(Old West)

by GemsPegasus

Disclaimer: The Seven don't belong to me. I'm only saddling them up for a 'ride' or 3. I will return them to MGM, Mirisch and Trilogy when we're done. No copyright infringement intended. This was written for fun only. No profit made.
Characters: Ezra with a cameo by Buck
Rating: Gen, missing Scene from Working Girls, drabble
Spoilers: For episode, Working Girls
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Author's Notes: Part of a snippet pared down to a drabble for prompts, Style and Icognito from the lovely <lj user=evil_jacquie>.

Ezra Standish and Buck Wilmington approached Wickes Town. As they passed an outermost tent, appreciative whistles were heard.

"Not a word, Mr. Wilmington," whispered Ezra’s plum-tinged lips.

With twinkling eyes, Buck tipped his hat to Ezra and veered off to Ezra’s right.

Kohled eyes watched Buck disappear through the maze of tents. Ezra then tilted his parasol lower over one laced shoulder, sashaying on toward the Saloon tent. At the Saloon’s entrance, the parasol was closed before Ezra adjusted the bust of his dress.

‘A distraction diverts attention with style and aplomb,’ thought Ezra as he stepped into the Saloon.


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