The Night Visitor
(ATF fantasy)

by MAC

Author's Note: Cowboy Dreams Elder Challenge 2004
Completed: 20 December 2004

Chris Larabee looked up into two of the brightest, bluest eyes in this or any world. He smiled.


Then he looked down at the young man that shared his bed. The smile dimmed and became a frown. He looked back up with suspicion.

"Did Peter send you?"

Innocence radiated back at him.

"Belle?" Chris pushed himself up in the feather bed, carefully gathering his companion into his arms and against his chest. "Ezra is fine. He's happy and I love him. He's staying here, with me, Belle. He's not going back."

He looked down as Ezra wriggled into a more comfortable position against him.


"Shhh. Go back to sleep." Larabee hunched over the gambler protectively, then glared up at the petite form by the window. "Go home, Belle."

There was a swirl of stardust in the open window and then the tiny figure was gone, heading back toward that second star to the right, straight on 'til morning.


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