Secret Indulgence:


by DoggyJ

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A man peeked around a corner then let off a volley of gunfire. Josiah ducked back quickly, then peered around the corner himself to return fire. The man had disappeared but Josiah knew there was only one way out. He looked again and hurried to the next corridor. Risking a look, he could see two of the bad guys lurking in the hallway, waiting for him or one of his companions to show themselves.

Josiah pulled back, waiting. As he knew they would, the men approached him, trying to flush him out. Waiting until the last minute, Josiah sprang out and shot both of them. Grinning savagely in victory, Josiah quickly scanned the area, looking for the next threat.

He stalked down the hallway, checking each door he came to. In one of the side rooms, he confronted three more villains trying to hide their contraband. The one closest to him opened fire, causing Josiah to jump back quickly. He fired back, only to realize he was out of ammunition. Ducking away, he reloaded as fast as he could and caught the first man as he came out of the doorway.

Stepping forward, Josiah fired a burst through the open door, hoping to pin down the men inside. When he looked in, he saw another of the men dead on the floor. The third man had taken cover behind a large crate where he proceeded to fire at the door. Josiah waited until the man stopped firing then stepped into the doorway and emptied his clip into the crate. He was rewarded with a hoarse cry as the other man fell out from behind the crate.

As Josiah stepped forward to check on the man a shot whizzed past him from behind. Josiah quickly ducked behind the crate, using it now for his own cover. He had to reload again, then fired over and over as a seemingly unlimited number of suspects came through the door, all trying their hardest to kill him.

The ringing of a phone distracted him. Josiah desperately tried to regain his focus, to concentrate on the peril he was in. The phone rang again. Followed closely by several shots.

"Hellfire and damnation!" Josiah exclaimed as blood spurted and he fell to the ground.

Groaning, he pulled his body upright and stumbled to the phone, trying to ignore the stiff muscles and joints. "What!" he barked.

"Just wondering where you were, old son," Buck's voice drawled. "Thought you was gonna meet us at the Saloon tonight?"

Josiah looked at the clock. It was almost seven forty-five, and they were supposed to meet at seven. "I'll be there in fifteen," he promised.

He turned back to the TV, grunting in disgust at the large floating letters on the screen that proudly declared that he was dead. "Damn JD and his video games," he grumbled.

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