Just A Little Tired
(Old West)

by MAC

Disclaimer: I don't own them, or the show they rode in on. I wrote this for fun, and no profit is made from it.
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Summary: PWP - winding up a long day.
Completed: 25 October 2002
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Ezra sank down into the comfort of Chris' arms and sighed deeply, his eyes closing heavily in fatigue. It had been an extremely tiring affair. The dear women of Four Corners were convinced he was a bachelor in need of a maid. They were likewise sure that Chris was a widower who'd best be matched to the widow Travis. Ezra turned his face so that he could rub his nose against the sleek muscles of Larabee's forearm where it curled back over his throat, hand resting on his chest.

"Getting sleepy?" Chris' scratchy tenor was gruff with care. Ezra felt lips nibble at the rim of his ear.

"Mmm." Words simply wouldn't come. He was too overcome with exhaustion at this point. To simply be held in the gunman's embrace was enough to make him feel safe and allow his shields to drop, letting his body's weariness dictate.

"The ladies wouldn't let you be, would they?"


Larabee chuckled softly, flicking the delicate bit of ear with his tongue. "Ezra, you are a charming rogue and you know it. So do all the female members of our town."

"Love you."

"Oh, I know that. Only reason I sit back and watch all the little plots a'hatchin.'"

One bleary green eye reopened and rolled in search of the teasing voice. Tousled brown-haired head followed the eye. Forehead collided softly with seeking lips. Another body-sigh and Ezra snuck his arms around the long, lean frame of his dearest heart. "Only you."

Chris kissed the forehead wrinkled in mildly sleepy irritation at his gentle teasing. "Only you," he confirmed and with a long arm, reached out and twisted down the flame jet on the bedside lamp.


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