ezra could answer, the car started to shake. Ezra shakily and hurriedly tried restarting the vehicle. Again, it refused to start. The car lurched forward, as if someone or something had pushed it from behind.

"What the hell?!" exclaimed Ezra.

Both agents were starting to get scared. The road they were on was dark, with trees on both sides. There was only one streetlight, illuminating a small circle of the road. Above them, there were no stars and the moon was hidden behind grey clouds. All in all, it had the look of a Hollywood horror movie.

"What now?" questioned JD.

Ezra could hear the tremble in JD's voice. "We either stay here, or get out and try to find help." All of a sudden, the driver's door and the passenger door flung off the car, hitting the road with a clatter a few feet away.

Ezra groaned, knowing that was going to be a fortune to fix. A shrieking started, so loud that they both had to cover their ears.

"We need to get out of here!" Ezra yelled, loud enough to be heard over the shrieking. JD could only nod his head in agreement.

Grabbing the flashlight that he kept in the glovebox, Ezra and JD leaped out of the car. They both started running up the road. A whirling wind started, blocking them from going any further. They turned around and started back the other way. The whirling wind put a stop to that direction, too.

They had no choice, Ezra and JD turned to the left and started running through the wooded area. It was tough going. There were so many trees, and even with the flashlight, they could barely see.

All of a sudden, the flashlight was hit out of Ezra's hand. It fell to the ground. Ezra and JD looked at the flashlight, then looked back up. They screamed in fear and shock at what they saw, right before the flashlight went out.


Dean and Sam Winchester were sitting in their cheap hotel room in Denver. Dean was cleaning his guns, while his younger brother read the newspaper.

"Hey, Dean," Sam said breaking the silence.

"What?" Dean asked, not looking up from cleaning his sawed-off shotgun.

Sam walked over to the small table that Dean was sitting at, laying the newspaper down. "There's an article in here about two ATF agents disappearing. They found a car on Holly Road, abandoned. It belonged to one of the agents, an Ezra Standish."

"So? They probably wandered off and got lost. Not exactly our area of expertise."

Sam sighed. "No, Dean, but weird things are. They also found a flashlight that had been dropped in the woods. Plus, the driver's door and the passenger door were lying on the road. Like they had been ripped off. I don't know, Dean. I just have a feeling that something... happened."

Dean sighed, finally nodding. "Okay, we'll check it out."


JD and Ezra were in an old looking cabin. That was all they knew. They had seen a whirling mist. It looked like a woman. Half of her face had been beautiful and half had been mangled and torn. They had both screamed and tried to run, which wasn't easy with no light. They had only gotten a few steps before they both fell to their knees, their heads hurting. The next thing they knew, they had woken up in a one-room cabin.

JD was sitting in a corner of the room on the hard floor, while Ezra paced back and forth. They were both trying to find a solution to their problem.

All of a sudden, Ezra faced JD with anger burning in his green eyes. "You know, Mister Dunne, I will have to say that this is all your fault."

JD jumped to his feet, surprise and hurt on his face. "My fault?!"

"Well, yes. It was your idea to take a shortcut. Was it not?"

"Well... yeah... but--"

"But nothing! If it hadn't been for you and your ignorance at reading a map, we wouldn't be here!" JD stared at Ezra with his mouth open. He didn't know what to say. Ezra had never spoken to him that way before!


The other five members of Team Seven had been all over Holly Road, along with a search and rescue team, for two days. And, still they had found nothing. They were all worried, tired, and frustrated.

They had even searched the woods, but still nothing. None of them were comfortable searching the woods. It felt like there were eyes watching everything they did. And, it was eerily calm in the woods.

"Where can they be?!" Buck exclaimed in frustration. The other four men said nothing. There was nothing they could say. They had no idea if they would ever find JD and Ezra. As it was, the search and rescue team was already talking about finding bodies. And, Director Travis was only giving them two weeks to find the missing agents. Then, they would have to figure something else out. All five men knew that if Ezra and JD were never found, Team Seven would cease to exist. It just wouldn't be the same.

Chapter Two

Dean parked his Impala behind a black truck, on Holly Road. He and Sam got out, holding their fake FBI badges, and walked up to a tall man in a bright yellow jacket with orange reflectors on the side. Since it was starting to get dark out, the jacket was a safety precaution.

