Paint By Numbers

by Angie

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It was a month since Ezra had returned from Chicago and JD wanted to do something special for him. He had desperately missed the southerner and wanted to let him know that he never wanted to be away from him again. They had gone to a gallery showing of an artist Ezra liked and JD watched closely to see which painting his lover liked best.

Staring down at the bag in the floorboard of his Mustang, JD began to question the wisdom of his choice of a way to show Ezra how much he meant. It had taken several days to get all the items together and he had raised eyebrows at the adult stores where he had stopped to pick them up. One store was particularly helpful; the salesgirl spent the better part of an hour showing him how to use his purchases. Tonight was the night he had decided to go through with it.

Ezra parked the Jag and hesitantly entered the condo. JD had been acting strangely all week and had told him not to make any plans for the evening. Things had been great between them since his return from the Chicago office. After a hot, passionate night of renewing their acquaintance, they had cuddled up together and had a long talk. JD admitted that he was afraid of messing something up in the immaculate condo. A few days later, Ezra checked them into a hotel for two nights. While they were out, he'd had the ivory carpet replaced with something in a warm brown. The fragile looking Irish stoneware was replaced with Corelle and the crystal with glassware from the team's favorite shopping place, Wal-mart. At first, JD had been mortified that Ezra had gone to the expense of making over the condo just to make him more comfortable, but gradually he came to accept it as a sign of how much the southerner loved him.

"JD? Where are you?" Ezra called as he secured his weapon in the wall safe and hung up his coat. As he stepped out of the foyer, he glanced into the living room and his jaw dropped.

A fire burned in the fireplace and all the curtains had been drawn. A tarp lay in the corner where the overstuffed chair usually sat. A stool rested in the middle of the tarp.

"JD, what have you..." Ezra began, only to be interrupted by a breath stealing kiss. Automatically, he wrapped his arms around the smaller form of his lover, his body responding by sending a rush of blood to his groin. He felt JD fumbling with something and then a silky cloth covered his eyes.

"I love you, Ezra. Do you trust me to show you how much?" JD breathed as he gently snugged the blindfold.

"Of course I trust you, JD, but what?"

"Shh, just let me take care of everything. This night is for you," JD whispered, his moist breath tickling Ezra's ear and raising gooseflesh on his body.

First, JD gently removed Ezra's belt and tie, then led him to the couch to remove his shoes and socks. His favorite slippers slid onto his feet and he was drawn up again to be led to the dining table. A wonderful combination of aromas caressed Ezra's nose and his stomach rumbled in appreciation.

It was one of Ezra's favorite meals and JD had paid dearly to have it catered in for them. The pot roast was so tender it almost didn't need to be chewed and the golden brown gravy coated the vegetables, giving them a glazed look. The bread was fresh baked, coming out of the oven only a couple of hours ago, from the little Italian place across town. The dessert was New York cheesecake and fresh strawberries. There was cognac for after the meal and freshly brewed gourmet coffee for during the meal.

Ezra resisted the urge to reach for JD after his hand was gently returned to his lap for the fifth time. His young love was feeding him all of his favorites, interspersing the bites with wildly passionate kisses and touches that had him achingly hard. When he announced that he couldn't eat another bite, JD moved to the floor, kneeling between the southerner's knees.

"Ohhh, JD... God... yes, right... ohhh," Ezra moaned as JD's mouth descended on him. He gently cupped the back of his lover's head, letting the silky dark hair slide through his fingers. He came with a soft sigh, his other hand laced into JD's.

"How are you feeling now, Ezra?" The raven haired minx asked as he nuzzled against the southerner's stomach.

"Like my bones have been reduced to just so much gelatinous goo. I do hope you aren't expecting me to move for the next few minutes."

"Not at all. Sit right here and rest, I have to get the next part ready," JD said as he pressed the cognac into Ezra's hand.

"There's more?"

After a bracing swallow of cognac, Ezra began to pay attention to the sounds around him. JD was padding across the carpet, silently, only the whisper of his socks on the deep pile giving his location away. An unusual smell wafted through the air and Ezra put his analytical mind to figuring out what it was. Before he had found his answer, JD was back, nuzzling at the nape of his neck and tweaking his nipples with the soft pads of his fingers.

"Ready for the next part?"

JD drew Ezra to his feet and led him onto the carpeting. Once there, he began to remove his clothing. Ezra stood and let his young love undress him, lifting his feet to facilitate the removal of his pants and underwear. When he was totally nude, JD led him across the room. Ezra trembled a little. He felt very vulnerable being both naked and blindfolded. He stopped when he felt the tarp under his feet.

"It's alright, I'm here," JD soothed, pressing his own naked body to the southerner's. "I need you to sit on the stool for me. Can you do that?"

The unusual scent he'd detected earlier was stronger here and Ezra almost refused. Realizing that JD was also naked stirred his desire again and he clutched at the lithe body that was pressed to him. He loved this young man and he trusted him implicitly.

"Right here, just sit down," JD urged as he led Ezra to the stool and drew his hand down to show him where. When his lover was seated, he began to explain. "I want you to sit very still and keep your hands at your sides. Can you do that for me?" Seeing Ezra nod, JD drew a deep breath and picked up the first item.

Dipping the transfer in the tepid water, he lifted it out and brought it closer to Ezra. "This is wet, don't move." He pressed the transfer paper to the southerner's chest and stomach, smoothing it with firm but gentle strokes the way the salesgirl had shown him.

