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Amor Vincit Omnia
Work in progress.
Set during the Civil war. What if Chris Larabee and Buck Wilmington were Union Soliders undercover in the South and meet two Confederate Soldiers -- Ezra and Vin of course. Will Chris and Buck compromise their mission for Ezra and Vin? Will Ezra's and Vin's secrets help or hinder Chris and Buck?
Adult: slash (E/C)
Universe: Civil War AU
Date Updated: 31 December 2009
Ezra is new to the ATF Team 7 in Denver Colorado. And he bonds with J.D. while learning a new skill for a tournament that takes place at the ATF's annual picnic.
Universe: ATF
Date Added: 17 October 2004
Missing Scene from Working Girls, drabble.
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 30 July 2007
Lady Luck Deals A Hand
Why Ezra P. Standish was in Four Corners before he met the others in the "Ghosts Of The Confederacy".
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 27 March 2005
Chris overhears a snippet of conversation between Ezra and Josiah. He misunderstands it. Will Ezra clarify it for him?
Universe: ATF
Adult: slash (E/C implied)
Date Added: 26 April 2007
Ezra dreams after the confrontation with Stutz. Fiction is a "missing scene" fan fiction from the episode, "Serpents".
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 2 April 2008
No Horsing Around
Ezra is new to the ATF and he doesn't get along with his team boss. How will the undercover agent bond with his team leader? Can Ezra Standish and Chris Larabee become friends and even something more?
Universe: ATF
Adult: slash (E/C)
Date Added: 5 June 2005
Promise Fulfilled
Ezra's emotionally wounded by his mother. Can the friendship of Chris Larabee and Judge Orrin Travis heal him? And in this fiction, Maude isn't very nice.
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 18 July 2004
Singular Colts
General "Little Ezra" tale inspired by the movie, "Secondhand Lions" and Purple Lacey’s Picture challenge. I have taken elements from The Magnificent Seven and Secondhand Lions and woven them into this tale.
Universe: Little Ezra modern day AU
Date Updated: 14 February 2007
A Star To Guide Him Home
Ficlet inspired by the "Ezrarific" Christmas Card which I received from the talented Romanse whom I thank profusely for sharing her talent with us.
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 2 April 2008
Sweet Recollections
While undercover, Ezra suffers amnesia and is presumed dead. Ezra's faulty memory allows his love for Chris to surface. Ezra's 'death' causes Chris to realize his own feelings for the undercover agent. Team Seven doesn't believe in Ezra's demise and search for their missing member.
Universe: ATF
Date Added: 19 September 2004
The User's Guide And Manual For Ezra P. Standish
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 3 June 2007
Work in progress.
It's been three years since the Seven banded together to fight "The Ghosts of the Confederacy." The gambler and the gunslinger have been together for six months when Ezra and Chris visit the Seminole Village for one the Seminole youth's manhood ceremony. A band of train robbers running from a posse invade the village during the ceremony. One of the thieves is a former associate of Ezra's. How will Ezra and Chris capture the bad guys and defend the Seminoles once again? Ezra and Chris are the main characters but Buck, JD, Josiah, Nathan and Vin will also make an appearance or two during the tale.
Universe: Old West
Adult: slash (E/C)
Date Added: 27 October 2005
Whispered Wishes
Fiction inspired by Cyc's "Whisper" picture and challenge. And also Cyc's "Steam" picture. Chris and Ezra reveal what they really feel about one another.
Universe: Old West
Adult: slash (E/C)
Date Added: 10 July 2004
How did Ezra acquire his red, wool, tail coat?
Universe: Old West
Date Updated: 18 January 2009

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