"Can you tell us what happened here?" Dean asked.

The man looked at them both. "And you would be...?"

They both quickly showed their badges and Sam answered, "I'm Agent Holler. This is agent Sanders. We're FBI."

"Can I see your badge, again?" the man asked.

"Uh, sure," Sam answered with a slight hesitancy. Holding up the badge, he wasn't quick enough before the man grabbed it.

Using a pen light, the man studied the badge. "What do you take me for, son? This badge is a fake." Yelling over his shoulder, while keeping an eye on the two young men, he yelled, "Chris! Get over here!"

Sam and Dean exchanged looks, but before they could try to escape, a man dressed all in black, except for a bright yellow jacket, strode up to them all.

"What is it, Josiah?"

Josiah handed Chris the badge and said, "They came up to me, wanting to know what happened on this road. Flashed me a couple of badges." Josiah handed Chris the badge that he was holding. "His," he said as he pointed at Sam, "is fake."

Chris looked at the badge, then turned to face Sam and Dean. "Alright, fellas, what are you doing here? With fake badges?" he demanded.

Sam and Dean looked at each other, silently deciding to be honest. Dean spoke up, "My name is Dean Winchester. This is my brother Sam. We're experts in demons and everything that goes bump in the night."


JD was standing against a wall in the cabin, with his arms crossed. He was making sure to remain quiet. Ezra hadn't said anything to him since telling him that it was his fault, them being in their situation. But, he wasn't going to take any chances and start talking.

Ezra walked over to him, stopping when he was directly in front of him. "Mister Dunne, I must... apologize for earlier. It was like... I had no control over my mouth. I do not really think that this is your fault."

JD offered him a small smile. "I'm glad to hear it, Ezra. I was a little worried."

"I am sorry."

"So, how do you think that we should go about getting out of here?" asked JD.

"Well, I have to say that I am at a loss. The door won't budge and there are no windows."

JD sighed, "Yeah..." Just then he noticed anger start to burn in Ezra's green eyes. "Uh, Ez, what's the matter?"

Ezra didn't answer. He lunged at JD with his hands outstretched. A second later, they were wrapped around JD's throat, cutting off his breath.


JD's vision was starting to go black and he knew that he had to do something... anything! Managing to bring his knee up, he kneed Ezra in the groin. Ezra's hands fell from around JD's throat as he stumbled back, bent at the waist.

JD took a much needed deep breath into his starving lungs, while rubbing his throat. He warily eyed Ezra as Ezra stood straight. "Good shot... Mister Dunne," Ezra gasped out.

"Mister Du -- JD... I am truly sorry." Ezra said as he took a step toward JD. JD hurriedly walked to the other side of the cabin, keeping his back against the wall. Seeing the hurt look on Ezra's face made JD feel slightly guilty. But, he figured that it would be better... safer... with them on opposite sides of the cabin.

"Ezra... why did you do that? What the hell is going on?" JD demanded.

Ezra shrugged in a defeated manner. "I haven't the slightest clue. It's like... I have no control over my actions or my words at times. I can see what I'm doing and hear what I'm saying, but I can't stop. And, God knows I tried to stop myself from strangling you!"

JD nodded. "I think it would be better if we maintain some distance between us. And, we need to figure out what's going on. Fast!"


"You're what?" demanded Chris.

"We're hunters," answered Dean to the five ATF agents. When he had told Chris and Josiah that they were experts on demons, the two agents had gotten their other team members gathered around.

"Hunters of what exactly?" asked Buck.

Sam and Dean both sighed. "Like we said before... we hunt anything that's supernatural. Demons, ghosts, anything that is out of the norm," replied Sam.

"You can't be serious!" exclaimed Nathan.

"Look, agents, we don't have a lot of time. We found out about what happened to your two agents from the newspaper. We came to help. But we can't be wasting time arguing and trying to make you believe that we actually do what we say we do. Now, simple question. Do you want our help or not?" asked Dean.

The five agents looked at each other. "I say we take their help. When I lived with the Indians, they talked about supernatural beings and hunters. I'm willing to believe that they are who they say they are," said Vin.

"I agree with Vin. We need to find Ezra and JD. We could use all the help we can get right now!" said Buck.

