(Old West)

by Sabro

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"Well now. He does have a point there. What do ya think Ez? 'Bout time you got yourself outta all them fancy clothes afore they get wrinkled or something." Buck wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and looked Ezra up and down.

Ezra flushed a bit under the scrutiny, trying to figure out how he got chosen to be the next participant to undress. But then it was Buck's party, so who was he to argue with the host?

"If you insist, Mr. Wilmington. After all, it is hardly reasonable to expect Mr. Tanner to be the only unclad participant. I trust you will appreciate my disrobing in front of an audience, Vin. It is not something that I am accustomed to doing."

"C'mon Ezra, for once just do it, instead of talking it to death." Buck shook his head. Hell, the man would likely tax the patience of a patron saint himself. He nodded encouragingly to the gambler. "We're waiting to see your purdy form here Ez, don't make us wait all night now."

Ezra cast Buck a narrow look, and turned to see Vin smiling slightly. Ah, well, I knew what I was getting into when I joined this little charade. May as well not keep the boys waiting. He sighed dramatically and removed his tailored jacket and hung it carefully on another chair. Ezra then untied and removed his tie and placed it carefully beside the coat. The fancy brocade vest was next to go, and it was accompanied by a whoop from Buck. Ezra glanced up questioningly.

"Boy, ya sure know how to put on a show there Ez. Milking every bit ain't ya?" Buck had an ear to ear grin and was caressing Vin's chest and belly while he watched the show. Ezra looked quizzical. "Show? Just what show are we discussing here Buck?" Standish continued to work on his cufflinks and laid them carefully on the nearby nightstand.

Buck merely winked at him, and said. "Well now, I seen dancing ladies that have nothing on you for a slow tease there, Ez. Carry on, we're enjoying this, ain't we Vin?" Ezra glanced over at the tracker, who was practically purring under Buck's ministrations.

"Yep. Don't stop now Ez. Yer doin just fine." He gave Ezra his little half smile.

Ezra gave a little snort. "Oh certainly. And I'm sure the fact that you are presently the only person in the room without the benefit of your clothing for covering, would have nothing to do with your desire to see me disrobe." He undid the rigging that held the small gun to his arm and added it to the nightstand collection.

"Hell no Ezra. We just wanna see what all that fancy clothing is hiding under there. I'm betting you're about as pretty as Vin here." It was Vin's turn to snort in disbelief.

"C'mon Buck, I ain't purdy. Women are purdy -- thought you of all folks would know that," Vin protested.

"Oh, I'll agree, women are the prettiest things God ever put on this earth. But a man can be pretty too Vin. Hell, I'm in a room with two of the prettiest men I've ever seen." He snickered at the glares from both his friends.

Ezra unbuttoned his frilly white shirt while he quizzed. "Oh, and just how would you categorize your own visage in that case, Mr. Wilmington. After all, we do know how you hate ugly, so I'm guessing you donít consider yourself to fall into that particular grouping. Are you also 'pretty'?" He carefully slid his shirt off and folded it neatly before draping it over his jacket and vest.

Buck looked Ezra up and down appreciatively. His eyes were glowing with merriment and something else when he answered. "Well, I wouldn't consider myself ugly, you got that part right. But I prefer to think of it as handsome rather than pretty. After all, I ain't a young pup like you boys. Heck, Vin here's hardly old enough to have a beard." Buck instinctively ducked the punch the tracker swung at his head.

"Hell you spout the most nonsense I ever heard outta one man, Buck. I'm more 'n old 'nough for a beard. Even JD's that old. And I still ain't purdy." Vin lay back with a nod.

"Hush now there Vin. Don't be distracting Ezra here, or you'll be the only 'naked' pretty man in the room." Buck shushed any reply by moving up to claim the protesting man's lips. The protests soon turned to moans of pleasure and Vin held on to Buck when he would have moved back. The scoundrel smiled and lay next to him, where he could watch the disrobing and stroke Vin at the same time. Ezra glanced up at the two of them from under lowered eyelids. He continued to remove his accouterments and laid the gun-belt along side his other weapons. His brief hesitation to undo his trousers was met with comments from his audience.

