Southern Comfort

by Angie

Author's Note: This story loosely follows 'Boxers or Briefs' but you need not have read that story, this one will stand on its own. (No pun intended.)

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Giving his reflection one last glance in the mirror, Buck rubbed the styling gel between his palms and ran his fingers through his hair. Leaning closer to the glass, he checked to make sure he had properly trimmed his mustache. He had shaved and his skin was incredibly smooth under his fingertips. Leaving the bathroom, he glanced at the tuxedo laying across the bed. He knew for a fact that he looked good in the dark, double breasted jacket, Ezra had gone with him to buy it for an undercover operation a couple of years ago.

Checking the time, he hurried to get dressed. He didn't want to be late for this, very important, evening. Buffing the tops of his shoes one last time, he was ready to go. He left his bedroom and headed for the living room. JD was out for the evening with Casey, so he had the place to himself. Collecting his keys, he patted his pocket to make sure he had his wallet. The last thing he picked up was his off duty gun. Strapping the small, snub-nosed 38 to his ankle, he was ready to go. He had one more stop before he picked up his date for the evening.

The vintage Chevy was freshly waxed to a glossy shine. The interior had been cleaned and all the chrome buffed. The vehicle looked damned good if he did say so himself. He slid behind the wheel and started the engine. Backing out of his parking space, he headed for the flower shop. A teenaged girl behind the counter sold him one perfect red rose. He carried it to the truck and placed it gently in the passenger side seat. He had timed everything down to the minute and was right on time. Pulling into a parking space, he picked up the wrapped flower and carried it with him to the door. A nervous shiver ran down his spine and he took a deep breath before pushing the bell.

His date for the evening opened the door and Buck's heart surged. Holding out the rose, he stared into the surprised green eyes.

"For me?" Ezra asked with an innocent grin.

"Who else?" Buck countered.

"Come in. I'm just about ready," the southerner said as he opened the door wider.

Buck stepped into the condo and looked around. The environment was sterile and cold, so very unlike the undercover agent who lived there. Ezra filled a vase and put the rose in it before placing it in the middle of the dining room table. He then disappeared up the stairs to get his jacket and shoes. When he returned a moment later, he stood quite close to Buck as he looked up at him.

It was their first 'date' and they were both a little nervous. After their first, passionate encounter, they had both decided that they wanted to pursue the relationship slowly and get to know each other. A warm blush colored the handsome man's face as he remembered the night he had found out what kind of undergarments the green eyed minx preferred. Buck had taken the initiative to make the first invitation. He had gotten good tickets to 'Les Miserables' and couldn't wait to see the look on Ezra's face when they got to the theater. He had not told his date where they were going, only to dress in his best.

A heady scent swirled around him and Buck leaned close to press a light kiss on Ezra's lips. At his touch, the southerner opened to him like a flower to a bee. His tongue darted into the honey sweet cavern. Ezra swayed slightly and rested his palm on Buck's shoulder for balance.

"Ready?" Buck asked, only a hairs breadth from Ezra's lips.

"Hmm?" The southerner murmured.

"The date. Remember?"

Ezra sighed and stepped back a half step. His eyes caressed Buck, taking note of the way his jacket lay over his broad shoulders and fit close at the sides. He smiled, it was the tux he had helped pick out for Buck when they went undercover together. Nodding to reset his thoughts, he held out his arm in a sweeping gesture for Buck to precede him out the door. Setting the alarm, he locked the door and pocketed his keys. A light touch on the small of his back steered him to the passenger door of the truck. The southerner tried not to blanch at the mode of transportation but he had to admit that the truck did look pretty good. Buck waited for him to get in before closing the door.

"Will you tell me now where we are going?" Ezra asked.

"It's a surprise," Buck teased.

Twenty minutes later, the truck pulled into another parking lot. The red Chevy did look incongruous sitting amidst the Mercedes Benz' and the limousines but Buck could care less. He had paid handsomely for the parking pass that put them in the lot nearest the theater.

"You got tickets to Les Mis? How? When?" Ezra asked enviously. He had tried for weeks to get tickets to the performance. It was sold out almost before it was even confirmed that it would be brought to Denver.

"I have my sources," Buck responded. He was tremendously enjoying the look of excitement and surprise in the sparkling green eyes. "Shall we go? The curtain rises in 45 minutes."

The two men moved through the throng of people. Buck surrendered the tickets and received two programs. An usher guided them to their seats. Ezra could hardly contain his excitement as they watched the others arriving for the performance. It was a who's who of the well to do in Denver. Placing his hand over Buck's, he gave it a quick squeeze.