Nathan and Josiah just nodded. Chris sighed, looking at the Winchester brothers. "Alright, we'll take your help." After a couple of seconds, Chris decided to add a warning. You'd better not be jerking us around, or I'll arrest you two with so many charges... you won't see sunlight until you're old men. Got it?"

"Yes, sir," Dean said with a slightly sarcastic smirk.

"Well, let's get down to business," suggested Sam.

Chapter Three

The five ATF agents and the Winchester brothers gathered around the hood of the black Impala. Dean laid a few documents out on the hood of his car. "What's all of this?" demanded Chris.

"I was just getting ready to tell you," answered Dean. "These are cases similar to this one. In every case, a car was found on the side of the road. Nobody inside."

"Now, from what we can gather, your two agents were taken by a Shade of Death Road spirit," said Sam.

"A what?" questioned Nathan.

"It's a spirit that haunts a certain road. They are usually used as shade, hence the name. People just assume that it's a shady spot on the road. In reality, it's the spirit. They are only seen in their true form when they want to be. They take a person or persons out of a car and to their hiding place. Wherever that is."

"Are the people found... alive?" asked Buck.

Sam and Dean looked at each other. "Usually... no. Depends on the spirit," replied Dean. The five agents sighed as one.

"Well, my two agents are going to be found alive. I don't care what the spirit wants!" exclaimed Chris.

"The hiding place of the spirit is somewhere around whatever road it's haunting," said Sam.

"We've looked all over this road and in those woods. So have two rescue teams. We've found nothing," said Josiah.

"There have been a few instances where the spirit is extremely strong and able to hide its location," said Sam.

"Yeah, such as in Nevada," said Dean.

"The spirit on a road there was that strong. The hunter had to do a spell to reveal the location," Sam explained to the five agents.

"A spell? As in... magic?" Nathan asked with distaste.

Dean blew out a breath. "Yes, a spell. You're going to have to accept, sometime, that there are spirits, spells, and a whole hell of a lot of other things that go bump in the night."

Nathan just gave him a look, remaining silent. After a minute, Chris sighed. "Let's do it. Nothing else we've done up until now has worked."

Sam and Dean offered him tight smiles, before walking to the trunk of the Impala to get the things they would need.


JD and Ezra had been silent for a while. Neither one knew of anything to say. "What was that?" whispered JD.

A loud bang made both men jump. A wind started inside the cabin and they could hear howling and banging.

"I haven't a clue," Ezra whispered back.

'When is this going to end?' JD thought. As sudden as the noises and the wind started, they stopped.

"I wonder what--" JD started as he looked at Ezra. Ezra was standing still with a knife in his right hand. The blade had to be at least ten inches. His eyes were cold as he stared at JD. 'Not again!' JD silently screamed.


JD held his hands up in front of him in a placating gesture. 'Where the hell did he get the knife?' JD briefly wondered. Talking in what he hoped was a soothing voice, he said, "Calm down, Ezra. You don't want to hurt me."

Ezra barked out a laugh. "That's where you're wrong. I do want to hurt you." With that said, Ezra lunged at JD with the knife raised and ready to strike. JD barely had time to move out of the way. Jumping to the left, he quickly scurried to the other side of the cabin. Even though he knew that Ezra wasn't himself, he found himself getting angry with the undercover agent.

"Stop it, Ezra!"

Ezra turned to face him and sneered, "You won't be able to dodge me forever." With that said, Ezra started to advance on JD.


Dean and Sam had the two candles lit, sitting on the hood of the Impala. Drawing a circle of salt on the ground, they had the agents stand in it with them. "Ready?" Dean asked. When the five agents nodded, he spoke to Sam. "Hit it, Sammy."

Sam opened the book he was holding and started to read. "Ostendo nos absentis locus ut nos peto. Ostendo nos ianua ut populus ut nos peto." [i] He repeated the words two more times before a mist started to form. The mist swirled around them for a few minutes, before disappearing. When the mist was gone, a light about an inch long appeared.

"Come on. We have to follow it," Sam said as he closed the book and blew out the candles and Dean grabbed a shotgun and the black duffel bag. They followed the light into the woods. When they were about middle-ways, the light stopped in front of a run-down looking cabin. There were no windows and only one old wooden door.

