(Old West)

by Sabro

Buck was sitting right next to Vin. In fact, he was almost on top of the man, something that was causing Vin some concern. Didnít Buck remember what he'd had told him about wanting Chris? He remembered the other night vividly, and was not ashamed of their interaction, but he was sure getting awfully uncomfortable now, and Chris was flashing the two of them some strange looks; sort of a combination of confusion and anger.

Great! Now Buck was going to make Chris think that Buck and Vin were a twosome or something and Vin would never get the man. What did Buck think he was doing? Well, knowing Buck, he thought he was helping, and while heíd known Chris a lot longer than Vin had, Vin really didnít think that this was the right way to attract the gunslingerís attention.

Buck meantime was having a great time: Larabee might be a keenly observant man - able to discern a potentially dangerous situation and plan accordingly, but that was in gunfights, bank robberies and warfare. Now they were dealing with Buckís area of expertise, and he knew from experience that his longtime friend sometimes totally missed the obvious when it came to more personal or intimate discoveries. Either that, or he had noticed and was just plain being too stubborn to either admit to it or to do anything about it. And Buck already knew that Vin was too shy and stubborn himself to make the first move.

Chris was watching the goings on in irritable confusion. He hated it when things werenít going normally and there was also another nagging emotion mixed in there that he just plain didnít want to deal with now. What the Hell was Buck doing practically hanging on Vin? Normally Buck would be hanging on some woman Ė any woman, or off terrorizing JD (or instructing, as Buck liked to call it), and though Vin and Buck were friends, something just didnít seem right. It was... too intimate or something and Vin looked terribly uncomfortable like he was embarrassed. While Chris watched, Buck stretched his right arm out along the back of Vinís chair and rested it on his shoulder. Vin tensed and turned to glare at him, which seemed only to amuse Buck all the more. The tall ladiesí man grinned and winked at the irritated tracker.

The only remaining member of the seven presently in the bar was also watching the proceedings with some curiosity. Ezra was idly playing cards with a few of the local men, who didn't have much to lose, so Ezra was taking it easy on them. An astute observer of men, the gambler really couldn't figure this latest puzzle out. Buck Wilmington loved women. That fact was as certain as the fact that the sun rose in the sky each day, so what was he doing flirting with Vin Tanner? While the tracker's sexual preferences were more of a mystery, other than that one unfortunate incident with a married woman, Ezra wouldn't be too surprised if Vin had had some interactions with men in his past. In fact, he was rather counting on it. Though he figured that Chris Larabee had first choice on the sharpshooter's affections, he couldn't help harboring the slender hope that maybe Vin might entertain some feelings for Ezra himself. He had never figured on having Wilmington in the equation and it irked him that he couldn't figure out what the man was planning.

While Buck was thoroughly enjoying the look of consternation on Vin's face, he didn't want to upset him too much, and he also didn't want Chris shooting him in a fit of annoyance. He gave Vin a little pat on the shoulder and leaned closer to whisper to him. "Don't worry Vin, it'll all work out. Ole Buck'll make sure of that." Vin shot him a narrow glare and watched as Buck downed his drink and left to check up on his latest girl.

Chris had watched the interaction, still wrestling with the angry confusion that seemed to be clouding his mind lately. What the Hell was Buck doing? First he seemed to be moving in on Vin, but now he'd headed off after his latest woman -- acting much more like the Buck he knew. He shook his head. Maybe he needed some space to think about this and clear out his thoughts. A couple of days up at his shack might just be the thing. He headed over to Vin and told the apprehensive sharpshooter that he would heading out of town for a couple of days, and to come fetch him if anything came up.

Vin's face remained impassive as he nodded his acknowledgement to Chris' plans. Inside he was in turmoil. No Chris! I need you here. Don't be fooled by what you thought you saw with Buck and me. It's you I want. Why can't you see that? But he couldn't say anything out loud -- couldn't bring himself to tell Chris that he wanted him -- couldn't risk losing him if Chris didn't feel the same way. So he watched him walk awayÖwondering if he would ever know if the gunslinger cared for him or not. He broke out of his reverie when the southern drawl of the gambler sounded near his ear.