"Oh don't stop now Ezra, things are just starting to get interesting. The sooner you get outta those clothes, the sooner you can join us in bed." Buck emphasized how much he might be missing, by leaning over and nipping at Vin's pert nipples. The tracker growled and added. "Yeah, don't wanna be missing out on all the fun, Ez."

The gambler watched the interaction with interest. He could feel his trousers tightening in a sensitive area and quickly moved to undo the buttons restraining him.

"Whoo! Now that's more like it Ezra! Don't keep us waiting boy." Buck's hearty encouragement was all Ezra needed to convince him to quickly shed the rest of his clothing and stack it neatly before moving to the bed. Vin reached up to grasp his hand and pull Ezra down on top of him. The two men kissed each other, enjoying the contact of all that bare skin from lips to toes. Both were already hot and aroused. Ezra finally broke the kiss when he felt a hand running up and down his exposed back. He looked over to see Buck's face very close to his own and the man's smiling eyes focussed on his own green ones. Ezra stared at him for a moment, then leaned over and pressed his mouth carefully to Buck's. Well, never kissed someone with a moustache before, very interesting. Buck wrapped his arms around Ezra's back and pulled him across Vin and on top of the scoundrel. They tasted one another, learning with their tongues while hands stroked and caressed. Buck was enjoying the smooth, sleek form of Ezra -- the gambler was well muscled for someone who professed to hate manual labor. Standish could feel himself sinking into the deep, warm pleasure that was Buck Wilmington. He totally forgot the third member of their group until Vin, who had been watching the interaction with fascination, reached out to touch Ezra's shoulder. Ezra turned to regard him with glazed eyes.

Vin smiled at him in understanding. "He's good, ain't he?"

Ezra attempted to answer him and had to clear his throat. "Yes, he does appear to be that. He glanced back at Buck, who was lying back with a happy smile on his face.

"I aim to please boys."

"Yes, well, I'm sure you do. However, there does seem to be one other, minor problem. As you stated about Vin earlier, you have way too many clothes on, and I think in all fairness to Vin and me, you should immediately take steps to rectify the problem."

"You trying to tell me to take my clothes off Ez?" Buck grinned at him.

"Yeah, no reason you get to have clothes when we don't," piped in Vin.

"Well, since you both asked so nicely." Buck gave both Ezra and Vin a quick kiss and climbed off the bed and grinned at them both. "Now if you think y'all can stand the excitement, ole Buck'll show ya how it's done." With that, he quickly yanked off his jacket and flung it at the chair, where it dangled precariously. Then he pulled his bandanna over his head and twirled it around in the air while doing a slow bump and grind. Ezra watched this while shaking his head and Vin grinned happily.

"Go ahead Buck, yer doin fine!" Vin called.

Buck answered the request by tossing the bandana over Vin's head and then proceeded to teasingly slide first one, then the other suspender over his broad shoulders. He kept up his slow hip movements as he fingered the buttons on his shirt and slowly slid them open one by one. Then he eased it off slowly and tossed the shirt into a corner with a flourish. Buck didn't break eye contact with his rapt audience while he removed his gun belt and weapon and carefully placed it on the other nightstand. He leisurely slid one hand over his fly and caressed the prominent bulge there. "Hope you boys are ready for this." Neither Vin nor Ezra replied, but they were definitely paying full attention to Buck. The exuberant cowboy undid each button with deliberate care, enhancing his own enjoyment of the moment and the entertainment for the other two. When he finally got the pants undone and slid down his long, lean legs both Ezra and Vin were as aroused as Buck.

"And he accused me of being a tease," Ezra muttered quietly, though Buck heard it. "Are you planning to continue the disrobing at this point Buck, or are you content to join us clad in your undergarments and boots."

"Well, hell no, can't participate properly dressed like this." He leaned down to remove his boots and pants and then straightened back up. With a pronounced flourish he quickly undid the long row of buttons and shrugged the underwear off his shoulders and shimmied them down his lean hips. When they reached his feet, he carefully stepped out of them and kicked them over to a corner. He gave both boys a good look at his tall, well endowed figure then ran quickly toward them and bounced back onto the bed, nearly knocking Vin and Ezra off the other side. All three men scrambled to stay in the narrow bed, with Ezra and Vin giving Buck some dirty looks for his grand entrance.

