Did You Hear That?

by Angie

Author's Note: That naughty muse just keeps coming up with this stuff and I have to get rid of it. The italics are a dream sequence, just so no one gets confused.

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It was pleasantly dark and cool in the bedroom and Buck pulled the corner of the sheet across his bare behind, leaving the rest of his naked body exposed to the cool air coming from the vent. The ceiling fan stirred the air just enough to make it comfortable without being cold. A smile lit his face that had absolutely nothing to do with his present surroundings. He was dreaming. As the images behind his eyelids became more vivid, his hips began to rock gently creating a soothing friction against his groin.

Buck and Ezra had been seeing each other for the past couple of months and it was good. The southerner had surprisingly opened up under Buck's attention. They would cuddle together in the afterglow of lovemaking and talk, just talk about their lives. Startling similarities and striking differences were discussed and compared.

The dream kicked up a notch. Buck recalled how totally out of control Ezra had gotten the last time they were together. The southerner had bought a bottle of 100-year-old brandy at an auction and insisted that Buck sample it with him. Several snifters later, a suddenly uninhibited Ezra had launched himself across the couch and begun to devour the object of his affections. Buck groaned softly in his sleep as he remembered the way Ezra had sucked him until he came and then continued to stimulate him until he came again just a little while later.

In the darkness, the bedroom door opened and a dark figure slipped silently across the room. A knowing smile lifted his lips as he watched the man on the bed groan as he rubbed himself against the mattress. In his hands, he held two pairs of leather-lined handcuffs and a new ball gag. He was taking his life in his hands attempting to surprise the bigger man but the excitement in his gut made it seem inconsequential. He just had to wait for the right moment.

His erection pressed painfully against the mattress and Buck rolled on to his back. His shaft stood proudly perpendicular to his body and he moaned softly as the cool air caressed him. He ground the back of his head into his pillow and thrust into the air, imagining the green-eyed southerner taking him to the hilt. With one hand, he reached up and clutched the spindles of the headboard while his other hand wrapped around his erection and stroked it firmly.

The watcher grinned as he stepped closer to the bed with the handcuffs open and ready. He had been holding them against his own bare abdomen and the metal was body temperature where it wasn't covered by the padded leather. Holding his breath, he eased the cuff onto the wrist of the hand gripping the headboard and closed it swiftly. In almost the same motion, he closed the other end to the next spindle and stepped back. The next part of the capture would have to be done with the utmost of finesse and a very, very light touch. Reaching out, he placed one hand above Buck's and matched his rhythm. With a sigh, Buck rocked into the touch and reached for the headboard with the other hand.

A sweet, satin touch encircled him and Buck allowed himself to be carried away by the pleasure of it. Wrapping his other hand around the spindles of the bed, he thrust into the hand that was pumping him. His toes clenched as his heels dug into the mattress, his body arching like a bow being stretched before being strung.

With his free hand, the watcher closed the handcuff on the other hand and secured it to the headboard. Now he had only wait for the right moment to use the gag and then the fun would begin. He grasped the ball gag and gathered the straps under his hand. Increasing the tempo of the strokes, he moved his hand closer to the mustached mouth.

He was getting close. The green-eyed imp was tense above him as his orgasm carried him higher and higher. Buck's hand was slick with Ezra's fluids as he gently stroked the southerner's flagging erection. The smaller hands clutched at his chest as he rode the deep thrusts. Buck grinned, he loved holding out until his partner was completely relaxed. With his free hand, he gripped the shuddering body and steadied it.

"Ready for me, Babe," he asked. The green eyes slowly focused as his head bobbed with the rhythm of Buck's thrusts. Ezra was completely spent.

"Definitely," the southerner breathed.