After the performance, the two men returned to the truck. Opening the door, Buck stepped aside for Ezra to get in. The southerner surprised him with a quick kiss and a gentle stroke down the side of his face. The older man could not wait to get back to the condo so they could be alone.

During the drive home, Ezra rambled about the performance. He lauded the orchestra and the director especially. The sets had been incredible in their complexity. Buck listened intently so that he would be able to speak intelligently about it later. He stretched his arm across the back of the seat and lightly teased the curls at the nape of Ezra's neck. A light kiss was pressed into his palm.

They arrived at the condo and Buck followed Ezra inside. Both men removed their jackets and hung them in the hall closet. Ezra moved to the bar and offered his date a drink. Pouring a brandy for each of them, he sat on the couch and slipped off his dress shoes. Buck sat on the opposite end of the couch and sipped his drink.

"I enjoyed this evening, very much," Ezra said evenly as he placed his glass on the table and moved closer. Reaching out, he pressed one palm against Buck's shoulder while the other rested on the back of the couch. Shifting to his knees, he pressed a kiss against the lips of his date. Buck leaned back only slightly as he opened his mouth to receive the gentle intrusion. After several minutes of passionate kissing, Ezra pulled away and began to nuzzle along Buck's jaw to his neck and then to his ear.

The feather light kisses and strokes of Ezra's tongue set Buck on fire. He shifted slightly on the couch to relieve the pressure on his groin as he reached up to cup the back of Ezra's head. The southerner sat back on his heels and used his hands to loosen and remove his tie and unbutton the first few buttons of the white silk shirt. Buck coaxed Ezra by tipping his head back. A line of kisses and nips moved across his throat until he purred softly.

"We should probably adjourn to the bedroom if we are going to pursue this course of action," Ezra whispered when he reached Buck's other ear.

"If you say so," Buck managed.

Taking hold of Buck's hand, Ezra drew him up from the couch. The difference in their height was more apparent as the southerner was in his bare feet and Buck still wore his shoes. Buck wrapped his arms around Ezra and molded the smaller form to his chest. Keeping one hand between Ezra's shoulder blades, he let the other hand drift down below his waist and gripped one cheek to pull Ezra closer.

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?" Buck teased.

"Can we go upstairs?" Ezra wheedled.

Upon reaching the bedroom, each man tackled the task of removing the other's clothing. It was not an easy task as their hands kept getting in the way. Switching tactics, they decided to remove their own clothes. Ezra tossed his things over the chair at the side of the bed as he removed them. Buck left his things in a pile on the floor until the last article was removed and then bent over to gather them up.

The sight of Buck bending over with his back to Ezra was like an invitation. The southerner moved to grab the other man by the hips as he rubbed his erection in the cleft of Buck's ass.

"An ambush move if ever I saw one," Buck chuckled as he regained his balance and stood up. He let his knees bend slightly as Ezra thrust more between his legs, the head of his penis rubbing against Buck's balls. The southerner pushed him against the wall. His own erection was throbbing with desire. "If you wanted me to assume the position, you should have said something," Buck said with a laugh.

"Stay right there," Ezra urged as he took Buck's clothing and placed it on the chair. He grabbed the lube and stepped back behind Buck. "I've always wanted to try it this way," he explained.

Looking back over his shoulder, Buck's eyes widened. He reached out and rested his hands against the wall and spread his legs widely. "What ever you want," he encouraged.

Ezra was timid about acting on it now that he'd spoken. Buck was so relaxed about it that he went ahead and squeezed the lube onto his fingers. Moving so that he could see Buck's face, he reached for the entrance to his body. He pressed his fingers gently into the tight ring of muscle and massaged gently. When he felt the contraction of the muscle ease, he pushed inside. Buck drew a deep, even breath and blew it out slowly. Ezra kissed and nipped along Buck's shoulder blade as his fingers continued to stimulate the tight ring. Adding a second finger, Ezra reached down with his free hand to encircle Buck's shaft. A low, sensual moan rolled around the room as Buck began to rock his pelvis between the two points of stimulation. Ezra stroked his own erection against a muscled thigh.

"Ez, need more, now," Buck whispered between breaths.

The southerner swiftly added another finger and searched for Buck's prostate. When he found it, he stroked it lightly in time with the motion of his other hand. Buck groaned as he came, his semen spurting over Ezra's hand.

"Need you now!" Buck pleaded as he shifted his feet farther apart to facilitate the height difference.

