Boxers Or Briefs

by Angie

Author's Note: Okay, I got several compliments on my first slash story and became very brave. I know I often find myself looking at behinds and wondering.

Boredom was weighing heavily on Buck that morning. He stared at the half finished report on the monitor for several more minutes before sighing aloud. Glancing around the room, his eyes settled on Nathan as he walked toward the restroom. The thought bubbled to the forefront of his mind so quickly that he almost blushed. Watching the team medic walking away from him, the only thing he could think was 'briefs.'

His mother had told him that all men were divided into two basic groups, boxers and briefs. Buck himself was a boxer. Living with JD, he knew the kid was a briefs man. Chris would cheerfully choke him if he knew that he was thinking about how the blond team leader was a briefs man too.

Having decided about the others, Buck turned his attention on the three men he hadn't classified. Josiah was a hard one to call. The profiler was the oldest member of the team. He was old enough to have seen the advent of briefs, but probably had grown up wearing boxers. The older man rose to go to the copier for his report and Buck had to smile. Boxers, definitely boxers.

Turning his attention to the two remaining men, the explosives specialist considered what he knew about the two younger men. Vin was easy to guess, the sharpshooter wore his pants so tight that you could see the lines of his briefs. Usually bikini briefs, low cut in the front, he guessed.

Vin looked across the bullpen and caught the deep blue eyes staring across the room at him. He cocked his head and tossed a questioning gaze back. Buck shook his head and went back to staring at his monitor.

Over the rest of the morning, Buck wondered about the undercover agent. Ezra was an enigma in every way. The expensive clothes fit the man like a well-worn glove. The tailored jackets covered the expensive, silk shirts. Egyptian cotton undershirts, expensive in the extreme, lay next to his skin. But boxers or briefs? He couldn't decide.

In an effort to put the matter to rest once and for all, Buck actually considered following the southerner into the bathroom to see if he could tell. Realizing that he might just get himself shot if Ezra caught him, he discarded the idea.

The undercover agent noticed the intense gaze being directed his way and wondered if he had something stuck between his teeth or something. When he noticed that Ezra was staring back at him, Buck allowed his gaze to return to his monitor.

All morning the marble rolled around and around in his mind. Buck eventually finished the report and sent it to the printer. He got up and went to get the report and placed it on Chris's desk. Ezra stood and picked his suit jacket up from the hanger where he kept it. He felt the stronger visual sweep of his body and turned to find the older agent staring at him again.

"Was there something you needed, Buck?" Ezra asked softly after donning his suit jacket. He instinctively brushed down the length of the sleeves. The other man continued to slowly peruse the southerner's body.

"Are you going out to lunch?" Buck finally managed to ask.

"Yes, I have to make contact with one of my informants. Would you care to accompany me? It has been a long time since we have had an opportunity to talk," Ezra offered.

"That would be great. Just let me tell Chris where I'm going," Buck said.

In the elevator on the way to the parking level, Buck continued to try to decide. Nothing about the way his pants hung betrayed the secret. With his eyes, he followed Ezra as he crossed the parking lot to the Jag. The southerner swept the curve of his own hip to smooth the material of his pants before sliding into the butter-soft leather seat.

At the restaurant, the two men took up opposite sides of a table and ordered a soda each. The waitress left menus and promised to return in a few moments. Ezra stared at the moisture condensing on the outside of his water glass for a minute before he spoke.

"I couldn't help but notice that you've been staring at me all morning. Was there something you wished to... ask me? Have I done something to warrant this attention?"

"No. Nothing like that. I was just curious about something," Buck said hesitantly.

"Feel free to ask me anything," Ezra offered.

"Nooo, you'll think it's silly. And it actually is silly. Just forget about it," the older man said as a warm blush crept up his cheeks.

The waitress took their order and a few moments later, Ezra's informant slipped into the booth. After passing along the information he had to offer, the man snatched up the money the southerner slipped across the tabletop and dashed away. The waitress brought their salads and to avoid a return to their earlier conversation, Buck dug into his.