"This wasn't here the last time we looked," Buck whispered.

The light disappeared and Dean said, "This is where they are being held." As the seven men slowly started to approach, a wind started to blow. "Keep going!" demanded Dean.

When Sam reached out to open the door, he was knocked backwards. When Dean tried, the same thing happened. "It's a force field!"

"What do we do," questioned Josiah.

"Hold on!" Sam yelled to be heard over the loud wind. He opened his book and was about to start reading when they heard a loud shout come from the cabin. That was followed by a scream.

The shout sent a chill up all seven men's spines. "What the hell's going on in there?" questioned Buck.

"Sam, open that book and do your thing," demanded Dean.

Sam nodded and opened the book, while also grabbing a small bottle of salt out of the duffel bag. Getting as close as he could to the cabin, he held the salt in his right hand and the book in his left. In a loud clear voice, he started reading. "Patefacio is moenia. Take absentis quis prohibeo nos ex ingressus."[ii] As he spoke the words, he walked around the cabin pouring salt on the ground. He quickly did the ritual three times. On the third time, he shouted the last word. "Patefacio is moenia. Take absentis quis prohibeo nos ex INGRESSUS!" As he shouted the word and the salt hit the ground, there was a loud bang.

Dean hurried to the cabin's door, touching the doorknob. The forcefield was gone. "It's gone! Let's go!"

Sam and the five agents quickly followed Dean.


JD couldn't believe it. Ezra had stabbed him. Him! Granted it was the fleshy part of the arm, but it still hurt like hell. JD narrowed his eyes as he stared at the undercover agent. He'd had enough.

"Alright! That's it!" JD growled as he lunged at Ezra. Ezra was so surprised that he didn't have time to move. JD caught Ezra around the waist and took him to the floor. The knife dropped out of Ezra's hand and clattered to the floor. JD let go of Ezra and went after the knife. Before he could reach it, Ezra grabbed his left ankle, dragging him back.

"Where do you think you're going?" Ezra snarled.

JD kicked back with his right foot, catching Ezra in the face. Ezra grunted as the foot connected but never lost his grip. Ezra was so strong! Wiggling, JD tied to reach the knife, but it was no use. The knife was only a few inches away, but it might as well have been on another planet!

"Ezra, please! Let me go!" JD pleaded. Ezra's grip just tightened, dragging JD back to him. Flipping the younger man over on to his back, Ezra gave him a feral smile.

JD watched in horror as his friend's green eyes turned pitch black. "What the...?!" he exclaimed. JD threw out his right hand, managing to land a blow on Ezra's left cheek. Ezra just continued to smile and stare at him. Stunned, JD continued to watch as the knife lifted in to the air and flew straight into Ezra's hand. Just as Ezra lifted the knife to bring it down into JD's chest, the cabin door burst open in a spray of wooden shards.

Chapter Four

Ezra's attention was drawn to the door, giving JD the opening that he needed. Using all of his strength, he bucked Ezra off him, then hurried to his feet. Ezra rolled as he jumped to his feet, all in one fluid motion.

Ezra still held the knife, as his attention was torn between JD and the new arrivals. "What's the matter with his eyes?" gasped Buck.

"I believe that he has been possessed, Brother Buck," answered Josiah.

"Got it in one," smirked Dean. Ezra growled, lunging towards them. Without blinking or hesitating, Dean shot Ezra with a load of salt rock. Ezra grunted as he fell, the knife making a clanging noise as it hit the ground.

"EZRA!" exclaimed JD.

"Don't worry, it didn't kill him. It just hurt like hell," said Dean.

"Quick! Over here!" demanded Sam. JD followed his orders and ran over to his friends and the two strangers. While Dean kept the rifle at the ready, Sam quickly poured salt around them in a good-sized circle. When he saw the agents shooting him questioning looks, he said, "For protection."

A couple of minutes later, Ezra groaned as he slowly got to his feet. His eyes were their normal green color and Ezra pleaded, "Help me..." Before he could say anything else, his eyes once again went black and a smirk appeared on his face. "Is that all you've got?"

Wind started whirling all around them, so thick that none of them could see anything or anyone. As quickly as it started, it stopped. Ezra was standing in front of them, inside the circle. Sam and Dean immediately knew what had happened.

