The Dream
(Old West)

by Jordy

Ezra slowly got up off his bed, the button at the top of his trousers undone. He had removed his shirt shortly after Nathan had left; having checked the Gambler's head, making sure the blow he had taken was okay. He felt amazingly good, no pain erupting from his head. His brilliant green eyes scanned the town below. He turned when a knock sounded on his door; the taut muscles in his back and chest contracting as the smooth skin grew taut over them. He gracefully strode to the door, opening it. Inez stood outside his door, a mixture of emotions on her beautiful face. Everything from concern, to fear... to red-hot desire.

"Inez?" he said softly.

"I came to see if you were all right, I heard about you getting hurt," she murmured. Ezra stepped aside, wondering if he would regret this, allowing her to enter. She did so, and looked around. Ezra swallowed. He didn't know if he could handle this. Ever since the beautiful Mexican woman's arrival, he had been intrigued, wondering at times what it would be like to wrap his strong arms around her, feeling her soft skin beneath his fingertips, caressing the flesh into a sexual frenzy. Pure lust, that's all it was, he kept telling himself, but whom was he fooling? Seeing her in danger when Don Paulo had come for her had sent a streak of pain through him. Seeing her kiss Buck after he had fought the man had sent a jealous streak through him. He would never want Inez to know this though. He felt he should feel betrayed by her. She had conspired with his mother, stealing the saloon out from under him, after he had given her a chance as a barkeep. But he couldn't. He knew how his mother could be, and her fancy words and as yet un-kept promises probably had swept Inez away. He blinked his eyes as she turned around. He stepped toward her, noting how her deep brown eyes roamed over his naked chest, caressing it without even a touch.

"Inez," he mumbled. Inez stepped closer to him, reaching a hand out, touching his pectoral, feeling the velvety soft skin beneath her fingers.

"When I heard you were hurt, I thought I was going to die. I didn't know how bad it was, and then I heard it was your head that had been hit, and it made me panic," she mumbled, her eyes not meeting his. She paused a moment, then allowed her eyes to lock with his. Brown to green, passion flaring between them.

"I couldn't bear it, never getting a chance..." she trailed off, unable to say. Ezra reached a hand up, gently brushing a lock of hair off her face. He leaned down, touching his lips to hers. Caressing the full lower lip with his tongue, demanding and yet asking for permission for entrance to her mouth. Inez opened her mouth slowly, darting her tongue out to meet his, playing a cat and mouse game of seduction, challenging then withdrawing. Ezra cupped her face in his hands, slowly and torturingly caressing her lips and tasting her. She ran her hands up his chest, massaging the taut muscles that jumped in reflex to her touch, bringing a smile to her lips, as they curved against his. Ezra slowly pulled away, desire in his eyes, so strong it shocked Inez. She had always been attracted to the man, even his temper that she had seen when he had angrily faced his mother the first day they had met. She had seen his fighting emotions of love, resentment and anger for the woman who had obviously given the man so much pain, but had also given him life.

"Are you sure?" he softly asked. Inez did not open her mouth, she merely nodded. Ezra pulled away enough to take the wrap around her soft shoulders, removing it, and moving back to the door to latch the lock. No interruptions. He walked back to her, his hands gently cupping her shoulders, pushing the elastic of her blouse off her shoulders, and further, revealing her dusky breasts to him, the nipples taut. She groaned as the fabric drug across them. Ezra leaned down, taking one taut nipple into his mouth, suckling gently, then switching to a bit rougher, feeling her body's responses as his tongue worked magic on her senses. He lifted her, his mouth never leaving her breast and carried her to his bed. He gently laid her down, smoothing her blouse over her waist and down her legs, tossing it aside. Inez looked up at him and reached for the buttons along the turgid ridge pressing against the front of his trousers. She began to slowly release each button successively. Pop, pop, pop. One by one the buttons came undone, bringing him closer to relief from the pressure, and bringing her closer to being able to enclose her small hand around him, to caress and bring him alive before feeling him inside of her.

Ezra began to caress her skin with his nimble fingers. Inez had watched those fingers many a night caressing a deck of cards, working them easily and had often wondered what it would be like to feel them on her skin as they were now. He massaged and caressed the muscles of her skin, working at the flesh that led to her flat stomach, the slight mound of her belly, to the two rounded points of her hip bones, just above the elastic of her colorful skirt. Ezra hooked his fingers below the waist, slowly sliding it off her. Achingly slow were his movements. Sliding, material slipping, flesh becoming bare, and sensitized to feelings unlike anything. Inez bit her lip gently, her mind whirling, as all she could do was feel.