During the course of the meal, Ezra glanced across at his teammate several times. He noticed the way the other man handled his silverware as he cut the leafy lettuce into manageable bites. He smiled when Buck tapped each bite in the dressing he had poured around the perimeter of the plate. A spot of dressing got caught on his mustache.

Lifting the linen napkin from his lap, Ezra reached across the table and brushed the material against Buck's cheek, gathering the errant bit of dressing. For an instant, their eyes met and something clicked between them. The southerner's breathing kept pace with the other man as they stared across the table. The spell was broken by the arrival of the waitress with the main course. She put the plates on the table without noticing the magic happening between the two men.

Staring across the table, Ezra noticed that Buck's steak looked especially good. He watched, almost hypnotically as the other man cut the steak and tapped it in the steak sauce he had poured in a neat puddle at the edge of the plate. Trying not to stare, Ezra stirred the pasta con broccoli on his plate.

"What is that? It looks good," Buck said as he looked across the table.

"Try it," Ezra heard his voice saying as he dipped up a bite and offered it to Buck. Keeping his hand cupped under the fork, his fingers brushed against the other man's skin as he took the food. An odd fluttering set up in his stomach as he watched the lips close on the tines. He pulled the fork back slowly and felt a surge in his groin as Buck's tongue crept out to pick off the little bit of moisture he felt on his lips.

"It's good. Try the steak, it's really good," Buck offered as he speared a cube of the meat and tapped it in the steak sauce. Duplicating Ezra's action, he cupped his hand and followed the fork across the space that separated them.

Chewing the steak, Ezra stared into the deep, blue eyes across the table. The strangest urge popped into his mind. He swallowed the meat and reached for the napkin in his lap. His hand brushed across his thigh and he fought the urge to moan aloud. He was sporting a throbbing hard on.

"Something wrong there, Ez?" Buck asked in a teasing tone. "You're blushing."

"W-wrong? N-no, nothing... nothing wrong. I, we should finish our repast and return to the office. M-Mr. Larabee will b-be irritated with me if we are de-de-delayed unnecessarily," the southerner stammered.

Both men finished their meal without saying too much more. Buck kept his head down and his eyes on his own plate, allowing the southerner to suffer his embarrassing condition on his own. By the time he had finished eating, his erection had faded and Ezra was left with a vaguely incomplete feeling.

Returning to the office, both men tried to concentrate on their work. Neither had much success. Buck kept glancing across the room, wondering what had gotten the southerner so flustered during lunch. Ezra kept glancing across the room, too.

Ever since joining the team, the undercover agent had kept a deeply hidden secret. Not that his sexual orientation had anything to do with anything, he just didn't think they'd understand that sometimes he just had to be with another man. There were things a man could do to him that a woman wouldn't or couldn't. He had been very careful to keep his liaisons well hidden from the others, taking long weekends when the urge hit him and venturing to other cities to scratch his itch. He'd had satisfying relationships with women in Denver, most recently with the lovely Lucy in accounting, but she had become engaged to a gangly young man named Luther.

Looking up again, Ezra found his gaze once again locked in to those deep, stunning blue eyes. His breath caught in his throat for a moment and he felt the tension build up in his groin. Willing himself to break eye contact with Buck, he opened another report file and began to review it for errors. Mentally translating the report into French, he tried to keep his eyes and his mind occupied until he could reasonably beg off and leave.

Sliding into the Jag, Ezra squirmed uncomfortably for a moment. He'd had to use his briefcase as a shield when he left the office to cover the telltale bulge in his pants. He had been unable to concentrate when he noticed the continued attention of the explosives specialist. Every time he had risen from his desk, Buck's eyes followed him.

"Hey, what was the deal with you and Ezra today?" JD asked as he shut down his computer for the day. He had noticed that his roommate was staring at the southerner off and on all day.

"Nothing, just thinking about something," Buck deflected innocently. "Are you going out with Casey tonight?"