"Shit! The wind disrupted the protection circle!" cursed Dean.

Ezra grabbed him by the lapels of his leather jacket, smirking. "That's right." With that, he lifted Dean up in the air, then flung him across the cabin. Dean hit the wall, his rifle falling to the floor.

"Dean!" called out Sam.

"Dean!" mocked Ezra. "Why don't you go join him?" A second later, Sam followed the same route as his older brother.

Ezra stood in front of the six ATF agents with a small smile. "Ezra," Nathan tried, "we're your friends."

Ezra remained silent. "Ezra," Chris said as he grabbed his undercover agent by the forearms, "I know that you're still in there. Fight the... thing inside you! I know you can do it!"

Ezra's eyes returned to green and he whispered, "Chris?"

"Ez!" cheered Vin.

Ezra looked at his six colleagues, his friends. "You're here. You found JD and me..." His eyes widened. "JD! Are you alright?!" Ezra asked. He could remember everything that he had done to his young friend.

JD nodded, giving him a small shaky smile. "I'm f--fine, Ez."

"Go--" Ezra started. Before he could finish, his eyes turned black. "I'm baaaack!" Ezra sang. "Didn't think you'd get me out of your friend's body that easy, did ya?" With that said, Ezra flung out his right arm, causing all six agents to fly through the air. They landed in a heap on the hard wooden floor.

"Shit!" JD groaned as his injured arm hit the hard floor. Dean as well as the others were slowly getting up.

"You okay, Kid?" asked Buck.

JD sighed and shrugged. To be honest, he didn't know any more. He just wanted this to be over. He wanted his friend back. "What now?" he whispered.

"We're going to have to do a spell to get the spirit to leave your friend's body. Then, we'll have to vanquish it," answered Dean.

"We might as well get to it," groaned out Sam as he rubbed his hip.

Sam started to open his Latin book, when it flew out of his hands. Hitting the wall on the other side of the cabin, it fell to the floor. Ezra just smirked at them.

All of them were getting frustrated with Ezra... with the situation. Dean raised his rifle, aiming it, only to have it lift out of his hands and crash against the wall. Dean had had enough. Without thinking about it, he ran and lunged at Ezra.

Ezra lifted his hand, lifting Dean into the air. Dean was against the wall and he couldn't move. "Is that all you've got, hunterboy?" asked a mocking Ezra.

"EZRA!" boomed out Josiah. Ezra was so startled that he lost his concentration, causing Dean to crash to the floor. "Son of a bitch!" Dean exclaimed as his already bruised body made contact with the wooden floor.

Buck, Vin, Chris, Nathan, Josiah, and JD all quickly advanced on Ezra. As Ezra was distracted by the six agents, Sam quickly hurried toward his book. Before he could reach it, a foggy wind started blowing and blocked his way. Every time he'd try to take a step, the wind would keep pushing him back and it was hard to even see the book.

Seeing what was going on, Dean strolled over to Ezra and punched him in the face. Ezra growled as his eyes turned completely black. "You dare hit me?!"

Dean smirked. "Yep." And he hit him again. Between Dean and the six agents, they were able to wrestle Ezra to the floor and hold him down. The wind and fog disappeared.

"Hurry, Sammy, get the book!" called Dean.

Grabbing the book, Sam opened it just as he heard an inhuman scream. Sam's attention was diverted to what was going on on the other side of the cabin. He realized that it had been Ezra that had screamed in outrage.

Sam started reading, "Absum ex is somes! Absum! Ostendo vestri in vestri verus vultus!"[iii] Just as Sam finished speaking, he noticed that Ezra had broken free from the seven men that were holding him. "ABSUM EX IS SOMES! ABSUM! OSTENDO VESTRI IN VESTRI VERUS VULTUS!" Sam yelled forcefully.

Ezra's body started shaking, then his mouth opened and black smoke flowed out of his mouth. Ezra's body went limp and he hit the floor as the black smoke took form. A lady appeared. Dean and Sam heard the six agents gasp when they saw her. Half of her face was mangled with her eye hanging down. The other half of her face looked completely normal. They could all tell that she would have been a beautiful woman.

"How dare you? Any of you?" she hissed.

"How dare we what? Get you out of our friend's body?" Chris hissed back.