"Hell, you boys are way too serious. We need to lighten up the mood a bit here." Buck reached over to tickle Vin and wasn't too surprised to find the touch sensitive man to be very ticklish. Vin started to chortle and struggled to get away from the tormenting hands. His wriggling nearly knocked Ezra off the bed, until Buck moved his attentions to him. But the gambler was not nearly as ticklish, and he quickly turned the tables on the larger man. Unfortunately for Buck, he was ticklish and his laughter filled the crowded room. Vin, wanting revenge for his earlier ordeal eagerly moved in to help Ezra and they soon were all tumbling over one another, tickling and grappling and laughing uproariously. They finally had to stop, out of breath and lay quietly for a few moments gasping for air. Ezra finally regained his composure enough to comment, "Well gentlemen, that was mostÖinvigorating. However I find it extremely difficult to picture Vin attempting to do such a thing to Mr. Larabee." He looked over to the other two, who after a brief blank look, burst out into laughter again.

"Hell, Ezra, you do have a vivid, if strange imagination. Now there's a picture I'd give some of my free nights to see. Mind you, if anyone could do it, Iíd bet that Vin would be the one." He turned to look at the sharpshooter, "you will let us know if you ever do try that, won't ya Vin?"

Vin just blinked at him and gave a wry smile. "Yeah, I'll let ya know Buck. Don't get settled in to wait just yet though."

Ezra glanced at the tracker. "Well now look. You've gone and returned our young compatriot to his former serious and somber mood. This is supposed to be a joyous occasion gentlemen, shall we get back to the festivities?" He moved a little closer to Vin and started to gently kiss his mouth, then face and neck. Buck moved further down the bed to pet and kiss the tracker's belly and groin. The tracker's body jerked in response when Buck stroked his aroused member. Buck continued to caress him, stroking the silky shaft and his full balls. He glanced up to see both Vin and Ezra watching him. Buck grinned at them and said to Vin, "Ok Vin, time for another lesson for you here, so pay attention. I'm gonna show you how to please a man besides spreading your legs for him." He watched in interest as Vin turned a bright red and tried to hide his face in the pillow. "Now, now, none of that. You gotta pay attention here Vin. C'mon, look at me." Ezra removed the pillow from Vin's grasp and Buck reached to turn his face back toward him. "Vin, I ain't gonna hurt you. You believe that don't ya?" Buck waited till Vin glanced at him and gave a brief nod. "Ok, now, just relax, this'll make you feel real good. I wouldn't lie to you about this, Vin, you can trust me, like you did before. You did enjoy the time before, didn't you?"

Again Vin nodded, this time a bit more enthusiastically. He hated looking like a coward in front of Ezra, and Buck had done nothing to hurt him previously. Vin swallowed deeply, and looked back at Buck. "Yeah, I enjoyed it, and I trust ya. Ya just embarrass me sometimes is all."

Buck nodded in understanding, "Well, I'm sorry I embarrassed ya Vin. I'm only trying to help. I'll show you how to do this, and you'll understand how pleasant it can be for a man. OK? Ya ever had a Ďblow-jobí before Vin?" Vin shook his head. Buck gently stroked Vin's belly and chest, willing the man to relax. Vin took a couple of deep breaths and felt Buck's hands slide lower to caress his flagging erection. It jumped back to full attention when he felt a moist mouth surrounded by a tickly moustache kiss up and down its length.

"Aw, damn Buck!" was all he could get out, before the warm mouth opened around the tip of his organ and licked him like a candy. He sucked in his breath in shock and pleasure as the moist cavern slid further down his penis and sucked gently. Then the pressure was increased and then lessened again as Buck slowly drew his mouth back up. He repeated the movements, feeling Vin begin to squirm and pant. Buck slid his fingers down to stroke the insides of Vin's thighs to enhance his pleasure.