Opening his mouth, Buck drew great draughts of air as he got closer to his impending orgasm. It was the moment the watcher was waiting for. The ball gag was pressed into the open mouth and he pulled his hand away from the throbbing shaft to quickly secure the straps. Buck's body went rigid as his eyes popped open. He jerked his hands away from the spindles only to find them restrained. A weight covered his legs, preventing him from lashing out at his attacker. A startled cry, muffled by the gag, filled the room as he struggled to free himself. A hand grasped his erection, fading fast in his terror, and stroked it firmly. Buck tossed his head from side to side, he didn't want this! Thrashing his legs, he managed to get his heels into the mattress enough to lift his thighs. In a swift motion, he thrust with his hips, unbalancing the body imprisoning his legs. The body toppled across his chest and Buck tried to roll to his side to dislodge it.

Startled and off balance, Ezra managed to swallow the yelp he made as he fell on the floor beside the bed. He heard the clicking sound of the handcuffs being ruthlessly jerked against the wooden headboard and reached for the bedside lamp. In the soft light of the low watt bulb, he saw the mix of fear and rage in the dark blue eyes.

The light surprised Buck and he quickly zeroed in on his attacker. A cold sweat broke on his body as he recognized the naked body crouched by the bed. Buck collapsed back against the mattress, limp with the sudden relief that he wasn't about to die.

In the room directly below the bedroom, JD rolled over and punched his lumpy pillow. A muffled thud sounded and he lifted his head to listen for a moment. Just as he was about to try to go back to sleep, he heard the sound of the headboard of Buck's bed hitting the wall. Since moving in with the ladies man, he had become used to the regular sounds from the room above him and could tune them out. Shifting to prop himself on one elbow, he waited.

Hard on the heels of his relief came a burst of rage! Buck realized that he could have seriously injured Ezra if he had wakened earlier, before his hands were restrained. Gripping the headboard, he savagely slammed it against the wall as the adrenaline left him twitching, his heart pounding like it was trying to burst free of his chest.

With trembling hands, Ezra felt for the handcuff key on the string around his neck. He shifted to his knees and reached out to unlock the nearest restrained hand. Buck's head jerked as he turned a hard glare on him. Shame colored the southerner's cheeks and he averted his eyes as he tried to insert the tiny key into the correct spot on the handcuff. Buck's arm twitched and he slammed the headboard against the wall again, demanding that Ezra look at him. Forgoing unlocking the handcuff, he met the deep blue eyes. Buck huffed, indicating that he wanted the gag removed. Ezra reached out and parted the Velcro closure and eased the ball from Buck's mouth.

The irregular rhythm of the banging on the wall made JD uneasy and he rolled off of the bed and felt for the jeans he had pulled off and dropped on the floor. Pulling on the jeans, he felt under the mattress for the nickel-plated 38 he kept there. Padding stealthily across the floor, he opened the bedroom door and crossed to the wrought iron spiral staircase that went to the loft bedroom. He could almost hear his own heart beating as he strained to hear what was happening in the upstairs room. So intent was he on listening for the intruder, that he forgot that the third step squeaked.

"I'm sorry, I thought you would realize that it was me," Ezra whispered as he fingered the gag he held in his lap. "I'm so sorry."

"Oh, Babe, it's okay. Come on up here and get these cuffs off so I can hold you," Buck whispered, instantly feeling the fear that radiated from Ezra. As the southerner reached for the handcuffs again, they heard the squeak of the stairs. "Oh God, it's JD!"

"What do I do?" Ezra asked as he fumbled with the tiny key.

"Just turn out the light and get in here under the covers. Hurry!" Buck whispered urgently. Ezra vaulted across Buck's body after turning out the light and landed on the other side of the bed. He grabbed the comforter, which had slid mostly to the floor. Flinging the satin comforter, Ezra dropped flat on the mattress and flipped the blanket over his head.

A muffled thump was followed by the bedsprings squeaking. JD saw the light go out in the room and he depressed the hammer on the 38 held tightly in his clenched hands. His hair was hanging in his eyes and he raised both hands to swipe at his forehead with his wrist. Nudging the door with his elbow, he ducked low and peered into the darkened room.

Fumbling with the tiny key in the dark, Ezra managed to release one of Buck's hands. Just then, the door to the room slowly drifted open. The southerner froze, laying absolutely still under the comforter. Buck rolled to his side and pushed his pillow up to cover his cuffed hand, hiding the smaller man.