It wasn't fear exactly that Ezra felt but an intense curiosity. He hadn't flinched when the wet 'whatever it was' touched him but JD's hands smoothing over his body made him want to touch back and JD had asked him to keep his hands at his sides. A wet hand cupped his cheek and JD kissed him.

"Are you okay? Do you want anything to drink?" JD asked.

"N-no... I'm f-fine," Ezra stammered as he clenched his hands to keep from holding on to JD.

Several minutes passed, JD used the time to lick and nip his way up Ezra's back. Like a cat, the southerner purred and his head lolled loosely on his neck. When the right amount of time had passed, he moved around and carefully checked the corner of the transfer. Faint purple lines had appeared on Ezra's skin and JD gently peeled away the rest of the transfer.

"Okay, I need you to be very still and don't move for a few minutes." JD took the tray of body paints from the pan of hot water and knelt down in front of Ezra. Dipping the brush in the first color, he started at the top of the outline, just above Ezra's left nipple.

Drawing a deep, sudden breath, Ezra flinched slightly as the warm, wet body paint and bristles touched his skin. Instantly, JD withdrew the brush.

"Don't stop! Please... don't stop," Ezra whispered. Every nerve in his body was tingling and his heart was racing in his chest.

JD took in the tightening of Ezra's jaw and wondered if he hadn't better call it off but the impassioned whisper gave him the courage to continue. Dipping into the color again, he returned to where he started.

For long, agonizing, aching minutes, Ezra remained absolutely still as the feather light touch of the brush deposited the warm substance to his chest. Finally, JD put the brush down and offered him a drink. The cold water, although seeming plain, actually felt like ambrosia as it caressed the dried membranes in his throat. Ezra was breathing so quickly that he was nearly hyperventilated. After another searing kiss, JD took up the brush and began again.

As he neared the bottom of the transfer, JD realized that he wouldn't be able to do it as easily with Ezra sitting. His flagpole straight erection would be in the way.

"Ezra, do you think you could stand up for a few minutes so I can finish this?"

Stand up? Ezra could fly to the moon on the adrenaline coursing through his body at the moment. Nodding, he took JD's hand as he stood. Feeling a nudge on his ankle, he widened his stance. Putting his hands behind his back, he looked like he was in a military formation at parade rest.

The sharp, pungent odor of Ezra's groin was tantalizing but JD wanted to finish the painting. Kneeling, he dipped into the colors again and carefully avoided the glistening cock head that was so conveniently at eye level. After several minutes, he had filled in the last of the transferred lines.

"How are you doing, Ezra?" JD asked again as he put the paints aside and stepped back to admire his handywork.

"I need you," came the pleading response.

"Just a few minutes longer," JD promised as he picked up the digital camera. He wanted Ezra to see what he was seeing, then they could erase the image from the memory card and destroy it. He ended up capturing several shots before he lay the camera aside and went to Ezra. "Keep your eyes closed for a moment to let them adjust to the light."

Ezra felt the silken blindfold loosen and slip away and he caught a whiff of JD's unique odor. The younger man had worked himself into a sweat. Gradually, he relaxed his eyelids until he slowly opened them. He hadn't noticed the dressing mirror from the master bedroom when he first arrived home. Now he was gazing at his own nude reflection, and JD's outpouring of love emblazoned across his torso.

"Oh, JD! It's beautiful!" Ezra said as he recognized the picture from the gallery opening.

"Turn around," JD said as his smile widened. Ezra turned slowly and his eyes suddenly stung with tears. JD had bought the painting and hung it on the wall opposite the fireplace. It was a spot he had long wished to accentuate some way but he could never find the right piece to put in there. The softly muted swipes of color reminded him of the way he felt when he first made love with JD. He remembered the way his love had blushed so charmingly at the gallery when he whispered that in his ear.

JD took Ezra's hand and pulled him to the floor on the blanket he had just unrolled. He foisted off the clutching hands to move down until he could take Ezra's shaft in his mouth again.

"Need you," Ezra begged as he clawed at the carpet. "Need you so very badly."

"Just let me take care of this, I don't want you coming all over my artwork just yet."

After bringing Ezra to a writhing, screaming, begging release, JD squeezed out the lube and slicked himself up. Ezra was limp and relaxed and required little in the way of stretching. Too soon, he was exploding in the southerner's body, his own ass clenching as he pushed as deeply as possible inside the tight passage. When he collapsed on top of Ezra, he felt the still tacky body paint transferring to his own skin.

"Good thing I got a picture before this, huh?"

"You... you took... pictures!" Ezra exclaimed, pushing JD away so he could see the truth in his eyes.

"Yeah, with the digital. You can erase them after you see them. I just wanted you to see yourself the way I saw you."

JD eased away from Ezra and helped him to his feet. Picking up the camera, he held it out after cueing up the first shot.

"I'll go start the shower."

Ezra scrolled through each of the images, feeling his face heat in a warm blush. JD had avoided any shots of his erection, thankfully. Looking down at the smeared image with a smile, he slipped the memory card from the camera and placed it on top of the mantle. Setting the camera back on the table, he headed for the shower.

Using a soft washcloth and lots of liquid body soap, JD washed the body paint off Ezra. It wasn't as easy as it sounded because the southerner kept pulling him in for an embrace so he could palpate JD's tonsils with his tongue. When the last traces of the paint had disappeared down the drain, they got out and toweled off.

In their bathrobes, they went back into the living room. Ezra took the brushes and went to the sink to put them in warm water to soak. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw JD about to drop the paints into the trash compactor.

"Don't throw them away. I might like to... try my hand at painting," Ezra said as his hand grabbed the container. "Now that I have an appreciation for the right canvas."


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