Part of the A Good Honest Man series

by Silver

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"Are you ready to talk about it?"

Ezra sighed. His soft spoken Texan had an uncanny way of knowing what he was thinking. It spooked him sometimes to have someone know him so well and still love him. But it was something he would not, nor could not live without.

"I would rather not and say we did." Turning he gave Vin a hopeful look but seeing the stubborn set of his lover's jaw, he knew he would answer Vin's questions and hold nothing back from his beloved sharpshooter. Laying his head on Vin's chest, he tightened his hold on his lover, almost afraid if he let go of Vin he would disappear. A ghost of his desperate and grasping overactive imagination.

Vin kissed the top of soft chestnut curls, snuggling his lover closer to his heart. He was almost afraid to hear what Ezra was going to say but he needed to know Ezra loved him enough to make this commitment.

"You can tell me anything Ez. I'm not here to judge ya. Just ta love ya. Tell me how you met... him." The last being ground out as he thought about the Bastard that had hurt his Ezra. He would love nothing more than to kill the Bastard again!?! He tightened his arms around the man that held not only his heart but his future in his hands.

Ezra, feeling the arms tighten, crushing the air out him, ran his hands gently up and down his tense, protective lover's back. Soothing the tension out of the sleek muscles. If he was going to do this he wanted a relaxed Vin to talk to. Pulling out of Vin arms, he took his lover's hand, leading him into the living room.

"If I am to do this, then we need to be comfortable, at the very least."

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