(Two Blood ATF)

by Sammy Girl

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"Will you stop pacing?" Chris growled at Ezra.

Standish just glared at him and continued to pace the arrivals area at Denver airport. It seemed to have been hours since Buck's flight from Las Vegas had been listed as landed, but there was still no sign of the tall Two Blood, and in fact it was less than ten minutes. Then all of a sudden he was there.

"Guys!" he shouted as he pushed past the throng to reach his pack, or at least some of them, and more importantly his mate. Ezra spun around and had to force himself not to run into his lover's arms right there in the airport. While their relationship along with Chris and Vin's might be out and open within the pack it was a closely guarded secret to the outside world and especially the law enforcement community they worked in. Despite all this Buck enveloped Ezra in a huge bear hug, managing a surreptitious nuzzle at his ear and a whispered 'love you'. Then he turned to Chris, his alpha, giving him a huge hug as well.

"Careful there Big Dog, folks'll talk," Chris warned good naturedly.

"Big Wolf," Buck corrected. "And let 'um talk, come on, where are the others?" He was already heading for the exit, one long arm draped over Ezra's shoulders.

"At the ranch, waiting for us," Ezra informed him.

Once in the car, safely behind the smoked glass of Chris' Ram, Buck was all over Ezra, kissing him frantically, pushing his hand inside his mate's silk shirt to get more contact with him. Ezra was more than happy to reciprocate.

"Missed you," Buck panted out when he was forced, by lack of oxygen, to pull away briefly.

"Me too," Ezra admitted, as he lay his head on Buck's shoulder, happy once more to be with the love of his life. "How did it go?"

Buck had been forced to travel back to his old home town of Las Vegas when an old friend of his mother died and he was named executor of her will. Chris hated to see their Two Blood separated from his Pack for even a day, but there was no way he could justify any of the others going with him, not when they were swamped with work and court dates.

Buck shrugged. "Okay I guess, some of it took some time to sort out, had to get the body released and sort out the funeral." He smiled. "There were some interesting mourners I can tell you."

Ellie had been in the same profession as Buck's mother and she had a long and varied list of regular clients, some of whom turned up for her funeral.

"She, err, she left most of what she had to me. Guess it was originally gonna go to Ma," he admitted.

Chris snorted. "What did you get, a risqué wardrobe and a collection of whips?"

"No, I got stocks and shares, bearer bonds and land, worth about a million bucks in total."

"How much?" Chris spluttered, almost swerving into some unsuspecting little Toyota beside him on the freeway.

"She was a wily one was Ellie," Buck admitted.

"A very healthy little nest egg," Ezra purred. "Will you let me take a look at your portfolio some time?"

"Hell Ez I was countin' on it, as far as I'm concerned you're in charge of all our money."

Buck and Ezra made out all the way back the ranch, but as they drew closer to the entrance to Chris' land, the pack's home ground, Buck began to shed his clothing. As the big 4x4 pulled into the gateway Chris felt the air around him become charged and he didn't need to look back to know that a huge wolf was now standing on the seat beside Ezra. Even before the truck had stopped, Ezra had the door open and Buck leapt over his lap and out into the sunshine. The two One Bloods watched as the wolf bounded and leapt for joy, simply enjoying being the wolf for the first time in nearly a week, then he set out at a fast lope for the house, with Chris and Ezra following in the Ram.

Having heard the car approach, the other four members of the Denver Pack came around to the front of the house to greet their returning pack mate. Buck woofed and yipped and jumped up at them, licking their faces and enjoying the hugs, pats and tummy rubs he was getting from all of them. He was lying on his back with JD and Josiah rubbing his belly, tail thumping up and down madly on the deck when Chris and Ezra arrived.

"Hey you, you gonna say hello properly?" Chris asked.

With that Buck rolled over and made the change. Then, heedless of his naked state, he gave each of his pack a hug. While Nathan and JD were content with hugs Josiah gave him a kiss as well, reassuring Buck that if he ever had to submit to the whole pack, Sanchez for one would be able to cope with what was needed from him. Vin was - once he had given Chris a quick kiss - more than happy to hug, be hugged and kiss and be kissed.

"Um guys," Nathan cut in. "The grill's gonna be ready in about an hour, so we'll just go and take our horses out for a quick ride." He gestured to himself, Josiah and JD.

"Huh?" Buck pulled away, he had been hugging Vin and kissing Ezra.

"We'll leave the four of you to get reacquainted," Josiah explained.

"Yeah, have fun, don't kill each other!" With that JD was bounding off the steps and heading to the barn.

The other two just shook their heads and followed him.


Buck all but pulled Ezra into the house after him with Chris and Vin following on behind.

"Need you," he breathed, pulling at Ezra's shirt. "Need you now, all of you."

"I know my love, and you shall have me." By now Ezra had his shoes and socks off, and was attempting to get his pants down even as he headed for the bedroom. By the time they were at the door he was as naked as his mate.

Buck walked straight to the bed and lay down across it and spread his legs. Ezra needed no second bidding, he was stroking his shaft, but in truth he'd been hard and needy ever since they made out in the Ram. Suddenly he pulled up short.

"I need to..."