Ezra watched the proceedings with desire, he could only imagine how that talented mouth must feel, if his kissing was anything to judge by. Vin was flushed and sweating, twisting his hips to try and maintain the most pleasure. He moved his hands about, clenching and unclenching his fists, not knowing just what to do with them. Ezra leaned over and kissed him, enjoying the moans of pleasure Vin was making. He caressed the sensitive nipples and Vin's body shuddered in response. Buck was certainly right about that -- the man was incredibly responsive to any touch. Ezra proceeded carefully, not trying to overwhelm Vin with stimuli -- leaving control of the seduction to Buck.

Buck continued to lick and suck on Vin, gently teasing his plump balls and occasionally sliding his finger back further to tease the tender spot behind them. Vin would arch his back and spread his legs a bit wider, trying to open himself for more pleasure. Then Buck would concentrate on the rigid shaft, pausing every now and again to tell Vin what he was doing. He really couldn't tell if the younger man understood him or not, but he was certainly responding. Buck brought Vin to another plateau and slowed again, earning a loud growl from his lover. "Buck! Don't stop!" Vin groaned, trying to pull Buck closer by grabbing his hair.

"Easy there now Vin, don't be pulling my hair out. The ladies just won't find me quite so handsome, if I got bald patches. Now, you understand what we been doing so far?" He waited until Vin nodded. "Think you can do that to Chris to please him?"

Vin hesitated before nodding again. "Yeah, guess so."

"Hell, maybe Ez'll let ya practice on him," Buck suggested. He looked up to see that the idea would be more than welcomed by the gambler. "You want to try to please Ezra after this?"

Vin glanced over at Ezra and met agreeable green eyes. "I reckon I could. Just finish this first Buck!" The tracker was in some pain now, and eager to have Buck finish what he had started.

Buck smiled at him, "sure thing Vin, nothing I'd like better." He lowered his head back to Vin's leaking member and started to suck and lick in earnest this time, feeling Vin's hands in his hair again -- but more careful this time. Vin was soon moaning in ecstasy and thrusting his hips, trying to force Buck to suck faster -- harder. His unspoken wishes were granted and as Vin felt the familiar tingle move down his lower spine and through his tightening balls, Ezra moved to kiss and fondle his face and hair. Buck sucked harder and grasped the shaft around the base, pumping in time with his sucking. Vin's sex swelled and hardened and then, with a deep growl from Vin, burst -- spilling into Buck's talented mouth. The tracker shuddered in reaction for a few seconds, then he collapsed back on the bed. Buck continued to lick the softening shaft, and Ezra kissed Vin's mouth softly, until the tracker totally relaxed in their care. Vin responded minimally when both men kissed him gently -- he was still recovering from his explosive climax.

Buck and Ezra glanced at each other and Ezra responded to Buck's growing smirk, with a grin of his own. Buck flicked his gaze up and down the gambler's naked body; Ezra was sleek, sweaty and ready. Ezra swallowed nervously, and then smiled teasingly at the long lean man. "Well, we seem to have worn our young compatriot out with you 'lessons' Mr. Wilmington. What do you propose we do while we wait for him to recover?"

Buck's smile only got bigger and he leaned forward to whisper in Ezra's ear, "Why don't you climb on over here Ezra, and see what I have in mind for us?" He moved back and beckoned to Ezra with his forefinger.

Ezra was intrigued, despite himself and carefully crawled over Vin's supine form to lay on top of Buck. Wilmington welcomed him with open arms and hot kisses. Where in the world did the man learn to kiss like that? It seemed almost like he wanted to bring his partner to full arousal by his mouth alone. But no, it wasn't only his mouth that was busy on Ezra's body. He could feel the long fingered hands tracing along the muscles of his back and sides, and down slowly, teasingly to just barely touch the muscular curves of his ass. The muscles jumped in reaction, and he could feel Buck smile through their kiss. Good Lord, no wonder a relative innocent like Tanner had no resistance to the man. When in Hell had he managed to learn how to love men, in the midst of chasing all those women? His thoughts became more fragmented as Buck deepened the kiss and moved his hands to the gambler's chest; though he wasn't ticklish, he certainly was sensitive enough to respond to the light touch on his nipples. The light contact changed as Buck pinched them briefly, then slid his hand lower to tease Ezra's navel. The jolt of pleasure went straight to his groin and he decided that he needed to do something to participate in this affair, before Buck completely took over. He pulled away from the kiss, soothing Buck's complaints with soft kisses down his face and neck. Then he slid lower, kissing and stroking across the gunfighter's broad chest, more hirsute than either of the two smaller men's bodies. Buck moaned when Ezra tugged lightly on a handful of hair.