"It seems our esteemed leader has found himself faced with a bit of a conundrum what with Mr. Wilmington's strange actions of late. Are you perhaps in a position to ascertain exactly what our resident ladies' man has planned with his flirtatious actions towards yourself?"

Vin jerked his head around to stare at Ezra. Aw, Hell! Someone else had noticed Buck's actions and now he really felt trapped. "Don't know what you're talkin about Ezra. Buck was just funnin with me 'bout something. Who knows what he's up to now?" Vin decided denial was his best option at this point. He really had no idea how to handle someone else getting involved in Buck's plans. Ezra was far too perceptive to fend off for long, but he needed some space to think things out, and maybe corner Buck and get him to stop his silly games. Vin got up and headed out to see if he could locate the erstwhile scoundrel, while Ezra watched with amused confusion. What in the Good Lord's Name was going on with everyone?

+ + + + + + +

Vin returned to the saloon in the late evening, having been unsuccessful in his search for the missing Buck. Obviously he was holed up somewhere with one of his female friends, and Vin had no intention of chasing him down there. He figured that Wilmington would eventually turn up in the saloon. Vin was soon joined by Josiah and JD, while Nathan was still tied up at one of the nearby ranches dealing with a sick child. For some reason JD kept glancing at Vin out of the corner of his eye, but he would quickly look away when Vin turned to look at him.

"Somethin eatin at ya JD?" Vin finally asked.

"Uh, no, no. Nothing bugging me. Where is Chris?" JD tried to redirect the tracker's attention.

"Gone out to his shack for a couple a days. Ya need him for somethin?"

"No, just wondering. So Josiah, how's the church coming along?" He looked toward the preacher.

Josiah finished his drink and regarded him thoughtfully, "Well JD, the work is progressing as one might expect, when a mortal man takes up a chore of love for the Lord," he rumbled. JD gazed at him for a few more minutes waiting to see if anything more was forthcoming from the preacher. Nothing. Sometimes JD wondered who was more confusing: Ezra with his fancy words or Josiah with his strange riddles and parables. He shook his head. Then there was Vin, who didn't say much of anything unless he was really fired up, and that didn't happen too often. JD sighed to himself, Where is Buck when I need someone to talk to? Normally though, the tall gunslinger tended to lecture him or poke fun at things he did, at least the man talked so that he could understand what he was saying. He glanced around and found Ezra seated at a far table engaged in yet another game of cards with some unlucky cowboys with more money than sense. Well, Ezra would likely relieve them of their money soon enough, and they wouldn't be left with much of anything.

Buck returned to the saloon a couple of hours later. Obviously he'd found himself a woman to occupy his time. He looked like he'd just returned from the bathhouse, and the sated smile on his face said his evening had been pleasurable. He settled himself between JD and Josiah, ordered himself a beer, knocked the kid's hat from his head, teased the waitress like usual and generally was his normal boisterous self. JD looked from him to Vin, but Vin was sitting quietly regarding his cards and didn't seem to notice anything.

Josiah sat watching the goings on since he'd noticed that Ezra was also taking the odd quick look at Buck and Vin. However both older men were much more subtle than JD had been. As far as Josiah could tell, neither Buck nor Vin was doing anything unusual at the moment, so he settled back to enjoy the card game and the camaraderie.

+ + + + + + +

The evening wore on into night, and gradually the last drunk had vacated the saloon. Josiah and JD had left earlier -- Josiah to do some more work on the church and JD to patrol. Vin looked over at Buck and the ladies' man winked back at him. Aw, Hell, here we go again. thought Vin. He glanced over to see that Ezra was finished counting the bars receipts for the night and heading upstairs to his room.

"Gentlemen. A good evening to you. I'll trust that you will lock up behind yourselves."

"Yeah, sure, no problem Ezra. Just finishing off my beer here, then we'll be on our way." Buck replied.

Vin nodded at him and waited until Standish was out of earshot. Then he turned to Buck, only to find him smiling seductively back at him. Donít he ever give up? the tracker though in frustration.

"Well Vin, looks like things are working just fine. Ole Chris is gone off to think about 'things' andÖ"

"Buck! Ya gotta quit with this loco idea of yers. Case ya haven't noticed, Chris ain't the only one who's lookin at us funny."

"Oh, who else is looking at us funny?" asked Buck, as he maneuvered closer to the irate sharpshooter.

