Part of the A Good Honest Man series

by Silver

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Notes: Thanks to the bestest KS for being my friend and for being my beta... which ain't easy people believe me...A big thank to The Magnificent Two list for their wonderful encouragement. Jo Ann has been a saint and Antoinette has the patience of one. Without these Ladies there would be no Silver or this new series.

Why did he do that? Why had he let the man convince him it work out? He had never stayed the whole night with anyone! Ever! For this very reason. He could control and protect his heart as long as he kept his distance. But he hadn't been able to refuse Vin last night when he asked him to stay the night.

Then, when he woke up to find a note on the pillow where Vin should have been this morning. 'How many times do I have to get hurt before I learn? God Standish you are an idiot.'

When he had first become attracted to the sharpshooter he had gone out of his way to get the sexy tracker out of his system. He had gone out with several Vin look-alikes, but they did nothing for the growing need he had. The need to bury himself deep into the tracker and make love to him until he called his name over and over.

Then Ezra had taken a chance one day and invited Vin to go with him to New York to meet his latest stepfather. The first night after having dinner with his mother and the newest mark, his stepfather, Vin had talked him into going ice skating. Vin had been patient with him as he learned and he had managed to stay on his feet most of the time. Then he fell, bringing Vin down on top of him. Ezra had felt the tracker's hard on and had seen the invitation in his eyes. That was all it took. When they reached the room he had barely gotten in the door when Vin latched onto his mouth. Finally tasting what his soul and body had been craving, had caused the gambler to become reckless. That night he had given Vin his heart. He had left after Vin had fallen asleep.

That night had set the precedent for their relationship. They would have a wild passionate night, then, when Vin fell asleep he would go home and cry himself to sleep. He knew he had found his soulmate but he couldn't take the chance on it. Then last night, Vin had woken up as he was getting up to leave and one word broke his resolve. One damn English word. All Vin said was, "Please." There was so much behind that one word that Ezra couldn't make himself leave. A promise of love. Trust. Honesty. He just didn't have it in him to leave. So he ignored the warning bells going off in his head and he stayed.

Ezra awoke with a start when he felt an arm tightening around his waist. Taking deep breaths and trying to calm his racing heart, he looked at his sleeping lover. Vin looked so vulnerable that it pierced his soul. Fighting off the tears he gently untangled himself from the sharpshooter.

Ezra had just slipped his shirt on when he heard a rustling from the bed. Looking over he saw Vin watching him with a strange look and then his nightmare started.

"Please." The word that held so much promise.

Ezra closed his heart as he felt the tears escape his burning eyes. Ezra Standish did the only thing he could to keep the nightmare from coming true. He walked out the door never looking back. He felt his soul dying as he drove away.

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