"What is it with you two boys, trying to pull out all my hair?" He didn't sound angry, rather quizzical.

"Well, it might be that it seems to grow on your form in rather copious amounts, thus tempting one to use it as sort of a handhold with which to gain purchase on your otherwise slippery corpus delecti." Ezra looked up at him, rather pleased with himself.

"Uh, huh. Well, unless you're planning on this session getting a little rough, don't be pulling it too hard there, Ez. I don't mind a bit of pain now and then, but I do believe in giving what I get." He winked at Ezra, letting him know he wasn't angry, but willing to play along with whatever the gambler thought he might like to try.

Ezra felt a thrill of pure excitement shoot through him; the thought of a session of rough or slightly painful sex with Buck sounded absolutely delicious. However, he didn't plan to have an audience for something like that and certainly not someone like Vin, who was new to the games between men. Ezra slid his hands through the hair on Buckís chest, then down to smooth over the manís flat belly and slid his fingers through the dark forest surrounding the tall gunfighterís sex. He tugged teasingly on the short hairs, just to get a reaction out of Buck ó a supposed fierce glare with no intent behind it ó and then grasped the large, hot organ with one hand. Buck groaned in bliss, waiting to see what the gamblersí talented hands were going to do next. He didnít have to wait too long, since Ezra was getting so aroused that he wanted some relief -- and soon. He caressed and sucked the swollen member, imagining it plunging deep inside of him ó stretching and filling him ó plunging into his innermost depths. Ezra tried to shake the images out of his mind before he lost control.

Buck, noticing that Ezra was very excited, decided to up the ante a bit. He stroked down the sleek body, admiring the smooth, nearly hairless skin. Buck enjoyed watching Ezraís breathing increase dramatically as he tried to maintain control, but some groans escaped his throat anyway. Buck loved to see someone normally so tightly controlled, lose their restraint and show their true feelings. He had a feeling that it would take a lot to find that with the poker-faced gambler. ButÖthere was always a next time! He pulled Ezra back down to his chest to kiss him, enjoying the feeling of the hard body writhing against his own. Buck really wanted to take Ezra right then and there, but they were supposed to be teaching Vin. The ladiesí man looked over to see that the sharpshooter had recovered himself and seemed very engrossed in the interaction between Buck and Ezra. Well, no need to leave the boy out of things, after all, weíre here for his benefit. Buck reached over with one hand and stroked through Vinís hair. The tracker made a soft purring sound and pressed into the touch. Buck turned back to Ezra. "Well, Ez. Whatta ya say we get on with Vinís lessons here? Boy seems to have recovered just fine." He smiled as Vin flushed a bit. "And now we should see if he learned anything from what we already taught him." He kissed Ezra, then pushed him off and onto the mattress beside Vin. Ezra and Vin kissed briefly, before Buck pulled Vin back. "Címon Vin, sit up here, so Ezra can get comfortable."

Vin moved away, next to Buck, and the gambler settled himself on his back facing the other two men. Buck helped move Vin into position; kneeling and straddling Ezraís legs and gently pushed Vin down onto his elbows. Buck talked soothingly to the younger man, letting him know what he wanted Vin to do. Reaching out cautiously, Vin took hold of Ezraís erection in one hand, and chanced a glance up to the vivid green eyes. Ezra smiled back in total satisfaction, and Vin leaned down a little closer to hesitantly stretch out his tongue and lick the tip of Ezraís shaft. Ezra couldnít help but give a deep moan at the sight and feel of that pink tongue licking his manhood. Vin jerked back instinctively, but moved resolutely back to lick him again. He moved his mouth further down the hard shaft, enjoying Ezraís moans and movements. Buck stroked Vinís back and keep up a steady stream of soft instructions on what to do, though Vin hardly heard them. He tried to remember what Buck had done to him to make him feel so good and repeated them with Ezra. Judging by the con manís groans and soft imprecations, he was doing things right, or at least he was bringing Ezra some sort of pleasure.

