The Unknown Woman
(Old West)

by Jennifer

It was the deep intensity of his eyes that had captivated her. It was easy for her to get lost in those jade stars. There was something almost unearthly about them, possibly something supernatural. If they had been his only asset, they would be enough to stop the most cynical heart cold. He was well built. That piece of information could be discerned by how his clothes clung to his person. There was no denying he was one of the most handsome men she had ever come across. His smile could hold an entire audience captivated and his southern drawl was like a sweet note of music played only for her.

She had noticed him the first moment that she arrived in town. He had been the reason she had decided to settle here in this backwater of a town. Four Corners did not hold the sophisticated class of people she was accustomed to, nor was it endowed with a luxurious climate. The heat at times was unbearable, and her wardrobe now was totally soiled in dust and mud. Though she missed her old life and surroundings she would never leave this place that she now called home. He lived there and that was enough justification for her to continue to dwell in a place so completely unsuited to her nature. Ezra Standish had become her whole world in three short months. She was so completely enamored on him that she felt that she would simply curl up and die if she was deprived of the daily satisfaction of seeing him stroll down the street or ride by on his horse. In short, she loved him.

But when had he first noticed her? She did not know. She had first felt his eyes on her when she was strolling down the boardwalk past the saloon. The feeling was so intense that she turned to meet his eyes. She could almost see the electricity pass between them. He said nothing, merely touched his hat in acknowledgment and preceded inside the saloon where she imagined he had a gone to play a little game of chance.

A few days later while she brushing her horse he cornered her in the stables. Even then, no words were exchanged but a million things were communicated in each others eyes. She saw desire in his mesmerizing green eyes. Her sapphire eyes expressed that same desire and at the same time a look of acceptance lurked there too. Slowly he tilted his head and moved into kiss her. He hesitated a moment to make sure that this was all right with her before proceeding. Finally, he moved in. His lips brushed against hers, ever so slightly at first, then their kiss grew more passionate until finally they had to pull away to catch their breath.

For a moment they stood there lost in their own little world. With his right hand he brushed a stray auburn curl out of her eyes. Then slowly and deliberately ran his finger across her face. Then after what seemed like an eternity he brought her hand to his lips. Without a word he was gone and she was once again was alone, but somehow she knew it would be the first of many kisses. This knowledge and the anticipation of their next encounter would sustain her through the lonely hours on the night.


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