"Yeah, but we might come by the apartment afterwards. Are you going to have someone over this evening?" JD asked. He liked to know so that he didn't walk in on anything.

"No, I may go out for a while, though," Buck answered. In his mind, he had already decided that he was going to stop by Ezra's place and... he didn't know exactly what he was going to do. The feelings that had been boiling in his stomach all afternoon left him feeling... vaguely incomplete.

Arriving at home that evening, Ezra took a cool shower. Knowing it would be more than a week before he could get away for a few days, he tried to calm himself. As he stood under the cool, refreshing spray, an image sprang unbidden to his mind. A surge of desire coursed through his body and he moaned softly as he lathered his hand and began to stroke his erection firmly.

It had been a couple of weeks ago at the ranch. The team was helping Chris build a new corral so he could begin separating his horses to begin breaking them. Ezra had been given the task of hauling the split rails with the quad runner. He also hauled water and the tools for the backbreaking work. Josiah and Buck were digging the postholes while the other four men were setting the posts. It was unusually warm for so early in the year and all of them were working up a sweat. Ezra had just bent over to unhook the chain from the heavy, wooden post when he looked up. Buck gripped the tail of his tee shirt and peeled it from his body, wadding it up to wipe the sweat from his chest. The southerner's loins had tightened at the sight. Buck was a very well built man. His broad shoulders glistened with the light sheen of sweat. He tightened his abs as he passed the cotton shirt over them and Ezra's mouth had gone dry.

The southerner's eyes followed the circles the cloth made on the other man's body before he dropped his head to stare at his hands. The post he was towing slipped, depositing a rather large, nasty splinter in the palm of his hand. He mumbled a curse before snatching the gloves from his belt and jamming his hands into them. He would have Nathan tend to the injury later.

Gasping as he reached his climax, Ezra let his chin drop to his chest so that the cool water could spray down the back of his neck. He shook his head in disgust at himself for letting his thoughts get so far away from him. Buck was straight as an arrow and every woman in Denver seemed to want him. There was no way in hell that the confirmed ladies man was going to consider a relationship with another man.

"I'd settle for a fling," Ezra whispered to his reflection in the mirror.

Working up his nerve, Buck got out of the truck. He had driven around the block five times trying to work up the nerve to go to the door. Arguing with himself, he decided that it was best to clear the air between them. He had to know if Ezra was interested in him in as more than a friend and coworker.

Ezra had just finished dressing when the doorbell rang. Wondering who could be at his door, he donned his loafers and padded through the apartment. A million butterflies took wing in his stomach when he saw Buck standing on his porch. Giving his appearance a quick check in the hall mirror, he opened the door.

"Buck, what a surprise! Won't you come in?" Ezra managed smoothly.

When both men were seated in the living room, an awkward silence ensued. Buck couldn't quell the nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach. He looked casually at Ezra. The southerner was looking as nervous as Buck felt. Finally, he swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

"Ezra, about what happened over lunch today," he began.

"I'm sorry. Actually, I'm ashamed of myself. I never had any intention of letting you see me that way," Ezra hurriedly defended. "I know you aren't interested in me that way. I just hope we can still work together and remain friends."

Buck's mind slammed into park. Ezra thought he wasn't interested in him that way? Suddenly, the room seemed a whole lot warmer and his pants seemed to become way too tight. He looked into the green eyes, unshielded for the first time and saw a wealth of emotions. Longing mingled with shame, desire tempered by fear and underpinning all of it was an uncertainty that was truly rare in the usually confident young man.

"Not interested in you like that?" Buck finally managed to say. "What ever gave you the idea that I wasn't interested in you?"

Now it was Ezra's turn to be stunned into silence. In all the time he had been with the team, he had listened to Buck's endless exploits with the fairer sex. Nothing had even hinted that the handsome man might swing both ways. Hope surged in his heart for a moment and he lifted his eyes to look across the room. Buck was staring intently at him.

"You mean, you've had experience with men?" Ezra asked hesitantly.