Vin was so involved in trying to please Ezra that he had forgotten that Buck was still behind him. When he felt fingers caressing his butt and sliding into his cleft though, he paid a little more attention. Buck gently pushed his head back down to Ezra. "Donít worry none Vin; just gonna get ya prepared while youíre enjoying Ezra." Vin vaguely wondered, Preparing me for what? but Ezra thrust up with his hips, demanding he return to pleasuring him. Vin was still trying to get used to touching a man this way ó heíd only used his hands before, but his lover seemed to be happy with his motions, so he continued what he was doing, finally opening his mouth and taking Ezra into it. At Ezraís muttered, "Dear Lord!" he sucked gently and was rewarded with the gambler thrusting up against him again.

Buck, who was watching attentively over Vinís shoulder, admonished Ezra to go easy so he didnít choke Vin, and Ezra managed a tight nod. "Thatís it Vin, just suck on him like a big ole candy." Buck laughed at the offended look on Ezraís face. "Hey, at least I said Ďbigí!" Ezra didnít look too mollified at that qualification. Vin nearly choked on his Ďbig ole candyí and had to pause to get his breathing under control.

"Thanks Buck, yer a real help," he said dryly.

"Hey, always here to help out ó thatís me!" Buck expounded, waving one hand in the air, while the other slipped into the cleft of Vinís butt to graze his opening.

Ezra nearly laughed out loud at the surprised look on Vinís face. "Perhaps weíd best get back to business here Vin, before Mr. Wilmington decides to do something rather drastic to get your attention," drawled Ezra. All he wanted was for Vin to use that soft mouth of his for something much more important than talking. Vin was normally a very quiet manówhy did he have to decide to verbalize now? Ezra reached for the long hair and carefully pulled Vinís head back down to his aching shaft.

"You were doing perfectly fine Vin, just please continue your actions." Vin obligingly grasped the throbbing organ and took it into his mouth again. He started sucking and sliding his mouth up and down, while Ezra encouraged him with a gentle guiding movement to his head. Buck settled back behind Vin and tenderly stroked between his legs, being careful to rub against the small opening. Vin squirmed trying to increase the pleasure from Buckís hand while still sucking on Ezra. Buck smoothly eased the tip of one finger into Vin sending a jolt of pleasure through the sharpshooter. This caused Vin to accidentally close his teeth on the sensitive skin of Ezraís member. The gambler emitted a rather undignified squawk and pulled Vinís hair, lifting his head away. "The teeth. Please be careful of your teeth, Mr. Tanner."

Vin was mortified and pulled away, backing into Buck. The scoundrel moved quickly to sooth hurt feelings and body parts. "Hey, itís ok Vin, wasnít your fault. I shoulda warned ya what I was gonna do. You ok Ez? Here, let me see." He leaned past Vin to brush Ezraís hands aside to check the wounded member. "Well, it looks all right to me EzraÖthough itís kinda swollen. Maybe we should get Nathan to look at it?" He snickered as Ezra gave him an evil look and smacked the side of Buckís head.

"Really, I think Iíll survive Buck. No permanent damage done. I do believe itís already crowded enough in here, without Mr. Jackson joining our gathering." He looked at Vin, who sat back on his heels, looking crestfallen that he had hurt Ezra. "Vin, there is no harm done. Buck is right, it wasnít your fault. You were doing an admirable job. Please come back here and continue. The only hurt Iím going to sustain, is if you donít give me some relief." Vin raised his eyes to check the veracity of his statement, but Ezra seemed to be sincere. Buckís hand rubbing his back offered more encouragement, so he nodded and moved back into his former position. He soon had Ezra moaning in acute pleasure again.