Vin nearly hissed in aggravation. "Ezra asked me earlier what was going on, and JD's been givin us looks all night."

"So Ezra's noticed something huh? Well, I think we don't have to worry 'bout him saying anything to Chris and it ain't likely that JD has a clue about what's happening. That boy wouldn't know a seduction if it up and bit him on the butt."

Vin nearly smiled at that picture. It wasn't likely that JD noticed anything more than Buck not spending so much time with him. But Ezra had him more concerned. Not likely he'd talk to Chris, but still, he 'knew' something was up. He turned back to Buck, to see that he was right on top of him again. Vin growled at him. "Buck, will ya quit that! I told ya, I got feelin's for Chris, not you."

"I understand that Vin. Just thought a few more lessons would help ya out. When Chris does wise up and come for ya, he's gonna be awful horny and wanting ya. Might not be too gentle the first time. I just don't want to see you get hurt." Buck was totally sincere, he liked Vin and knew that Chris was a very passionate, possessive man. Once Larabee decided he wanted Vin, he wouldn't hesitate to take him if Vin showed any signs of returning his affections. Chris wouldn't try to hurt him, but he would make sure that Vin knew whom he belonged to. Buck just wanted Vin to be aware of that and maybe have a little more experience to protect himself.

Vin looked at him; seemed the man was serious though Vin figured he could take care of himself when it came to dealing with Chris Larabee. Hell, he'd done just fine so far, hadn't he?

"'Preciate your concern and all Buck, but I think I can handle this on my own."

"That's just it, Vin. Ya don't have ta 'handle it' all on yer own. Not with Ole Buck here ta give ya a hand - or anything else..." Buck grinned back at him, waving his eyebrows suggestively.

Vin snorted at him.

"C'mon Vin, I'm just trying to help ya out is all. After all, I've known Chris a mite longer than you have; seen him with some of his other lovers, so I know how he acts. Now he respects your abilities with a gun and how ya handle yourself out here, but in the bedroom, well, let's just say that some things change there. Chris is a man who likes to be in total control. Even though you're a man too, I think some things are going to be a little different than ya might expect Vin."

The sharpshooter squinted up at him. "Different how? Chris ain't gonna hurt me. Not 'less he don't want me to begin with, then he'll just shoot me and have done with it."

"Oh, I don't think he's gonna shoot ya Vin. Nope don't think that at all. Just that he might be a bit rougher with ya than yer used to him being.

"What do ya mean by rougher?" Vin was becoming a little nervous, but he didn't want to let Buck see that.

Buck reached for Vin and yanked him to him tightly. "Something like this." He crushed the tracker's mouth with his own and wound his arms around him tightly. Vin struggled with him to no avail, other than arousing his captor. Buck forced him backward to land Vin on his back on the nearest table.

The only thought that managed to pass through Vin's mind was, Hell, not again! He managed to break the kiss for a moment, panting and arguing. "Buck! Get offa me! Chris wouldn't do this." He gasped as a hand found its way down to rub his manhood through his pants. Buck's mouth was busy on Vin's ear and neck while his other hand was running up and down the struggling man's chest.

"Damn, ya got more hands than a spider got legs." Vin was panting, trying to get away and Buck was just as diligently trying to hold on and stimulate him. Buck was enjoying the struggle, especially since he was winning; Vin's frantic wriggling was only arousing the gunfighter. Buck finally managed to pin Vin's wrists above his head and get between Vin's legs to lean his full weight on him, so Vin couldn't kick him. Vin might be smaller, but the tracker was a dirty fighter, and Buck didn't want to get damaged for a little bit of fun. Buck went back to kissing him again, and Vin was starting to get aroused in spite of himself.