"Some, here and there. It's been a while. No one turned my head until recently," Buck teasingly replied.

Both men moved as if afraid of being bitten. Buck slid forward on the couch until he slowly came to his feet. Ezra sat, frozen, in his recliner for a moment longer and then he launched his body toward Buck. The difference in their heights made it difficult for Ezra to reach the tantalizing lips, so he attacked the tender flesh of Buck's neck with gentle kisses. Resisting the urge to sweep his hands across Ezra's ass, Buck tucked his fingertips into the dip of the smaller man's spine and slowly pulled him in closer. When his hands reached Ezra's shoulders, he cupped the back of the southerner's head and leaned down for a kiss. The clean taste of mouthwash and toothpaste danced on his tongue as he explored the warm, moist cavern. Wrapping his arms around Buck's torso, Ezra curled his fingers over the taller man's shoulders and pulled his body tighter into the embrace. He ground his aching groin against Buck's muscular thigh until he nearly came.

Buck twisted away from the kiss and nuzzled against Ezra's neck as he sucked in some much needed air. He felt the throbbing heat of the southerner's erection against his leg and contracted the muscles of his thigh to give him something to rub against. His own aching shaft caught the edge of Ezra's hipbone and the jolt it sent through him let him know that he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

"Ez? Are you sure about this?" Buck whispered into the small shell of an ear.

A delicious tickle raced down his spine as the warm moist breath caressed his ear and Ezra groaned. "Oh God, yes," he whimpered.

The men immediately adjourned to the master bedroom. Ezra slipped off his shoes just inside the door and quickly padded across to the king-sized bed. He pulled off the satin comforter and tossed it across the overstuffed chair in the corner. Opening the nightstand, he laid out a tube of lubricant and a handful of condoms.

"Optimist?" Buck teased. He saw the blush race up Ezra's face and moved quickly to reassure him. "You think you can keep up with me?"

The smaller man smiled at the challenge and started to unbutton his shirt. Buck almost shouted, but at the last minute caught himself.

"Slowly, take them off slowly. I want to watch," he murmured as he stilled the trembling hand on the third button of the shirt.

"You first," Ezra whispered.

A knowing smile blossomed on the mustached face as Buck stepped back. It wasn't for naught that he had spent time as a youth in the dressing rooms of the places where his mother worked. He knew all about how to remove his clothing in the most sensual manner possible, it was a skill he used well.

Stopping out of arms reach of Ezra, he toed off his sneakers. Fixing his gaze steadily on the green eyes watching him, he unbuttoned the left cuff of his shirt. He let his hands glide over his chest, stimulating his nipples as he drew the material tighter. He let his left hand move up to his throat and stroked outward toward his shoulder and down his arm in an agonizingly slow, studied motion. He unbuttoned the right cuff. Ezra's eyes hungrily followed every move he made and Buck could see the heaving of the southerner's chest.

Ezra couldn't imagine anything turning him on more than watching Buck Wilmington strip. His long, sensual fingers spread widely as they stroked his chest and then when he pulled the material tight, Ezra saw the nubs of his nipples standing erect. When his left hand stroked the bare skin of his throat, Ezra's palms itched to repeat the motion. He felt dizzy from the quick, heaving breaths he was drawing and tried to will his body to breathe normally.

Buck broke eye contact with Ezra for a moment and looked down at the buttons on his shirt. He allowed his hands to fumble with the buttons until he saw the smaller man sway as if to come to his aid. With just a glance, he held Ezra in place and opened the buttons one by one. After the first three, he slipped his right hand inside of his shirt and rolled his nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He smiled to see Ezra's hand mimicking the motion. Tugging on the material, he pulled the shirttail from his pants. His fingers made short work of the buttons until the shirt hung open. He pulled the tails of the shirt back and tucked them into his belt for a moment before tightening his abs and running his hands over them.

Ezra's knees trembled and threatened to fold on him. His own abs were beginning to ache from holding them so tightly. As the wide spread fingers floated over the rippled muscles, his mouth watered. A slight whimper escaped his lips.