Buck quietly advised Vin of what he was going to do to him. Vin spread his legs a bit and tilted his butt up slightly as Buckís oiled fingers carefully worked their way into him. Buck would alternate thrusting with his fingers, and fondling Vinís balls and shaft. Ezra was reaping the benefits of the younger manís increasing arousal, as Vin growled deep in his throat ó vibrating against Ezraís organ. The man might be inexperienced, but he certainly seems to have all the makings of a wonderful lover. I almost wish Mr. Larabee would never return Vinís feelings, because I wouldnít mind sharing a bed with Vin myself. But Ezra wasnít prepared to start a relationship with anyone at this point, and he had a feeling that Vin yearned for some kind of commitment. He lost his train of thought as Vin took him much deeper than previously and Ezraís pleasure became paramount in his mind.

Buck had prepared Vin as much as he could, then oiled his own cock and slid it into Vinís cleft to his entrance. He leaned forward to whisper in the trackerís ear. "Iím gonna take ya now Vin, but Iíll go slow and easy. Let me know if it hurts and Iíll stop." Vin grunted in reply and Buck positioned himself. When he slid the head in, Vin opened his mouth to gasp and that was when he went deeper on Ezra. The gambler hung on desperately, trying not to thrust until Vin was recovered a bit. When the tracker pulled back, Buck slid in deeper, slowly, waiting for Vinís body to accustom itself to his intrusion. Now Vinís soft moans surrounded Ezraís shaft and the gambler began to thrust carefully, moving in time with Buck.

Vin seemed to be acting as a conduit between the other two men: Buck would push in further, causing Vin to move further down on Ezraís shaft. The resulting feeling would cause Ezraís natural reactive return thrust. Vin would pull back a bit, pushing himself onto Buck, who would slide in a bit deeper. All three men rocked back and forth -- giving and receiving pleasure from each movement. The only sounds were of slick, sweaty skin sliding in and out of moist openings, wet sucking on swollen organs and soft moans of pleasure. Buck kept the pace slow and gentle for now, otherwise one of the other two might get hurt. As he had told Ezra earlier, he didnít mind a bit of pain now and then, but this wasnít the time for that kind of play. Right now, Vin needed to learn about pleasure, and from the sounds he was making and the way he lifted his butt when he moved backwards, Buck was pretty sure the young man wasnít complaining.

Buck finally pushed all the way in and stilled for a moment, catching his breath. Heíd wanted to just start thrusting mindlessly into Vinís tight heat, but he managed to retrain himself. Just a bit longer. Hold on just a bit longer. He could tell that Ezra was nearing his imminent release by the way the gambler was squirming about; moving his hips and muttering constantly. Vin had managed not to gag himself or further injure Ezra during Buckís possession of him. Now he began to move again, remembering to lick and suck Ezra alternately ó just like Buck had shown him. Ezra began to thrust more frantically and Buck showed Vin how to use his hand on the gamblerís shaft to help control him. When he was sure Vin was more in control, he began to slowly, so slowly thrust in and out of Vinís tight ass.

Ezra could see the desire and pleasure in Buckís eyes up above him. Vinís were closed, but his mouth and hand were bringing Ezra unbelievable pleasure. Vinís long hair would lightly brush against the gamblerís stomach and inner thighs ó a whisper soft touch that was driving him crazy. Ezra tangled his hands in that hair and began to thrust faster; harder, fighting for his climax. Vin struggled to not choke and pumped Ezra faster with his hand. He leaned his weight on his other arm on Ezraís hip, trying to restrain him a bit. Buck meantime added his weight to help hold Ezra down, while he kept up his rocking movements into Vin. Vin began to suck harder and grip Ezra more tightly, when he heard the con man start to groan out loud. It didnít take long for Ezra to reach the summit when Buck reached down between the tangle of bodies to slide long fingers under Ezra and rub against his tight opening.

