(Dark Knights)

by Crow

Warning: This is an Adult story with attempted rape. If that is not something you can handle turn back now.
Author's Note: I have several ideas on more stories in this Verse. I am calling it the Dark Knights Verse. It is a shapshifters/Were verse. It is open; I only ask that all stories be sent to me before being posted anywhere. I do as I said have ideas for where this story will go and although I welcome any stories that this may inspire I request the right to say if those stories are canon or not in my Verse.

The first thing Ezra Standish realized as consciousness came to him was pain. He managed to keep from moaning as his mind took in the fact that he was not in Nathan Jackson's clinic but on hard packed dirt. Memories inundated him and Ezra remembered that he had been riding patrol outside of town and all had seemed fairly quiet until a slight rustling sound to his left drew his interest. He remembered seeing eyes reflecting back at him as a wolf's head slowly materialized out of the brush. He had slowly pulled his Remington as the animal had growled at him lowly. His attention was so focused on the wolf that he never saw the one that leapt from behind him and knocked him off his horse. He tried to control his fall but wound up hitting his head on the earth as his arm twisted beneath him.

Now, laying there in the dirt trying not to give into the nausea from the pain in his head, arm, and side he was surprised to still be alive instead of wolf provisions. He slowly opened his eyes just enough to see around him. Doing his best to still appear unconscious, Ezra slowly took in his surroundings and saw several wolves prowling around him. He startled when a voice broke the silence.

"We know you're awake so you can stop pretending." Hands grabbed him and rolled him over to see a large man leaning over him. A completely unclothed very large man with black shoulder length hair and a nasty scar around the outside of the left eye on his cruelly handsome face was leaning very close over Ezra gripping his upper arms tightly. "We've been waiting for you to wake green eyes."

As he was pulled into an upright sitting position he realized all his weapons had been removed. The man released his grip once Ezra was sitting up under his own power and didn't appear about to fall over again. His captor moved back only about a foot and plopped inelegantly onto his bare rear watching the regulator closely. As he didn't appear about to talk right away so the young man looked around again. There were eight wolves around the two men, some prowling around them and some laying at attention ready to spring to all fours at the first sign of trouble, two wolves lay cuddled up against each other looking totally relaxed without a care in the world. Ezra wasn't fooled though, he noticed that every single wolf was fully aware of the two men and their surroundings which bothered Ezra and seemed very un-wolf-like to him. He hadn't much experience with wolves so he couldn't say for sure but the way they acted seemed strange to him. Maybe it was the fact that this stranger had raised them or something to make them behave this way.

The gambler noticed that his horse was nowhere in sight and prayed the chestnut had run back to town and in turn brought help. He slowly removed his eyes from the wolves and his surroundings and back to the man quietly watching him. The man's steel blue eyes were hard and made Ezra shiver but he refused to cower in front of the man, after all his gaze was nothing compared to Chris Larabee's scorching glare. He tilted his chin up in resolve.

"Remove your clothes green eyes." It was an order not a request, still Ez could not believe he had heard right. He stared at the man across from him.

"Excuse me?" he said, keeping his poker face firmly in place to hide his shock.

"Remove your clothes now or we will do it for you." He looked at the wolf to his right and Ezra's eyes followed. The wolf stood and a shimmer seemed to swallow it and then in its place stood another man. This man was a dark blond and although muscular and fit, he was not quite as large as the man across from Ezra.

Ezra looked between the two in complete shock and began to scoot back away from both until growling from around him caused him to still. The black haired man quickly reached out and grabbed Standish's ankles and pulled the smaller man to him. The blond moved behind Ezra and started to remove the lawman's jacket. Ezra quickly overcame his shock and began to fight the two men who were undressing him. He tried punching and kicking but they just restrained him or ignored the blows he dealt out. Before he knew it, he was as naked as the two men were and panting and exhausted, pinned to the dirt by two men that greatly outsized him.

They both released him and backed away a few feet. Ezra quickly stood ignoring his injuries from the fall off his horse and watched his attackers attentively trying to keep both men and as many wolves in sight as possible. Ezra's mind was having trouble processing all that had happened since he'd awoken he tried to keep in control of his emotions but could feel his mask cracking as he stood in a ready stance.

"What do you want? What are you?" The young man was quite pleased that at least he hadn't stuttered.