Ezra crept back down the stairs to check on the voices, and was rewarded by the sight of the two of them wrestling on the tabletop. Vin was on the bottom, panting and cursing, while Buck was laughing and murmuring all sorts of sappy endearments. Ezra edged closer so he could see clearly in the lantern light. Neither of the other men were aware of him at first and he enjoyed the spectacle unobserved for a bit - picturing himself in Buck's place - holding the growling tracker and kissing him. Ezra had always found Vin somewhat attractive but was loath to step in where he might get himself shot for a moment or two of pleasure. The gambler's curiosity grew the more he got to know Vin, but his natural sense of self-preservation bade him be cautious -- if the tracker didn't kill him -- then he was sure Chris would. Ezra could see that the gunslinger felt something for the young sharpshooter, and he was pretty sure it wasn't just all brotherly protectiveness. No, he wasn't likely to be stepping in on someone else's property. Now however, Buck seemed to have something going on and Ezra wondered if he might be willing to share - after all, Wilmington was a generous man and this seemed more in fun than serious - and since Buck didn't seem too worried about Chris, then it must be ok.

By now Vin was responding a bit to Buck's persuasive overtures, so Ezra approached and announced himself quietly so as not to startle Buck. Buck turned his head and glanced sharply over his shoulder; Ezra stood there with a knowing smile, inquiring if he could join in the festivities. Vin started sputtering and cursing, totally embarrassed and trying to get away again, but Buck leaned more weight back on him, and grinned at Standish, inviting him to join them. Vin was very upset but Buck finally calmed him down a bit. "It'll be ok, pard, Ezra here ain't gonna hurt ya or tell anyone about this, are ya Ez?" The gambler shook his head.

"Donít care if he donít plan to tell no one. I ainít intrested in this Buck. Donít see how this is gonna help me with Chris. Now let me go." Vin tried to free his wrists from Buckís grasp with no luck. The taller man had too much leverage for Vin to pull free.

"Now Vin, just look at this as more experience. Iím sure Ezraíd be moreín happy to help out."

Ezra tilted his head, trying to get the gist of what was happening. "Am I to understand that you are offering your dubious experiences to help Vin attract Mr. Larabeeís attentions? Or are you trying to give him some actual physical experience? Either way, I would be more than happy to oblige."

Vin merely blinked at him, unable to believe the position he found himself in. First Buck and now Ezra! Seemed everyone wanted to sleep with him, except the one man he wanted.

"Well, he could use some help with both there, Ez. But Iím thinkin showing him what to do first, might be better. Just in case Chris does wise up and see whatís right in front of his face. The boy should have an idea what to expect." Buck responded to Vinís growl of warning with a slow rub of his hips against the trapped tracker. Vin closed his eyes as a wave of pleasure swept through him.

Standish watched Vinís reaction, noting that while he was verbally protesting, his body seemed to be responding to Buckís ministrations.

"Well, Iím delighted to offer my services Mr. Wilmington, but Vin doesnít seem to want to participate in this demonstration too readily." Ezra was ready to join in, but he didnít want a reluctant partner, especially one who was a deadly shot.

"Ah, donít worry Ďbout Vin here; heís just a little bit shy, but once he gets going, itís all ya can do to hold onto him."

Ezra could see the flush creep up Tannerís neck and face and watched as his eyes flicked open and the pupils dilated with desire. Well, either Buck was right, or his vaunted amorous skills might actually be as good as he claimed. He decided to see how Vin would respond to someone else touching him, and ran his fingers down his cheek. Vin blinked at him, but didnít pull away. Ezra grew a bit bolder and stroked through the tangled curls. Heíd always been under the impression that the scruffy outdoorsman was likely harboring all manner of vermin in his ratty clothing and uncombed mane, but his hair felt soft, though a bit dusty, and seemed to have been washed recently. Vin moaned quietly at the feeling of someone stroking his hair and closed his eyes again.

Buck smiled knowingly at Ezra and leaned forward to kiss Vinís swollen mouth again. This time the tracker didnít try to pull away, but responded ardently. Ezra found himself watching Buck almost as often as he looked at Vin. Just what kind of power does the man have in the loving arts anyway? When Buck pulled away, Vin was panting again and trying to reach for him.

"I realize that you hold a distinct positional advantage here, Mr. Wilmington, but perhaps we could move this seduction to a more comfortable location, say one of the bedrooms in this establishment?" Ezra was getting anxious to participate more, but there was not much room, nor comfort on the tabletop, and he preferred to conduct his amorous encounters in luxury whenever possible. The tabletop tableau, while exciting, reminded him uncomfortably of animals rutting, and that was not a picture he wished to have associated with himself.

