Strip Scrabble

by Kayim

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. Honest.
Summary: A novel approach to a favourite game.
Rating: PG
Characters: Vin Tanner and Ezra Standish
Author's Notes: On my Livejournal, I challenged people to provide me with a fandom, a word and an object. This is what happened with Mag7, Issaquah and a dreamsicle ice-cream bar!

This was one of Ezra's more interesting ideas. He'd been trying to come up with ways of helping Vin to improve his English and this was the latest.

Strip Scrabble.

Once a week, Vin drove over to Ezra's place and they did some reading, or played some kind of word game. It was more than just a lesson for them both - it became a routine and something that they both looked forward to.

This evening, they had started off playing regular scrabble, but when Ezra managed to spell 'bedizen' on a triple word square, Vin had decided he needed more encouragement. So he suggested the stripping part of it. Whoever's word scored less points had to remove an item of clothing. Somehow, miraculously, Vin started winning. Perhaps it could have been the fact that he was bluffing, perhaps he was simply inspired to win. Either way, pretty rapidly, every item of Ezra's expensive outfit was being removed.

By the time Vin managed the word 'Issaquah', Ezra was down to his silk boxer shorts. He had complained about the use of a place name, but Vin insisted that the rules of this version of scrabble allowed it.

"I believe a short intermission may be in order," Ezra drawled, not oblivious to the fact that Vin was continually attempting to not-stare at him.

"What? Oh yeah, sure. I'll go get us some munchies."

Vin walked out to the small kitchen area and began rummaging in the freezer. Vin's addiction to sweet things was legendary amongst Team Seven and each of them had started buying and storing a selection of Vin's favourites. Sure enough, with a triumphant cheer, Vin pulled out two dreamsicle ice-cream bars. Despite Ezra's appearances, Vin knew that the Southerner craved sweet things as much as he did.

He headed back to the main room and stopped as he saw Ezra sorting through the letter tiles, looking for the ones he wanted.

"You cheatin'?"

"I was merely attempting to even the odds, so to speak."

"Why Ezra," Vin imitated the other man's accent. "If you wanted to get me naked, all you had to do was ask."


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