Payback's A... You Know
(Old West)

by GoneToTheDogs

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Author's Note: Sort of my first fic. I have another longer one I'm also working on.
Summary: How the boys paid back the McCormick Brothers and what Vin did about it. Story takes place later the same day after the events in Penance. The McCormicks are still in town, still challenging people to race.

Buck and JD watched as Pace McCormick strutted around town boasting of how he had bested two of the "Magnificent Seven", worse yet he refused to give JD a rematch. He claimed to have beaten JD fair and square, even though he knew why JD had been forced to quit the race.

"Would you two like to get your money back and perhaps get a little revenge as well?" Ezra asked.

"What you got in mind?" Buck asked

"Just a little race around the town. Same as everyone else."

"What makes you think you can win?"

"Oh, I know I can win."

"Even in a fair race?"


Buck looked doubtful and Ezra added, "Care to make a small wager? Let's say I beat Pace McCormick in a fair race and you take my shift at the jail tonight."

"And if you lose?"

"Why then you can shoot me."


"Okay, I will take your next three night shifts."

"You're on."

As Ezra walked off, JD said to Buck, "You never beat him."

"Three nights free, JD, that's one night with Blossom, one with Lily and one with Annabelle."

JD shook his head and went to find someone else to drink with since Buck would be busy at the jail tonight.

Ezra approached the McCormick brothers and handed them a ten note. "Winner takes all," he said. "The Winchester, my friends' two dollars, my ten and a ten you put up, plus you leave town by sunset."

Sledge McCormick, the business man, started to decline but before he could his brother took Ezra's ten and shook his hand.

"You're on," he said.

"Give me 15 minutes to get my horse," Ezra said as he headed to the stable.

Vin Tanner had been watching his lover and was wondering what he had in mind. He followed him to the stable, only to find Ezra stripping out of his coat, vest and guns.

"As much as I'd enjoy the view, Ace, I hope you're not planning on riding naked."

"No Blue, that view is reserved only for you," Ezra smiled, dimples and gold tooth making an appearance. "Later?"


He handed Vin his things and went to the tack room for a lighter saddle without a horn that Yosemite had reluctantly accepted in trade from an eastern dude who wanted a real "cowboy" saddle.

Dressed only in a shirt, breeches and boots, Ezra put the saddle on Chaucer, mounted and left the stable. Vin followed on foot.

Pace laughed as he approached. "What the hell kind of saddle is that?"

"Just look to your own horse," Ezra told him as they moved to the starting line.

Pace came up beside him. A gun fired and they were off. Ezra let Pace take a slight lead, then dropped to his left as they approached the barrel set up at the end of the street. Ezra then cut a tight turn, taking advantage of Chaucer's quarter horse heritage, forcing the other horse out wide.

Once they rounded the turn, Ezra let Chaucer go, laying flat against his neck and bringing his knees up just like the races he ran as a boy at his grandfather's place.

"Fly, boy, fly," he urged the chestnut beneath him. He crossed the finish line first easily.

Chaucer skidded to a halt in front of the McCormick family. "I'll take my winnings, thank you."

Sledge McCormick opened his mouth to say something, but Ezra had beaten his brother fair and square. He handed over the Winchester.

"And my friends' 2 dollars." He held his hand out as Chaucer pranced in place, more than ready to keep running. Sledge handed over 2 silver dollars.

"And my 20 dollars." He held out his hand again. Sledge started to protest but his brother had taken the bet. He handed over the money and Ezra tucked it in his boot.

Ezra rode over to where Buck, JD, Vin and Chris were now gathered.

"Your money," he said, tossing silver to his two friends. "Let this be a lesson to you."

"What's that Ezra?" JD asked

"Hell if I know. I won my race, but I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned somewhere." Chaucer was still fidgeting, bouncing on his front feet. "Mr Larabee, it seems my steed feels the need to stretch a bit. I think I'll go for a bit of a gallop. Don't worry, Mr Wilmington will be watching the jail tonight."

Chris nodded.

Ezra's eyes caught Vin's for a moment and he smiled. "Gentlemen," he said with a tip of his hat and trotted away. As he reached the edge of town he gave Chaucer his head and they set off at a gallop.