The explosives specialist didn't know if he could hold out. He was so hard that he just knew he would come before he ever got near Ezra. Glancing at the number of condoms laying on the nightstand, he realized that they had all night; he would undoubtedly be able to get it up again. Buck smiled as he began to open his belt buckle. He didn't bother to unthread it but simply opened it and tugged it apart. Ezra's tongue darted out and wet his lips and Buck's knees shuddered. He unbuttoned his jeans and, with agonizingly slow movements, opened the zipper.

Watching as the bulge in Buck's pants emerged from the zipper, Ezra's balls throbbed. His hands were clenching and unclenching at his sides as he willed himself to breathe normally. He didn't want to hyperventilate and spoil everything.

When the zipper was completely open, Buck tucked his thumbs in the waistband and began to swivel his hips as he worked the material free of his body. As soon as the pants passed his behind, he let them go, confident that they would continue their descent to the floor unaided. Lifting first one foot and then the other, he left the jeans neatly on the floor. The cooler air circulated around inside of his blue boxers and he paused. Ezra's eyes were nearly black, his eyes were so widely dilated. Cocking his head innocently, Buck smiled.

'He's changed his mind! Oh God, I'm going to explode any second now and he's changed his mind!' Ezra's mind screamed as he watched Buck settle his hands on his hips. The southerner's breathing increased in speed as the throb in his groin reached a new plateau. Any second now, he was going have an explosive orgasm from just watching the other man remove his clothes. Finally, the coy smile clicked in his mind. Buck was teasing him!

"Please?" Ezra whimpered as he shifted his weight to the balls of his feet. He was ready to throw himself bodily at the other man.

Buck let go a wide, gentle smile as he tucked his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers. Drawing the material away from his throbbing erection, he pulled them down until the elastic was beneath his balls and then he stopped. Ezra licked his lips again; his rapid breathing was drying the membranes of his mouth. Finally, Buck drew his hands around and lowered his underwear until they dropped free of his body and he stepped out of them.

All logical restraint fled his mind as Ezra closed the distance between them. Dropping to his knees, he licked Buck from base to tip with the flat of his tongue. Pausing to gather more moisture in his mouth, Ezra's breath cooled the saliva, drawing a deep tremor from the taller man. Finally, he opened his mouth and took Buck deeply into his throat. He felt a hand pass lightly over his head as Buck swayed slightly. Ezra grasped Buck by the hips and held him as he increased the suction and began to moan softly.

A delicious vibration traveled up his shaft and Buck came explosively. He clenched his fists to keep from burying his hands in Ezra's hair and thrusting into his mouth. The southerner lifted one hand from Buck's hip and used it to massage the balls that were drawing tight. Ezra kept sucking and massaging until he felt the shudder of over stimulation. Immediately, his hand stilled but did not withdraw. He eased the suction but did not let the throbbing shaft slip from his mouth. A deep, bass moan of pleasure floated down to him and he felt himself relax. Buck had enjoyed it and that was all that mattered at the moment.

Drained, sated, satisfied, and still hornier than a rangy Billy goat, Buck groaned and caressed the chestnut curls. He took a staggering step and was steadied by firm hands on his hips. When he looked down, Ezra had settled back on his heels and was looking up at him. An innocent, cherubic smile lit his face, showing both dimples. Buck gave in to gravity and knelt, his knees on the outside of Ezra's. He pulled the southerner into his arms and rested his sweaty head against Ezra's shoulder.

"Oh God, Ez! That was... incredible," he mumbled.

"Perhaps you should lie down for a few moments," Ezra offered.

Buck allowed Ezra to help him to his feet but he only sat on the edge of the bed. He wrapped his arms around the southerner and buried his face in his stomach. When his heartbeat had returned to something like normal, he lifted his eyes and sought Ezra's.

"Your turn?" He offered with a smile.

It was Ezra's turn to smile. He stepped back a couple of steps and studied Buck's face. "I doubt that I shall be anywhere near as sensuous as you were but I will definitely give it a try."

