Cleansing The Air
Part of the A Good Honest Man series

by Silver

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He lay on his side watching his lover sleep. How could he have ever doubted this man's love? How could he have ever thought that what Dakota bragged about doing to him would make a difference with Vin? Hell, how did he ever delude himself into thinking he was in love with that Bastard Dakota?

When he had come to in the hospital, Vin had been right there with him. Holding him. Not caring what anyone thought about two men sharing the same bed, holding each other. He had been relieved to find that Vin would be all right despite the gash in his shoulder and a couple dozen little cuts from the glass. He could not find it within himself to feel anything but happiness that Dakota had met his demise and was out of his life forever. Well, not forever, yet. Vin had said they had some things to talk out and that's what he was dreading. He didn't want to have to remember any part of his relationship with Dakota. He wanted to put it in the safe in the back of his mind and lock it up. Not only did he want to throw away the key, he wanted to brick it up with no possible way for any feelings or memories to seep out and contaminate his life, again.

Sighing Ezra left the bed and went to stand at the window. He watched the brilliant colors interweaving with the receding starlight sky. He knew in his heart that he needed this cleansing ritual with Vin in order to make their relationship stronger, but it didn't mean he had to look forward to it. He rested his head against the cool glass pane. If only he could go back and erase everything that had happened between him and Dakota. What had he ever seen in him? Had he really been so desperate for love at the time that he had given up his pride for it? How could he have been so delusional as to have compared Vin to that monster?

Lady Luck had indeed been very good to him. She must have known that he needed someone that could tolerate him at his worst. Someone that would love him unconditionally. Someone who knew him so well that it terrified him sometimes. God, he had wasted so much time with Vin.

He felt the presence behind him before he felt the warm arms slip around his waist, pulling him flush with his lover's equally warm body.

"Are you ready to talk about it?"

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