Vin watched as Ezra disappeared over a hill, then realized that he was still holding the man's clothes and guns. He held them up so that the others could see what he had. "Not safe for a man to be running around out there unarmed. I'd best go after him."

Chris snorted and nodded. "Go on," he said.

A few minutes later Vin mounted Peso and headed out of town after his lover.

Finding Ezra wasn't hard, even if he hadn't known where to find him he hadn't tried to hide his trail. He found Chaucer grazing in a field beside a pond on the back side of Nettie Wells' property. He dismounted and took the tack off Peso. Grabbing his bed roll and saddlebags, he moved toward Ezra. It was a secluded spot where they both knew they would be undisturbed. Ezra had removed the shirt and boots. His hair was wet from where he had cleaned the dust off himself. When he saw Vin approach, he grabbed the Winchester off the ground and handed it to Vin.

"Happy Anniversary, Blue."


"It's been one year since the first time we..."

Vin regarded the man standing in front of him. He had known both men and women in his life, but never anyone like Ezra. He had wanted the gambler the first time he had seen him, holding off a mob of angry cowboys in the saloon with just one bullet in his derringer. The man's bravado had excited Vin. When he left the saloon, Vin was sure he had left town and it was all he could do not to get on his horse and track him down. But he didn't know if the gambler was even interested in a man and Vin wasn't sure how to go about seducing him. All the men he had ever been with pursued him. How did one approach a man without getting his head blown off?

Vin was surprised and pleased the next morning when Ezra showed up .Even more so when he accepted the judge's job offer. He had managed to keep his feelings to himself for a while. They had Lydia to thank for finally getting them together. After they had rescued Mary from Wickstown, Lydia had decided to show her gratitude by luring the two of them up to Ezra's room for a threesome. But she left as soon as she realized that they didn't need her to enjoy the night, in fact they didn't really want her with them.

Vin chuckled. "Poor Lydia. I wonder what she thought when we started going at it without her."

"I rather suspect that's what she had in mind when she issued her invitation to the both of us."


Ezra put the rifle on the ground and took Vin's hands in his.

"Well, Blue, she did help me get into the horrible purple thing. You were right there, watching and giving me instructions as to what I was to do once I arrived in Wickstown. She could hardly fail to notice your interest in me." One hand gently caressed Vin's cock through his pants. "I know I noticed. She also couldn't fail to notice my interest in you."

"Your interest?"

"Very similar to the interest I have in you right now." He guided Vin's hand to his now hard crotch.

"Oh yeah, Ace, real noticeable interest."

Vin' s hand unfastened Ezra's fly. He pulled out the other man's cock, stroking and caressing it. He started to drop to his knees. Ezra stopped him with a small shake of his head. Their lips met, kissing deeply and passionately, then Ezra left him to lay out the bedroll. While Vin undressed, Ezra removed his pants and lay down. Vin joined him, as eager arms reached out for him and eager lips sought his.

"Ezra," he moaned as they rolled so that Vin was on top. Ezra's legs parted and wrapped around him as they began to move . Thrusting against each other, Vin's lips moved down to Ezra's throat, while Ezra's hands moved from Vin's hair, down his back and up again.

Suddenly Vin rose up, grabbed Ezra's hips and ground into him hard, Ezra's feet braced against the ground. Their thrusts became faster. Vin cried out as he came hard, shooting his seed between them only to be joined a moment later by Ezra's cry and release. Their mouths joined again, open and breathing hard, their lips crushed briefly. Then Vin fell away, turning on his side to face Ezra who turned to face him, bodies entwined.

"So you wanta go back tonight or stay out here?"

"Well I have no pressing business, having already earned my keep for the day."

"I got me some 'pressing business' but it's nothing I can't take care of right here."

"Indeed, perhaps I can lend a hand," he said, hand resting against Vin's cock.

"Indeed." Vin imitated his love in both word and deed. They kissed gently, then settled in to one another for a short rest and to watch the setting sun. It had been a long day, but they had all night to enjoy each other. There was no rush.


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