Ezra used one hand to roll on a condom and then used Buck's own fluids to lubricate it. Placing one hand lightly on Buck's hip, he pressed into his body slowly. He felt the residual spasms of Buck's orgasm play along his shaft as he pushed deeper. Buck bent his knees slightly and shifted his hips.

"More, Ez, I need more," Buck moaned.

Straining, Ezra thrust as deeply as he could. When he heard the pleasured groan, he figured he'd found the depth the other man needed. He tightened his grip on Buck's hips and began to move. Finding a stroke he could manage, his head lolled back as he reveled in the feeling. When he felt the tingle of impending orgasm, he began to rock up on his toes for that tiny bit of extra depth. Ezra came, standing on his tiptoes to remain as deeply inside of Buck as possible. When he could no longer maintain his stance, he slumped against the taller man and panted.

As much as he hated to do it, Buck needed to move. His thighs were burning with the strain of holding him up at such an awkward angle. He slowly worked his feet closer together, feeling Ezra slip free. With one hand, he reached back for the southerner.

"Still with me there, Ezra?"

"Think so," he answered.

The two men parted, Ezra stopping in the bathroom briefly, before moving toward the bed. They tumbled together and Ezra snuggled up against Buck. Their bodies fit together like puzzle pieces, Ezra's head nestled under Buck's chin, his arm draped across the broad expanse of chest. Buck curled his arm around Ezra, his fingers fitting into the spaces between the southerner's ribs.

Buck waited for a few minutes until Ezra's heartbeat had eased before pulling him up and moving him to straddle his hips. Settling the smaller man against his chest, he began to kiss him. Massaging the southerner's shoulders deeply, he felt the moan of pleasure that vibrated against his tongue. Taking hold of Ezra's hips, he began to rock his flagging erection between them. He fished across the mattress for the lube and squeezed some onto his fingers. Reaching around Ezra, he began to prepare him.

A firm finger stroked him and Ezra pushed back against it. He moved down so he could nibble at Buck's chest. Inhaling deeply, he rubbed his nose in the dark hair before swirling his tongue around the nipples of the other man's chest. As he felt the addition of a second finger, he tightened his teeth on the nub until Buck groaned. He moved his fingers in a circle matching the motion of Ezra's tongue on his chest. Ezra reached out until his fingers brushed the corner of the nightstand where the other condom lay. He pushed up until he was practically sitting on Buck's fingers, driving them deeper while he opened the condom and rolled it onto the throbbing shaft. Kneeling up, he guided the erection between his legs.

Buck withdrew his fingers and took hold of his shaft to steady it as Ezra pushed back against him. He fixed his eyes on the look of exquisite, passionate pleasure that spread across the southerner's face. Moving his hand, he took hold of Ezra's hip to steady him and stop him from trying to take too much at one time.

"Ohh, yes," Ezra moaned. He rested his palms lightly on Buck's chest for balance as he began to rock forward and back. Once he had established the rhythm, Buck began to thrust up to meet him. Ezra let his head roll back as he flattened his back. It felt as if Buck's penis was stroking the base of his spine and the motion was traveling up.

When he felt Ezra's rhythm break, Buck tightened his hold on Ezra's hips and took over. He quickened his pace and the depth of his thrusts. He loved the look on the southerner's face. Ezra was totally without his shields as he rode the waves of pleasure. His orgasm began and he groaned deeply as he ground his ass against Buck, taking him all the way to the base. The tightening of Ezra's body around him caused Buck to come at the same time and he rocked slightly as he rode the waves of sensation. When his orgasm ended, Ezra slowly toppled forward until he lay with his head tucked up under Buck's chin.

"Thank you," Ezra mumbled as he snuggled closer. Buck chuckled slightly. "What?" The southerner asked, drawing back so he could see the deep blue eyes.

"That just wasn't the response I expected."

"I just meant, for the rose, the show, everything," Ezra said in hushed tones.

"You're very welcome," Buck returned.

After a brief rest, they got up and took a shower. Buck gathered up his clothes and began to straighten them in preparation for getting dressed. Ezra stopped in front of him and stilled his hands.

"Stay?" He asked as he drew one finger along the side of Buck's face.

"You sure?" Buck countered.

"Indubitably," Ezra whispered.

The next morning, the two men woke up snuggled together. Buck got up early so he could go by his place and change before going in to the office. As he picked up the things he had taken from his pockets, his walled slipped from his fingers and the stubs from the show fell out. Picking them up, Buck smiled. He reviewed the previous evening.

Single, perfect red rose - $3.79
Cleaning and detailing the truck - $75.00
Tickets to the show and parking - $250.00
Waking up with an arm full of southern comfort - Priceless.

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