Buck seemed to consider this for a moment, then grinned. "Why sure Ezra, fine with me. Donít think my back would thank me after another night of tabletop lovin anyway." Ezra just shuddered, and refused to think about the subject. Buck released Vinís arms and let him sit up. Vin looked a little disoriented and flushed. Since he hadnít heard exactly what Buck and Ezra were discussing, he was totally unprepared for Buck to stoop down and hoist him over his shoulder. Ezra quickly stepped behind Buck to grab Vinís arms so he couldnít hit the gunslinger or get enough leverage to push off his shoulder.

"Buck, damnit! Put me down! I ainít one a yer girls or a sack of grain." The tracker was struggling in his unfortunate position. "I kin walk ya overgrowd oaf!"

Buck shrugged his shoulders to settle Vin more securely, then swatted his upturned butt. "Now just settle down there Vin. No need for name callin. Weíre just having a little fun here and donít want ya to be tryin to run away Ďfore we get started."

Vin growled in total annoyance. "What kinda fun? Donít see no fun in this at all." Tanner was none too happy with the humiliating position he currently found himself in, and having Ezra as a witness only made things worse. He shuffled about as best he could, but the two other men had him trapped but good.

"Damn Ezra, whatíre you doing getting involved with this? I know Buckís crazy, but thought ya had more sense." Vin tried reasoning with Standish. It earned him another swat across his rump and Ezra chuckling.

"Well, Iím sorry to say that I have succumbed to my baser desires and taken advantage of an obvious opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of your company. Mr. Wilmington seemed to be quite persuasive in his overtures to you and I thought you might not mind another participant in this debauchery."

Vin twisted his head around to glare up at him, but it lost something in his awkward positioning. "Aw, Hell. Ya mean yer ganging up on me."

"Well, yes, one might look on it in that manner. However, this 'is' for your personal betterment and hopefully future enjoyment. I would suggest Mr. Tanner, that you just relax and try to find some fragment of pleasure in the moment." Vinís reply was muffled by the back of Buckís jacket, as he let his head drop back down. Ezra figured he wasnít missing anything he wanted to hear.

Buck smiled happily at a couple of working girls heading back to their rooms after the nightís work. They didnít even give the trio a second glanceóassuming that they were just taking a drunken friend to his room. "Ez, ya wanna get the doorókinda got my hands full here." Buck reached up to pat Vinís butt again, earning another growl from the upside-down sharpshooter. "Ah Vin, just keep that passion in check there for just a bit longer. Me Ďn Ezraíll make sure ya get treated right."

The "Fuck you Buck!" only got a big grin and more comments. "Well now, ya never know Vin. That just might happenóif youíre a good boy and donít cause too much fuss."

"Really Mr. Wilmington, must you be so crude and vulgar. No wonder Mr. Tanner is protesting so vehemently about this interaction." Ezra had the door to Buckís room open and was trying hard not to comment on the wild disarray he found inside. Obviously Buckís guests were no more concerned about appearances than the roomís owner. Ezra would never have left his lodgings in such a state; of course he never would have got them that way in the first place. He merely 'tsked' to himself and bade Buck and his quarrelsome burden to enter, then closed and locked the door behind them.

Buck quickly walked over and dumped Vin on the bed and practically fell on top of him trying to prevent Vin from escaping. The tracker let out an Ďoomphí of air and glared at him, but remained silent, deciding to save his strength and bide his time.

Ezra was content to be a spectator at first -- just to see if Buck could manage to convince Vin to stay. He was rather doubtful that the boisterous gunslinger would be able to persuade the serious sharpshooter to participate; especially with Ezra in attendance. It was rather astonishing to see the normally calm, confident tracker looking a little nervous. The gambler was surprised to note that Vin obviously wasn't very experienced in bedroom play. Vin, while scruffy and a loner, was a good-looking man and seemed to attract his share of the female attention. The only thing the gambler could figure, was that the sharpshooter just wasn't too interested in the ladies.

Buck started petting and kissing Vin again -- murmuring soft nonsense to him. He caught Ezra, who had only seen him noisily pursuing women, totally off guard by how gentle and quietly empathetic he was with the nervous tracker. Vin was starting to respond again, seemingly forgetting their audience and relaxing into Buck's caresses.