As Ezra slipped the skirt off her, he gently picked up her foot, caressing the arch of it, working his hands and fingers up to enclose her small ankle, leaning down to nibble the delicate bone, trailing little bites and kisses up her calf, to the sensitive spot behind her knee. He lifted his head a fraction, and gazed at her, his fingers caressing the inside of her thigh near her knee. He allowed his hand to trail upwards, teasing the flesh with his fingers. Searching, wandering, learning. Gently Ezra parted the folds of her slick lips, feeling her juices flowing from her as she waited with anticipation for him. Him, all of him. Every part of him, from his fingers, to his tongue, to his engorged member, that was now pressing insistently against his trousers. Ezra lightly, as if the touch of a feather, flicked a finger over her clit, watching her face. Inez arched her back in ecstasy, an achingly sweet feeling coursing through her body. So slowly, Ezra leaned down, his breath caressing the inside of her thigh, cool against the hot flesh, his breath caressing her, before his tongue spirited toward her, flicking against her, causing her to cry out. Inez grasped the sheets under her in both fists, such a pleasure she had never felt before flowing through her veins. She began to moan aloud, thrashing her head as Ezra enclosed his lips around her clit, suckling gently, nibbling it for added emphasis, before his mouth was gone. He slowly parted her folds with his fingers, pressing one finger against her, sliding it slowly inside, feeling her tightly close around him. She was no virgin, but it had been some time since she had last been with a man, he could tell.

Inez couldn't take any more, she pushed herself up, gasping as his finger slid into her further, but she pulled away. Ezra watched her, a faint smile on his full lips, waiting. She leaned forward and began to caress his face with her fingers, gently urging him to lie down. He did not comply. Inez knew why. She ran her fingers down his chest, reaching to undo the buttons that remained to be undone, allowing her access to his shaft. Pop, pop. One by one the buttons came undone, one by one they opened him to her. One by one she came closer to freeing his rampant cock. Freeing it to her waiting lips. Freeing it to feel it pulsing inside of her. Ezra got up from his bed, and Inez followed, kneeling on the bed, her fingers never leaving the front of his trousers. Once she had undone the last button, he snagged his thumbs into the belt loops, pulling them down, and shedding them, revealing all of himself to her, both completely naked. Inez smiled at Ezra, leaning forward, brushing a kiss over his chest, her tongue flicking out to his nipples, smiling as she heard a hiss escape him. She kissed and nipped his skin as she moved down his chest, over the tight muscles of his abdomen. She reveled in the feel of the rougher hair that ran from his belly button to below his waist beneath her tongue and lips. She paused just above his cock, reaching up with her hand to gently cup his balls. Ezra's hips jerked in response to her touch. She leaned forward again, placing a light kiss on the tip of him, hearing another hiss escape him. She opened her mouth, taking him inside as far as he could go. She began to move her lips and tongue over his length, bringing him alive. She could feel a release coming to him, but knew when he did, she wanted him to be inside of her. She gave one final thrust of her mouth, allowing him to leave her, but running her tongue under the base of his cock, before straightening. Ezra leaned toward her, pushing her backwards on the bed, and began to kiss her, his tongue demanding entrance now instead of asking for permission. When she allowed him entrance, her thrust his tongue into her mouth, still coated with her essence. Inez gasped as she tasted herself, as well as him.

Ezra deepened the kiss as he urged her thighs apart with his knee. He settled himself over her, his cock hovering just above her, dragging across her engorged button, sending a streak of fire through her. He pulled away slightly, and looked into her eyes. Penetratingly slow was his entrance. Pushing against her, slowly entering, slowly reaching, slowly stretching. Ezra slid completely into her, feeling her close tightly around him, almost sending him over the edge. He waited as she adjusted to him, before he pulled out of her, almost completely leaving her, before he thrust toward her, once and hard. Inez arched her back, gripping his biceps tightly, kneading the muscles with her hands and nails. He slowly began to move his hips in a rhythmic motion, easily matched by the woman beneath him. Achingly slow was the pace he kept, bringing Inez closer and closer. Like a coil slowly tightening in her stomach, coming closer and closer to snapping, and shattering everything around her.

Ezra continued to rotate and thrust his hips against her slowly, feeling her tightening around him, her release coming soon. Inez arched as she was thrown from a whirlpool of pleasure, lights going off behind her eyes, as sensations she could never have thought existed coursed through her. She forgot to move, she forgot to breathe, all she could do was feel. As Ezra felt her orgasm subsiding, he began to move his hips faster, reaching for his own release. Inez's eyes snapped open as another orgasm hit her, intensified as she felt Ezra's, as his seed spilled into her, filling her very being with his own. For a moment, they were not two separate beings, they were one, joined perfectly in a moment of time spanning forever. Ezra slowly felt his strength seeping out of him as he gently laid down on top of Inez, still inside of her, making them one being. Pain began to pound in his head, first dull, then beginning to sharpen. He slowly looked up and gazed into Inez's eyes.

"I love you, Inez," he whispered. Inez's eyes filled with tears. She opened her mouth...


Ezra jerked awake, the pain in his head throbbing. A dream. It was just a dream. How could he have had such a vivid dream about the one woman he did not want to like? But he was fooling himself. He had murmured to her in his dream that he loved her, and in his heart, now, he knew it was true. But he had woken before hearing her response. What does it matter? It was merely a dream, it never happened, he thought to himself. His head wound was affecting his thinking more than he thought. He would just push this aside, and go on. But how could he face Inez, knowing he had had such a dream of her? Confessing his love to her, something he would probably never admit to her in reality. Merely sitting back and watching her movements, but never acting on his emotions.

Ezra laid back down, the setting sun streaming into his bedroom window, caressing his bare skin. It was so like his dream. But with one exception. No Inez, and no confession of love to her. Ezra rolled over and squeezed his eyes shut, finally falling into a painful, and fitful sleep, praying that dreams of her would not plague him again. There was only so much a man's mind, and body could take.



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