Taking a deep breath, JD reached for the light switch. Flipping it on, he plastered his body against the wall and counted to five.

"JD? Is something wrong?" Buck called.

Lowering the gun and easing the hammer down, JD leaned around the door facing. Buck was laying on his side, squinting in the brightness of the overhead light.

"Are you okay? I thought I heard something."

"I was asleep, I didn't hear a thing. Maybe it was outside," Buck suggested. He felt a nudge and realized that the Jag was parked in clear view from all the windows of the apartment. "Or maybe one of the neighbors," he quickly amended.

"Okay, sorry I woke you," JD mumbled as he turned out the light. "Good night, Buck."

They waited until they heard the squeak at the bottom of the stairs before they moved. Buck rolled to his back and flipped the blanket away from Ezra's face. Immediately after, he rolled to his stomach, pinning the smaller man beneath him. He pushed one knee between the southerner's legs and ground his groin into Ezra's hip. Distracting him with a smoldering kiss, Buck shifted so that he could rub his erection against Ezra's.

This was what he wanted, to be in Buck's arms, surrounded by his scent and covered by his body! Wrapping his leg around one of Buck's, he rocked against the muscular body and moaned softly. He felt the firm hands that guided him and molded him to Buck.

Feeling the smaller body arching to him, Buck gripped Ezra's wrists and guided them above his head. By shifting his weight, he was able to immobilize the southerner as his lips feathered kisses along his jaw to his ear. Ezra's G-spot was just behind his earlobe and as Buck stroked it with the tip of his tongue, the southerner writhed and thrashed. He captured both of the slender wrists in his shackled hand.

"What are you doing?" He whispered anxiously.

"Giving you a taste of your own medicine."

"Buck, this wasn't what I had in mind," Ezra whispered as he twisted and wrung his hands.

"Just making sure you don't try to get away before I'm finished with you," Buck murmured as he nudged Ezra behind the ear with the tip of his nose before gripping the tender ear lobe in his teeth. He heard the hiss of a sharply indrawn breath and chuckled low in his throat. "I've got you right where I want you now."

Over his heart pounding in his ears, Ezra heard the gentle, loving words Buck whispered as he laid down a line of kisses and light nips along his throat and collarbone. The tension in his stomach muscles translated into mild pain in his lower back as he lay tried to move under Buck's weight.

"Ez? What do you want, Babe? Ez? Look at me," Buck propped himself up on his elbows, turned on the small lamp and stared down at Ezra, who was whimpering softly and chewing on his lower lip. "Ezra, look at me!"

Opening his eyes, Ezra was hit with the full force of the love and concern Buck was feeling. Groaning softly, the southerner drank in deep breaths as he tried to squirm under the weight pinning him to the mattress.

"Need you," Ezra breathed as he tried to thrust against Buck. Slowly, Buck rolled them so that Ezra was on top as he wrapped his long legs around the narrow waist. Buck felt the weeping head press into the cleft of his ass and canted his hips to guide him in.

Reaching up with his free hand, Buck grasped the headboard. Ezra curled his knees under Buck's thighs as he drove frantically into his body. The southerner threw his head back as he reached for the copper penny nipples on Buck's chest. Using just the edge of his thumbnail, he teased the nubs to attention and then stroked them lightly with the pad of his thumb. Stifling his cry of completion, Ezra shuddered as he slowly sank onto Buck's chest.

"Ez? Oh God, that was ! Are you okay?" Buck wrapped his free arm around the trembling body as he let his legs slip from around Ezra's waist.

"Just hold me. Just hold me tight," came the pleading response.

Buck rolled to his side, bringing Ezra tightly against him. With one hand, he cradled the shell of Ezra's skull, the chestnut curls wrapping around his fingers. With the other hand, he stroked the trembling back until he felt the tremors ease.

