by Ngaire

Disclaimer: A Transformers / Magnificent Seven modern AU crossover: All characters have been stolen from other people.
The Magnificent Seven belongs to MGM Television, and Transformers (the movie) is owned by DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures Corporation.
Rating: G (if I continue - PG for some violence, a few bad words)
Characters: Ezra, Jade (OFC), the rest of the seven and a handful of the Transformers.
Author's Notes: Thanks to a lot of people including MOG (for her ATF universe), Donna and Barb for their website "The All-Ezra Fanfic Archive" (www.all-ezra.com) and Blackraptor for the Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction sites... all of them. (www.blackraptor.net/m7fic/index.htm)
The influence for this story came from watching the fight scene in the tunnel just before Bumblebee "cleans up his act", and all of those stories that have Ezra's car (or horse) as a major plot device in the story.

The very last thing that Vin had expected to find when he went out to visit his friend and teammate was an argument. Now Ezra was one of the most cantankerous and argumentative men that Tanner knew. As far as it was understood Ezra loved his British racing Green Jag, so to hear an argument between the southern gentleman and his car was a bit unexpected. Especially as he almost expected to hear the car argue back.

Ezra Standish had been on the team for a few weeks when the car turned up. He had spent the arrival day close to the phone, staring at the clock and doing almost no work. Nathan commented that the usually calm undercover agent had been acting like an expectant father. Buck wondered if Maude was coming over to visit. So the arrival of the Jaguar in the afternoon was a bit of a surprise, and letdown, for the rest of the team.

Since then the undercover agent seemed to live his life around his car. He purchased a house a good two hours drive from the office (it was one of the reasons why Ezra was always late into work), and immediately spent money on improving the long driveway to the brand new two-story garage next to the house. The car was always clean and immaculate, and the few times that other members of the team traveled in the car they were not allowed to eat or drink in the car and a towel was always placed on the floor for their shoes.

So coming around the drive and hearing the one-sided argument was a bit unexpected, however that was not as shocking as hearing the car argue back: "No Ezra, I donít care what you heard I am not leaving, they did not look for me. They did not need me. And I donít need them."


Should I continue? I like this as a short story (under 500 words) but could continue. If anyone else wants to pick it up and 'run with it', go ahead.

If you enjoyed this story, we're sure that Ngaire would love to hear from you.

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