The man was absolutely amazing! Ezra couldn't believe it. Buck seemed to know exactly what to do, to not only ease Vin's anxiety, but to also arouse him. The expert lover was petting Vin through his numerous layers of clothing, and kissing any exposed flesh he could find. But Buck wasn't trying to overwhelm Vin, rather almost coaxing him to trust and respond to Buck. Vin did seem very responsive once he settled down and his soft moans began to arouse Ezra too. The gambler eased closer when Buck beckoned him over.

"This boy's got way too many clothes on here. Can't hardly tell if he's got a body under there or not!" Buck informed Ezra while smiling teasingly at Vin. The tracker was frowning slightly but didn't seem overly concerned with Buck's comments or Ezra's nearness. Vin allowed Buck to pull him to a sitting position so they could remove his jacket. Ezra was loath to actually touch the hide coat, but he carefully concealed his unease and hung it carefully over a chair back. Standish turned back to see Vin giving him a grateful smile; apparently he appreciated the consideration. Vin removed his own gun belt and weapon and put it on the bedside table. Buck rewarded Vin's allowing his jacket to be removed, by kissing and nuzzling any part of his lover's face he could reach. Vin squirmed in pleasure and caressed the tall ladies' man in return.

Ezra had moved close enough so that he could stroke Vin's thick hair and down his back. He was pleasantly surprised when Vin made a purring sound and arched into his touch. Buck slid the tracker's leather suspenders over each shoulder; rubbing slowly up and down his arms. Then he leaned in closer and began loosening the neckerchief and unbuttoning Vin's red shirt, while kissing him deeply. Both men got a little preoccupied, so Ezra moved behind Vin to slide the open shirt off his arms.

Vin finally broke the kiss, panting for breath. "Geez Buck. Ya could let a man up fer air now and then."

Buck only laughed in return. "C'mon now Vin, ya just need a little practice!"

Ezra shook his head at the man's zany sense of humor. "If you are quite through attempting to asphyxiate Mr. Tanner with your tongue, then perhaps we can continue with the extrication of this clothing?"

"Sure thing Ez. Didn't realize that you were in such a hurry." Buck chuckled and turned back to kiss Vin before moving down to unbutton his long underwear. Ezra slid onto the bed behind the tracker and ran his smooth fingers along Vin's cheek and down his neck, then slid his hand behind Vin's head and pulled his face closer. Green eyes looked into slightly glazed, blue ones for a long moment, then both men moved forward to join mouths.

Buck glanced up to see the two kissing hesitantly -- exploring and learning. He paused in his undressing of Vin, enjoying seeing the other two becoming more sure and passionate. This was going to be even better than he had planned. While Buck was very friendly with both men: Vin and Ezra had very disparate personalities. Vin was scruffy and wild, willing to do anything to help someone, and a straight shooter while Ezra; well Ezra was anything but straightforward, and while he continually did help out, he made it appear to be a tedious chore, and he always appeared immaculately groomed. Yep they were definitely two dissimilar men -- but it seemed that they had something in common now. Buck watched for a few more moments before resuming his work on the underwear top. He decided to add a little zest to the encounter between Vin and Ezra, and started stroking over Vinís nipplesójust the lightest of touches, but the tracker immediately jerked in response. His sudden movement caused him to break the kiss with Ezra, who looked a little disoriented himself.

"Mr. TannerÖdid I do something to offer you offence?" Ezra was a little out of breath, apparently Vin was an apt student, because he seemed to have already learned the art of sucking the wind out of his partner. The gambler was almost afraid to see just what else Buck might have taught him in any previous encounters, for he was sure now that there had indeed been at least one session between the lovers, or Vin would have been more shocked than he had been earlier.

"Ah, no, werenít you Ezra. Buckís hand just got loose again." Vin tried to scowl fiercely at the scoundrel, but Buck chased that look off his face mighty quickly when he repeated his earlier touch. Vin sucked in his breath and let it back out rather shakily. Buckís moustache curved up on both ends in a wide grin.

"Liked that did ya Vin? You sure got sensitive skin -- really easy to arouse you." Buck was rather pleased with himself and Vinís reaction. It was so much more fun when your lover was finding pleasure in your actions. And the tracker, while initially resistant, was incredibly responsive to touch. He motioned to Ezra to lay Vin back on the bed, so Buck could remove his boots and pants. The gambler moved obediently, carefully caressing Vinís back and then his sides as he slid out from behind him and lowered the tracker to the bed.