"No ya don't I'm ready for you," Buck, who was as hard as Ezra, wiggled back to present himself even more openly to Ezra, who, running one finger over the quivering, puckered opening, found it already slick.

"When did you?"

"At the airport - Vegas - didn't want to wait, would've gone fer it in the truck, but you know how Larabee bitches about his precious interior.

"Hey I heard that!" Chris was in the midst of pulling Vin's shirt off, but stopped long enough to glare at Buck, who ignored him.

Ezra pressed his finger home just to prove to himself Buck was as slicked up as he looked, there was no way he was going to risk hurting his lover, no matter how desperate he was. But Buck was slick and relaxed, so he pulled the finger back and pressed the head of his throbbing cock to the entrance.

"Please Ezra, please," Buck gasped.

That was all the invitation Ezra needed, he pressed home in one long steady move, burying himself to the balls in his beloved's hot, tight hole.

"Yes!" Buck exclaimed, flinging his head back and arching his back. Then he looked back dreamily at Ezra. "Come here you," he commanded.

Ezra lent forward until they could kiss, trapping Buck's erection between their bodies. As he began to thrust in and out, Buck's hips rose to meet the thrusts, and the friction created by the movement worked on his cock. Ezra moved from lips to ears to hard aching nipples, never resting on one spot too long, never letting his lover know where his talented mouth would land next.

Vin was aching with need now, just watching the other two go at it hammer and tong had pre cum seeping from the end of his cock.

"Fancy an Ezra sandwich?" Chris whispered in his ear.

Mouth too dry with lust to respond. Vin just nodded. Grinning like loon, Chris, who had retrieved some lube from the bathroom, stepped up beside Ezra and pushed a couple of slicked up fingers into the smaller man. Ezra, pounding into Buck, barely even seemed to notice the penetration as Chris prepared him for Vin. When he was sure Ezra was ready, he lovingly covered Vin's near perfect dick in lube and guided him into Ezra.

This intrusion Ezra did notice. "Oh shit" he called out, as Vin matched his thrusts.

"Yes!" Buck all but screamed, as the extra weight now bearing down on his prostate sent fireworks of pure, wanton pleasure through his body.

For his part, Chris peeled off the rest of his clothing and climbed onto the bed to settle on his side, so that his face was close to Buck's.

"That's it boy, feel them, feel them both in you," he purred. "Your Ezra and my Vin, I gave him to you so you'll know you're home, back with your pack." Buck gasped, snatching up great rolls of bedding as his hips jerked even higher off the bed to meet the joint onslaught. "That's it, harder, come on, you can go higher than that, feel them? Feel their long hot dicks deep inside you, feel them filling you, both of them, my Vin and your Ezra." He looked up at the two younger men, catching their eyes and holding them. "I'm this pack's alpha and no one is gonna come until I give the word."

By the look of them Ezra and Vin were both close to the edge, Ezra in particular, being pounded from behind and gripped in a hot, tight vice in front, was barely hanging on.

"This is about you." Chris looked back down at Buck, his face covered in a sheen of perspiration, a look of pure lust filled desire on his face. "Now show me who your alpha is." With that Chris moved so that he could place his own impressive erection into Buck's all too willing mouth.

Buck's head was reeling, but his body knew what to do, and he began to suck on Chris; pulling on him in time to the joint thrusts of Ezra and Vin. He savoured the taste and feel of Chris, needing to take all of him, to suckle him and draw his sweet seed down into him, to once more be part of them, all of them, to be closer than brothers.

Chris had been so turned on by the whole scene he knew he could come quickly and made no attempt to stop it, by the look of the others they couldn't last much longer. Buck was pulling him deep into his skilled mouth, taking almost all of him in long, strong pulls and then releasing it slowly. Chris made no attempt to hold back, almost as soon as Buck began his oral stimulation Chris was coming, his bitter, salty seed shooting out in a strong steady stream; and Buck swallowed it all. Once the Two Blood had milked him dry Chris moved back to his former position. He lent down and kissed Buck's sex swollen lips.

"My Pack again," he whispered, then more loudly he commanded. "Look at them."

Buck looked up at his Ezra and Vin.

"They're ready now, feel them, their dicks are as big, and hot and hard as they can be. Feel both of their heat? Every time hotter, deeper, harder, they're gonna come any time now."

Buck was in a haze of lust and desire and endorphins, he was barely even aware Chris was there. His world consisted of the cock that was slamming against his sweet spot and filling him and his own cock, trapped, hot and aching with need between his body and his mate's chest.

"Oh dear Lord!" Ezra exclaimed as he came, shooting his seed deep into his lover, his mate, his Buck. Like a cascade, Ezra's climax, and the spasming of his muscles it produced sent Vin over the edge, and with a great whoop of joy and release, he shot his load deep into Ezra. Both men then had to fight not to just collapse onto Buck as he came. As his seed coated his chest and Ezra's the big Two Blood arched his back, threw back his head and howled for all his worth. So powerful was his spasm of ecstasy that both of the men lying over him were dislodged, one falling either side of him onto the bed.

From not too far away, his howl of joy was met by three more howls and then, one by one the sated lovers joined in until all seven members of the Denver Pack were telling the world they were whole again.


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