Let It Snow

by Jade Standish

Disclaimer: I don't own 'em, and I ain't making any money off of 'em. More's the pity.
Author's Notes: This was partially inspired by the holiday song 'Let It Snow.' Anyway, the idea just hit me and wouldn't leave, so I wrote it. This is for Lumina and anyone else with a birthday or any other special occasion.

Ezra sighed in relief as Josiah and Nathan finally said good-bye and left his townhouse. They had been the last two members of Team Seven to leave after their monthly poker game, and as much as he enjoyed their company he was quite happy to see them go. Well, the last two except for his lover. He smiled as a pair of warm hands began slowly rubbing his neck and he dropped his head forward with a moan.

"You do realize that your hands should really be registered as lethal weapons, do you not?" The undercover agent's voice was little more than a husky groan as the other man's hands roamed over his neck and shoulders.

The hands were removed and the other man dropped a quick kiss on the back of Ezra's neck before he moved around to the front of the couch. "Like you should talk, Ez. Now, are you ready for the movie?"

Ezra glanced around his living room, taking in the comfortable- looking nest of blankets on the floor and the candles that had been spread around the room. "I believe that we are missing only one thing, Buck. Where is the popcorn?"

Buck leapt to his feet and ran to the kitchen, a grin on his face. He reappeared a moment later, a large bowl of hot popcorn in his hands. "Here ya go, Ez. We all ready now?"

The Southerner slid down off of the couch and into the nest of blankets next to Buck. He leaned against the other man's side, the bowl between them. As the familiar strains of 'White Christmas' filled the room Ezra shifted closer, resting his head against Buck's shoulder.

Before long the popcorn was gone and the two men were stretched out on the floor on their sides, still watching the movie. But the feeling of warm breath on the back of his neck and a warm body pressed against his back soon had Ezra losing interest in the movie. He shifted his hips slightly, smiling when he felt Buck's breath hitch. He pushed back a little further and suddenly Buck threw an arm across his chest.

The other man flipped Ezra onto his back, then settled on top of him. He by-passed the smirking lips and instead began to nip and lick along Ezra's throat. As he made his way slowly down, his fingers were busy with the Southerner's buttons. Once the shirt was open he began to kiss his way down Ezra's chest, paying special attention to his nipples.

Ezra arched up, one hand tangling in Buck's hair while the other gripped the blankets. He moaned when the other man's weight disappeared, but he smiled when he realized that Buck was simply pulling off his clothes. He started to work on his own pants, but he jumped when Buck batted his hands away.

"I wanna do that. You just lay back and enjoy it."

And very soon Ezra discovered that he could do little else except enjoy it. Buck's lips covered his and the other man's tongue gently pushed inside his mouth. The other man was feathering his hands across Ezra's sides and chest, the almost non-existent touch inflaming his senses.

"Buck, I swear if you don't finish this..." Ezra's voice faded into a low moan as Buck finally removed his pants and dropped on top of him. Then his back arched as he felt a slick finger enter him, and he absently wondered just where the other man had been hiding the lube. And as a second finger was added, he could no longer think at all.

Buck bit his lip as he watched Ezra writhing beneath him, determined to hold back until he was certain that the Southerner would feel no pain. He added a third finger and almost lost control as he felt Ezra pushing back against them. He removed his fingers once he was sure that Ezra was ready and coated himself with the lube. And then he gently pushed inside.

Green eyes that were almost black with desire stared up at him as he began to move. He finally did lose control when Ezra wrapped his legs around his waist, pulling him further into his body. It was only a few moments before both men were lying spent on the floor.

Ezra remained lying in Buck's arms for a moment before gingerly rising to his feet, one of the blankets wrapped around him. "We should probably move to the bedroom, where it is warmer."

Buck smiled as he climbed to his feet, not bothering with a blanket. "Sounds like a good idea to me, Ez. And we can even sleep in since they're not expecting us at Chris's 'til afternoon."

Ezra had started walking towards the bedroom when he glanced out the window. He suddenly stopped and grabbed Buck's arm, pulling him closer to the window. Outside, snow was lightly falling as inside Bing was singing 'White Christmas.' Ezra leaned back when he felt Buck's arms around his waist and his lips against his neck.

"As long as you love me so, let it snow." The Southerner's voice was low as he leaned further back into Buck's embrace.

"Well then, Ez, it'll be snowing for a good, long while yet. In fact, I don't think it'll ever stop."

Ezra tilted his head back for a kiss. "Good, because I don't want it to ever stop."


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