"You have the scent of our kind on you and you know not what we are? We are shapeshifters, we go between wolf and man shapes. Have you not seen any around you change green eyes?" said the scarred man, now stalking the smaller man, he slowly herded Ezra towards his pack. "You will submit to me and join our pack. From the first minute I smelled your scent I knew you would be my perfect mate. First, we must gift you so you may change. Tara!"

At the leader's order a pale colored wolf darted forward and bit into Ezra's leg causing him to cry out in pain and his knees to buckle. Ezra collapsed onto the ground and before he could try to remove the wolf, it let go on its own and ran back to the rest of its pack. The young man held his painful bleeding leg, jaw clenched, he tried to stop the blood flow. Next thing he knew the black haired man had him splayed flat, the larger, stronger body pinning him to the ground and a strong hand entangled in his own reddish-brown hair held him face-to-face with his captor.

"I am Creel and I am alpha of the Tangle Pack. I have chosen you as my mate, you will submit or I will force you to." Creel took Ezra's mouth and pried resisting lips apart with a demanding tongue and the restraining grip on his hair as the other hand and knees began working apart the smaller man's legs.

Ezra Standish fought with everything he had in him but he was quickly fading, he punched and wiggled trying to get the much larger man off and at the same time tried to fight the man's attempt to get between his legs as he tried to draw enough breath with his mouth and hair still held hostage by Creel. Suddenly his mouth was released and he gasped for air filling his lungs as he continued to fight off the larger man. Ezra found himself flipped onto his stomach and unable to rise with a large hand pressing down on his neck while the other was able to make enough room for the other man's knees to get between Ezra's legs. The card sharp could feel Creel align his body and the press of the head of the other man's large cock at his anus as he fought against the panic threatening to overwhelm him.

Creel's cock was just beginning to try to painfully force its way into Ezra's body when all hell broke loose. The pack was suddenly in action as new wolves leaped into the clearing and attacked. The new wolves were almost all extremely large and the smaller ones fast as lightning in their attack and Creel was forced to release Ezra to shift and join the fight.

Ezra tried to stand but collapsed back down as pain from his leg and other injuries roared in protest of any action. He cringed watching the wolves rip at each other around him with unrestrained violence. He saw a tree fairly close by and slowly half-crawled half-dragged himself over to it. Once he reached it, he huddled as tightly against it as possible watching the warring wolves all around him. The frightened young man gripped the trunk of the tree with his uninjured arm and tried to catch his breath and gather his strength for an escape attempt.

Suddenly as the war started, it was over and a group of the wolves limped and staggered into the brush still growling and snarling. Ezra tried to huddle closer to the tree as he watched the remaining wolves. There were six wolves standing there looking at him, they were panting and licking their wounds but making no attempt to come closer. Ezra did not think any of the wolves were the Tangle Pack, but he couldn't be sure. There was a good sized black wolf with bluish-green eyes, a very large slate gray wolf with soft blue eyes and a slightly whitening muzzle, another huge slate gray with black wolf with chocolaty brown eyes, a black and silver giant with dark blue eyes, and a slightly smaller than average silver with brown tips and crystal like eyes, and the final wolf was the smallest black with white muzzle, paws and belly, with gentle hazel eyes. The injured man quickly looked around and wondered if these new wolves would let him crawl away.


Ezra startled and whipped his eyes around to where he heard Chris's voice come from. Instead of the black wolf with the bluish-green eyes, squatted Chris Larabee. In place of the other wolves were his friends all equally as naked as himself. Ezra was mortified when a whimper escaped him and his body began to shake. Ezra couldn't stop from watching as Chris slowly came closer and closer, he was unable to stoop as more whimpers escaped and a few sobs peppered into the mix. Control completely crumbled as Chris got within a foot and Ezra sobbed as his body shuttered, he closed his eyes and hid his shame afraid the image of his friends would disappear and he'd be left with his attackers so they could finish what they started. Ezra felt warm gentle arms gather him against a sturdy chest and heard a steady heartbeat mix with Chris's soft but slightly rough voice, a voice he trusted, telling him he was safe and that it was going to be okay.

Ezra listened to that voice and began to calm because if Chris said it was safe then it was and Ezra didn't have to worry or fight anymore. He slowly slipped into an exhausted sleep as he felt other gentle, comforting hands join Chris's on his body and heard his other friends' voices telling him he was safe. He didn't feel the strong arms lift him and carry him towards home.

The End... for now.

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