Just as the southerner was settling into the soothing embrace, they heard the squeak of the stairs. Buck quickly drew the blanket up over Ezra and draped his arm across him as he tried to feign sleep. JD didn't turn on the light this time, he played his flashlight over the room, taking care not to shine it in his roommate's face. Seeing only Buck sleeping, he shook his head and headed back down the steps.

"That was close, huh?" Buck asked when he uncovered Ezra's face. Instead of an answer, he got a kiss that nearly stopped his heart. Ezra seemed determined to hit all of Buck's hot spots at once. Buck was rapidly becoming too turned on to hold his train of thought. Giving in to the passion, he let Ezra have his way with him. He only tried to stop him when Ezra tried to mount him without being prepared. Buck's larger hands immediately put a stop to things. "Slow down, Babe. I'll get you there," he said as he drew Ezra to his chest and reached into the nightstand for the lotion he kept there.

After a slow and thorough stretching, Buck allowed Ezra to mount him, holding him firmly to prevent him from going too fast. As the tight heat squeezed around him, Buck moaned softly. He could swear that he felt the southerner's heart beating against his shaft. Ezra rocked forward, letting him slide out almost all the way before he reversed, taking him all the way in again. Once the rhythm was set, Buck reached up and grasped the spindles again. Ezra sighed Buck's name as he hit the southerner's prostate on every stroke. Although Ezra was too spent to come again so soon, he reveled in the pleasant sensation Buck touched off inside. After he came, Buck pried one hand off of the headboard to wrap his arm around the enraptured body that collapsed limply against his chest.

Just as Ezra shifted one knee and allowed Buck to slip from inside him, they heard the squeak of the steps again. Buck quickly rolled to his side again, trusting Ezra to hold on to him as he searched for the edge of the comforter. The southerner nearly fell off of the bed, his bare behind was hanging over the edge of the mattress as he snaked a leg around Buck to keep from falling out. Finally, thankfully, the comforter was thrown over him just seconds before the door drifted open again. JD panned the light around the room, again seeing only Buck sleeping. Shaking his head in confusion, the young man descended the spiral stairs and returned to bed.

Shaking with laughter, Ezra buried his face in Buck's chest as the sound threatened to break free. The two men rolled back to the center of the bed and sprawled side by side as they continued to shake with barely restrained mirth. Buck rolled over and tried to cuddle to Ezra but the southerner pulled away.

"Allow me to get a cloth and clean up our mess," Ezra whispered as he pressed a kiss on the corner of Buck's mouth. After they were cleaned properly and the remaining handcuff removed, Buck pulled Ezra back into his arms and settled him comfortably along his body.

A few hours later, the southerner slipped from the bed and gathered his clothes. Dressing silently, he glanced back. The sun was just beginning to shine through the gap in the dark curtains and cast a faint glow on Buck's bare shoulder. Skipping the tattle-tale third step, he left the apartment.

Buck awakened to an empty bed. From the clatter of pans, he imagined that JD was making breakfast. As he stretched, he encountered the handcuffs still attached to his bed. A wicked grin and deep chuckle accompanied the pleasant memory and he slid them under his mattress. It had been scary, at first, waking up gagged and handcuffed. He had to admit that, if he had known it was Ezra, the handcuffs were a real turn on for him. He guessed that was one fantasy he would have to pursue later. Gathering a change of clothes, he headed for the shower, he planned to do some shopping of his own today.

Seeing his roommate coming down the stairs, JD frowned. He had been up and down all night. Finally he had given up on the idea of sleeping. He had been up since just after daylight and had washed the dishes and gathered up most of the trash in the apartment.

"Hey, Buck, sleep well?"

"Well, I did until somebody woke me up in the middle of the night," he returned good-naturedly.

"Sorry. I could have sworn I heard someone in the apartment last night. Are you sure you didn't hear it? It sounded an awful lot like when you have one of your lady friends over for the night."

"It wasn't one of my lady friends, kid. I think you need to get your hearing checked."

"I still can't believe you didn't hear that!"

Buck leaned into the fridge to grab a bottle of orange juice to cover the blush on his face. "Well, I didn't hear a thing," he lied with a smile.

Not quite the end?

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