She scowled. Just as she brought her hands up, Dean shot her with salt rock. She screamed in pain. "Where are you buried?" Dean demanded, not really expecting an answer. When she stayed silent, he shot her again.

When he repeated his question, he saw her eyes stray to the left. "Over here?" he asked as he was led to where she had looked. Feeling around, he found a loose floorboard. Tossing the shotgun to Sam, he managed to pry the board up. He saw her bones. Hurrying to the duffel bag, he grabbed a small can of gasoline, a book of matches, and a jar of salt.

She saw what he was planning to do and started wailing. "NOOOO! STOP!"

"Shut up!" Dean yelled as he poured salt on her bones. He then poured the gasoline on them. Before he lit a match, he told the agents, "Get ready to run outside." He watched as Josiah picked Ezra up in a fireman's carry, then threw down the lit match.

The bones burst into flame and started burning. All of the men ran outside, screams of pain and rage following them. Black smoke burst through the cabin's chimney, then the whole cabin disappeared, as if it had never been there.

"Is it... over?" asked JD.

Sam nodded. "Should be."

"We need to get Ezra to the hospital," said Nathan. The others looked at the unconscious man.

"He'll be fine. He's just weak, right now. Being possessed takes a lot out of your body." said Sam.

"But...," protested Nathan.

"What would you say? Doctor, my friend was possessed by a spirit?" questioned Dean. "He'll be fine. What you need to concentrate on is how to help him over the guilt he'll feel, because he'll remember everything that he did or said."

"We'll help him," said Vin. Dean nodded.

The men headed to their cars. "Will we see you, again?" JD asked.

Before getting into the Impala, Dean answered, "We'll see you in the morning before we leave. We'll meet you back here," The agents headed off to stay at Chris' ranch and the two brothers headed for their cheap hotel.


The seven agents were standing around on Holly Road when the Impala pulled up. "See you're awake," Dean commented to Ezra when they walked up to the agents.

Ezra nodded, his green eyes looking haunted. "I'm... sorry for everything that I did to you two."

"You were possessed. You couldn't help it. We don't blame you," said Sam. Ezra nodded.

Looking at all of the agents, Sam added, "We were able to find out who that spirit was. She lived in a cabin in the woods in 1950, with her husband. From what we could gather, she didn't show up for church, which was extremely unusual. So two of her church friends showed up and saw her husband dead on the cabin floor and saw her dead, too. Whoever killed them had mangled one side of her face so badly that it had been hard to recognize her.

"From what the police could gather, it must have been a couple of drifters. They ever did find out who it was. In 1951, disappearances started to occur. Usually one or two men at a time. Their car or cars would be found, but they never were. She was probably trying to get the justice that she and her husband never received. She is known as the Holly Road Death Spirit."

"That's kind of... sad," said Buck.

Dean shrugged, "Yeah, it is. But she chose to live her afterlife killing people, she had to be stopped." After a pause, he continued, "We'd better go. Places to go, spirits to defeat."

"Well, thanks for all of your help," Chris said.

"Just doing our job," said Dean. As he got into the Impala, Sam continued talking to the agents.

"Here's Dean's cell number is you ever need us again," he said as he handed them a piece of paper.

"I hope we never do," said a serious Josiah. Sam nodded in understanding.

"The same goes for you and Dean. If you ever need us and we can help, Call," Chris said as he handed Sam his home and cell number.

"Thanks." Turning to Ezra, he said, "Take care." With that, Sam walked to the Impala and got inside.

The agents got into their vehicles and headed back toward Chris' ranch. They were taking a couple of weeks to heal and relax, and to just be together.

The two Winchester brothers headed down the road, with Dean driving, toward whatever other town or person needed their help.


[i] Ostendo nos absentis locus ut nos peto. Ostendo nos ianua ut populus ut nos peto. This is Latin and translates into ‘Show us the missing place that we seek. Show us the doorway to the people that we seek.’ I got the translation from
[ii] Patefacio is moenia. Take absentis quis prohibeo nos ex ingressus. ‘Open this dwelling. Take away what forbids us from entering.’
[iii] Absum ex is somes! Absum! Ostendo vestri in vestri verus vultus! ‘Be gone out of this body! Be gone! Show yourself in your true form!’

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