Turning his back to Buck, Ezra ran his fingers through his own hair, touched both shoulders and then let his hands glide down his body, rocking his hips slightly as he went. Imagining a slow, seductive song in the background, he slowly turned. Keeping his eyes closed, he tipped his chin toward the ceiling showing the tight line of his throat. He brought his hands up and ran them down from his neck, letting his hips continue to sway in gentle figure eights as his hands stimulated his nipples.

Even after the earth shattering orgasm he had just had, Buck found himself becoming aroused again. The southerner moved with infinite grace, every line of his body moving in time with the rhythm in his head.

Unbuttoning his cuffs, Ezra slowly stroked each arm with the opposite hand all the way to his shoulders before beginning on the buttons down the front. He turned away again, putting his back to Buck as he eased the material off of his shoulders. Tilting his head back, he rocked the material from side to side as he lowered it to his hips. Turning again to face Buck, he let his eyes drift across to where he sat on the bed. His penis was beginning to swell again. The southerner swallowed hard and let his hands rest on the fastener of his pants. He wasn't wearing a belt. The gentle motion of his hips dragged the material across his shaft with just enough friction to bring him right to the brink. Slowly, little by little, he pulled the shirttails out of his pants, letting the material flutter to the floor.

Buck's eyes followed the material as it floated to the carpet. When he looked up again, Ezra was standing with his thumbs tucked into the waistband of his pants. His index fingers touched, forming a triangle over the bulge of his erection. Buck's own shaft began to throb again as he watched the motion of Ezra's hips.

Seeing that he had aroused Buck again gave Ezra the encouragement to go on. He unfastened his pants and, making larger motions with his hips, turned around again. Slowly, carefully, he eased the material away from his flesh. Matching the motion of his hips, he eased the pants down over his ass. The feel of the material as he moved and it moved against him brought the southerner to within seconds of an imminent orgasm. He wanted to cry out his need but, biting down on his lip, he forced his body to wait. As the waistband passed over the curve of his ass, he let go and the material continued on down to the floor.

When the material of Ezra's pants dropped to the floor, Buck came to his feet. In two long strides, he wrapped his arms around the smaller man from behind and held him. Grinding his pelvis against Ezra's behind, Buck almost came again. His hand drifted down, his thumb rimming the navel before closing around the southerner's still covered cock. Ezra jumped at the strength of the sensation, pressing against the taller man. A moan of desire and aching need rolled out of his mouth as he pressed his head back against Buck's chest.

Ezra's underwear was swiftly removed and the two men tumbled onto the bed. Buck barely managed to close his lips around the straining organ before Ezra came, arching and writhing under the gently restraining hands. When the southerner became limp in his grasp, Buck gently turned him to his side. A shaking hand delivered the lube and condom into his hand and he flipped open the cap. The clear gel glistened slightly in the soft light and Buck used his thumb to smooth it around on his fingers. Moving up until his stomach touched Ezra's back, he drew his hand in between the cheeks of the southerner's ass. As he found the pulsing opening, he began to lay kisses along Ezra's shoulder.

Barely back from his mind-blowing orgasm, Ezra rocked his pelvis as he felt the long fingers probing him. A nip on his shoulder distracted him from the actual penetration and he moaned at the pleasurable sensation. Buck's long fingers quickly found the nub inside that caused Ezra to whimper and squirm.

"Yesss, that's the spot," Ezra breathed. Rocking against the fingers, he was soon achingly hard again. Another nip covered the addition of another finger. Ezra turned slightly, reaching for the headboard of the bed to push against.

"You ready for me to come in?" Buck whispered. Seeing Ezra nod, eyes clenched shut and gasping for air, he withdrew his fingers and quickly rolled on the condom he had received with the lube.

Reaching over Ezra's hip, Buck began to stroke the southerner's cock as he pushed into the lubed and stretched opening. Intense pressure and heat wrapped around him as he breached the tight ring of muscle. He paused to give Ezra a moment to adjust and the southerner pushed against the headboard, impaling himself.