Vinís eyes were half shut; he looked like a well-fed cat basking in the sun. Canít believe Iím here with both Buck and Ezra. I know what Buckís up to; he wants to teach me, soís I can keep Chris happy. But what is Ezraís motive -- 'cause knowing Ez, he has one. He opened his eyes further to look at the con man, who now knelt beside the bed and was leaning in towards Vin. The tracker could see that Ezra had let his poker face slip, and there seemed to be genuine affection and curiosity on the handsome features. Vin blinked. Yep, the look was still there, and now he was leaning in closer. Vin watched him until his eyes nearly crossed then opened his mouth to the kiss Ezra placed on him. It was sure different than kissing a woman, and also not quite the same as kissing Buck. Ezra was not as persuasive as Buck, but most enjoyable all the same. The tracker decided to just allow himself to enjoy the moment and worry about Ezra's motives later.

Buck meantime, had stripped the young man and was kissing and stroking his way up the lean legs. The tracker was twisting again, his senses being assaulted from all angles. Ezra finally released him, so they could breath. And Buck looked up from his reclining position between Vin's thighs.

"See, I told ya Ez, all the boy needs is a little encouragement." Buck ducked a swat from Vin, and chuckled. "Now, now Vin. Don't wanna damage us afore we get to the good part, now do ya?"

Ezra shook his head in disbelief. He really didn't expect the sharpshooter to be so relaxed about Buck's joking, but he apparently was, and Ezra was grateful for that. By now he too was getting very aroused, and all he had done was kiss one of the men. He was curious to see just what exactly the ladies' man had planned for the three of them. Though he might frown upon Buck's indiscriminate mating, he knew the man had a generous heart and would not have invited him along, unless he planned for Ezra to be an intregal part of the activities.

Ezra glanced down at the naked body in front of him. Dear lord, the man was beautiful! Somehow the gambler had never expected to see such clean lines and smooth skin on an acknowledged outdoorsman. By all reasonable logic, the tracker should be marred and aged beyond his years. But Ezra could see no signs of that at all. Oh yes, he had some scars, but they only seemed to emphasize the beauty of the rest of his body. The con man was rather surprised by how slim Vin was underneath the bulky clothing. Ezra too, wore a lot of layers, but his were more streamlined and tailored to his figure. Vin and Ezra were about the same size -- with Vin an inch or so taller. Ezra's ruminations were interrupted by their third partner.

"Purdy ain't he? Can't believe ole Chris ain't figured that out for himself yet. That man don't know what he's amissing." Buck shook his head in disbelief.

"Forgive me for not comprehending this, but are you attempting to tell me that Mr. Larabee isn't aware of Vin's physical attractiveness, or was he perchance, invited to this party too?" Ezra could not even begin to fathom what the cold countenanced gunfighter would think about this particular little get together.

At that Vin blushed bright red and choked, while Buck nearly rolled off the bed he was laughing so hard. "Whoo hoo! That's a good one, Ezra. No, no, wouldn't dream of being in the same bedroom with Chris if Vin was there naked. Don't believe he'd be interested in sharing that purdy body with us, once he saw it. No Chris is just being a blind, stubborn old fool, 'fraid to admit that Vin here is what he wants and needs. He ain'tÖ" Buck's explanation was cut short by a cuff to the head from Vin.

"Hsst. Whyn't ya tell everyone all 'bout my private life Buck? Damn, but I'm starting to regret tellin' ya in the first place." Vin was embarrassed and starting to rethink his participation in this little gathering.

Buck concerned, was quick to mollify Vin. "I'm real sorry Vin, just clarifying things for Ezra here. Now don't you go getting yourself all worked up there boy. We're just having us some funÖweren't we?" He stroked his fingers softly over Vin's chest. "Don't mean you no harm at all Vin." Vin regarded him for a long moment, mulling things over in his mind. The other two men honestly seemed to understand that he wanted Chris and they just wanted to help him. He looked back at Buck.

"All righty, but how come I'm the only one who's nakid? Don't seem fair."

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