"Oh, dear Lord, I canítÖ" shouted Ezra as he felt his whole body tighten and then explode. He thrust frantically into Vinís hot mouth as his swollen organ finally burst. Vin pulled back so he wouldnít choke on the hot fluid flooding his mouth. He wasnít practiced enough to know to swallow, but Ezra was past noticing that his seed was spurting everywhere; covering Vin, himself and even Buck got some on his chin. The gamblerís body continued to twist and shake until he was empty, then he fell limply to the bed. Ezra lay panting, with his eyes shut, while he tried to recuperate. Finally he opened his eyes to see Vin watching him with a kind of surprised pleasure, and Buck looking totally pleased with the results. The fastidious gambler was stunned to see his juices dripping from both Vin and Buck, but neither man seemed to notice or care.

"Ah, gentlemen. That was mostÖ pleasurable." He panted out, polite to a fault. "My compliments Mr. Tanner, I do believe that you learned your lessons exceedingly well."

Vin blushed, but he didnít have time to dwell on his thoughts, as Buck started to thrust into him more quickly now, wanting to find his own release after enjoying Ezra reaching his completion. Vinís tight body was squeezing the scoundrelís shaft almost to agony, but that only seemed to work Buck into a frenzy -- propelling himself into Vin even harder. Vin just braced himself on his forearms and held on for dear life, not even able to reach for his own aching shaft. Finally, finally Buckís hand grasped him and started to pump him in time to Buckís own frantic movements. Both men were grunting and breathing heavily, almost right on top of Ezra. The gambler was getting sprayed with droplets of sweat from the frantic coupling, but he didnít mind. He was avidly watching their faces ó though both men had their eyes closed and teeth clenched as they rocked their way to fulfillment.

Finally Vin felt the hot tingling spread through his body and he groaned out gutturally as his seed burst from his shaft to spray both himself and Ezra. Seems only fair I suppose, since he is coated with my earlier offering. Ezra thought. Buckís cock was milked by Vinís contractions, and he thrust wildly a couple more times before he stiffened and filled Vinís insides with his essence. Ezra suddenly realized his danger and did some quick shuffling to move to the side of the bed before both other men collapsed to it.

For a few minutes the only movement on the bed was of three chests rising and falling in a rapid dance to regain lost oxygen. Ezra was the first to recover and he glanced over at his two companions, noting the sweaty and cum spattered bodies with some distaste. Oh the sex was fantastic, no arguing that, but the messy residue was certainly not visually appealing. He moved to get up at the same time that Buck reached out to the night table to grab a rag he left there. "Here Ez, let me get this. Don't believe I've ever seen you looking this disheveled." he teased.

Ezra scowled as the scoundrel pointed out what he had already noticed. "Yes, well, one might well say the same thing about yourself. Though of course a gentlemen would not have made mention of the fact." The rebuke was totally lost on Buck, who was still basking in the afterglow.

"Whatever Ezra, ya want some help or not?" Buck handed him the rag and turned his attention to the third member of their party. "Hey Vin, how're ya doing?" The sharpshooter looked totally bushed, but he had a slight smile playing on his mouth that told Buck he had enjoyed himself.

"Never better, Buck. Just hope I kin walk outta here to my wagon." Vin attempted to move, but found that he had some sore places he had never felt before. He looked up at Buck when the man started to clean him up. Vin was a bit embarrassed to allow someone to clean him, but then he thought about how he had become so grimy and decided not to dwell on it. Once Buck was finished with him, Vin decided to make his get away. After all, one never knew when Chris was liable to return and he didn't want be found in this situation. Luckily the other men understood his feelings and let him escape without too much fuss. Buck attempted to get Ezra to stay, but the gambler declined, saying he needed to clean up more thoroughly.

"Well, ok, then Ezra, but if ya ever want to take me up on my offer for something a bit moreÖ risque, ya know where to find me." He winked at the suddenly flushed gambler.

"Yes well, I'll certainly keep that in mind. The evening has been mostÖ educational and entertaining. I bid you good night for now." Ezra had pulled on his clothes while he was speaking, and touching his hat brim, made a discrete exit.

Buck turned to look at the disaster that was his bed and decided to seek other lodgings for the night. Now, if only Chris would wise up and take Vin to his bed, he would consider it a perfect evening.


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