"Oh God, yes!" Ezra cried as he felt Buck filling and stretching him.

"Easy, just relax, old Buck isn't going anywhere for a while," he murmured softly. Setting a slow, gentle rhythm, Buck rode Ezra for several minutes. When he began to writhe and push back for more, he lengthened his strokes. The side-to-side motion dragged his head across Ezra's prostate until he came, clenching down so hard that Buck gasped and went still.

"Don't stop, please!" Ezra cried out as he struggled for movement from the other man. His orgasm was intense but the continued stimulation would make it go on for a while if Buck would just move.

Realizing that Ezra was not in pain and that he actually wanted him to move, Buck resumed his deep thrusts. When the body in his arms became rigid and Ezra rolled his pelvis back, Buck came. Ezra was bearing down so hard that Buck thought he was hurting him but the incoherent whimpers of pleasure egged him on. When he had come with all he had, he relaxed, curling his arm around Ezra's stomach and tucking his chin over Ezra's shoulder. Like a cat, the southerner was pushing and pulling against the headboard as he panted.

Both men drifted into a light sleep, sated and exhausted. Only when completely relaxed did Buck finally slip from Ezra's body. The southerner whimpered at the loss of the shaft in his ass and Buck soothed him with his hands and voice.

"We've got all night. I'm not going anywhere. Just let me hold you for a few minutes and we can go again," Buck whispered into the dark curls. Ezra nodded and sighed aloud.

By morning, the two men had used several of the condoms and most of the lube. When they had finally curled together to sleep, it was after two in the morning. Buck slept in the middle of the big bed with Ezra lying nearly on top of him. The slippery feel of the satin sheets was a pleasant surprise when they'd finally gotten around to covering up. Ezra kept one hand possessively intertwined with Buck's as he slept. The older man was amazed at the innocence that the southerner exuded while he slept.

The alarm went off and neither man moved to shut it off. The newscaster related the weather conditions and the traffic accidents on the roadways and several songs played before either of them deigned to move. Buck stretched his long arm and shut off the alarm, stroking Ezra's back when he had finished. Ezra yawned, stretching his body like a cat. When he propped himself up on his elbow to look at his bedmate, he smiled.

"Just so you know, I marked you," Buck whispered as he fingered the love bite on Ezra's shoulder.

"Are you... are we... what are we going to do about this?" Ezra finally asked.

"I'd like to spend some more time with you, get to know you better. I've been attracted to you for a while. We don't have to rush into anything serious," Buck replied.

"Then you, you enjoyed it?" Ezra asked.

The timid, unsure side of the southerner was new and Buck's heart surged. Moving so he could turn Ezra beneath him, Buck kissed him soundly, stealing his breath and breathing into him.

"It was fantastic! I don't think I've come that hard since I was a teenager. Ezra, God, it was awesome! You have such a beautiful body and you use it so well. I don't know how I'll be able to bear you taking off your suit coat at the office. I might have to throw you across your desk and screw you through the floor," Buck said.

"You think the guys will mind?" Ezra asked.

"If I throw you across your desk and screw you through the floor?" Buck asked. He got the desired response as Ezra blushed. "I don't know about all of them but Chris won't mind. He's been there with me through hell and high water, thick and thin, rain, sleet and the gloom of night."

"Chris was a postal worker?" Ezra teased.

The two men showered and dressed. Buck was going to have to swing by his place and change clothes so he dressed quickly and prepared to leave. As he was reaching for the door, Ezra called from the other room.

"What was it you wanted to ask me at the restaurant yesterday? You never did tell me."

Buck blushed and chuckled softly. He already had the answer and it wasn't at all the one he expected. Green eyes watched expectantly as he struggled to answer the question. Finally, he decided to just blurt it out.

"I wanted to know if you wore boxers or briefs," Buck answered.

Ezra's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked down at the charcoal colored pants he was wearing. When he looked at Buck again, he was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"And which category does a thong fit into?"

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