A Simple Matter Of A Gunbelt
(Old West)

by Lissa Grinstead
BrigaDear Award 2000 - Old West Adult Fic

Wish I may, wish I might,
I just do not have the rights.
Mirish and MGM,
Trilogy, they own them.

(Okay...the poem sucks...but it boils down to Ezra and Buck arenít mine. I am not claiming ownership of those characters. And Iím not trying to make money off of this work.)

She had known she had to have him from the moment she first laid her eyes upon him. That had been two months ago. Two months when she had tried every ruse in the book to subtly get his attention. She'd fallen near him. He had assisted her to her feet. She had 'lost' something important by placing it in a discrete location, then gone to him in tears over it. He had helped her find it.

But he had never once shown the slightest interest.

She had resorted to more direct tactics, by dressing in more flattering colors in clothes that fit her better. She'd tried several different hair styles, putting her lustrous blonde hair up high on her head and allowing it to go free ...in short, every style she could think of.

And all she had succeeded in doing was attracting the notice of Buck Wilmington.

But Ezra Standish had never given her more than a tip to his hat. He was ever the consummate gentleman. Damn him.

Well, Elissa was having no more of it.

+ + + + + + +

Elissa waited impatiently until Ezra went to the saloon. She knew he would be there for at least three hours, longer if he was on a winning streak. Once he left, she crossed the street and went down the alley to the back entrance of the hotel. She climbed the back stairwell and entered the building, making her way to Ezra's room.

He was going to notice her tonight.

Elissa picked the lock to Ezra's room and let herself in. She walked over to his bed and ran her fingers over the covers. They were soft. She smiled at she looked at the pattern of the quilt. She sat down on Ezra's bed and waited. So many times she almost got up and left, without letting him know she'd been there.

"No, it is now or never," she whispered to herself. "Tonight, or not at all." But she shook nervously.

What if he didn't want her?

+ + + + + + +

Ezra sat at the table and played poker. He was paying only half attention to the game; he kept thinking about Elissa Devereaux, the young lady he'd met only recently. From the first time he saw her, he wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her. No, he wanted to do more than that.

Every time he saw her, it was all he could do to maintain a gentlemanly distance. All he wanted to do was throw her over his shoulder and carry her to his room.

But a gentleman would never do that to an unwilling lady.

Ezra finished the shot of whiskey before him and stood up, collecting his winnings. "Gentleman, I'm afraid I must cease at this juncture."

He ignored the remarks of protests and walked out the door. He looked toward the bathhouse and considered visiting. Instead he stopped at the front desk of the hotel and ordered a bath to be delivered to his room. Then he walked up to his room and opened the door.

Quickly he shut the door without entering the room. Ezra looked down the hallway. He looked again at his door. This was indeed his room. Once again he opened the door and entered.

Elissa Devereaux had been sitting on his bed the first time he entered. She appeared lost in thought but had looked up at his entry.

The second time he entered, she was on her way out. And she was in tears.

Ezra caught her in his arms as she started to dart past him.

"Miss Devereaux?" he said. The statement was several questions in and of itself. Why are you here, what do you need, what is the matter, may I help, may I kiss you? All of those questions were asked by his saying her name. He held her close to him.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Standish." He could hear so many statements in her apology. I'm sorry to disturb you. I'm sorry you don't want me. I'm sorry; let me go.

But he wasn't going to let her go. How could he? She had been haunting his dreams for too long. Ezra placed his face near her hair and took a deep breath. He reveled in the smell of lilacs that he detected. His heart beat more quickly.

Ezra shut the door behind him, still holding onto her. He lifted her face and covered her mouth with his. He was gambling on the reason she had been there.

At first, the kiss was hesitant, but as she sighed against him he deepened it. He felt Elissa wrapping her arms around him, and he pulled her closer.

Regretfully, Ezra pulled away from the woman before him and looked into her eyes. "Darlin, Are you all right with this?"

Elissa nodded at him and took a deep breath. She smiled at him, and he could see the passion darkening her eyes as she looked at him.

Ezra smiled at her and brushed his hand lightly against her cheek. Then he kissed her again. His fingers slowly moved up her neck, loosening her hair so that it cascaded freely down her back. Ezra kissed her cheek then her neck.

Elissa clung to him and moaned softly when he began to lightly nuzzle her neck. Ezra moved his hands down her back, gently unbuttoning her dress. He felt her fingers moving to his cravat, and he smiled as she loosened the knot that held it. Elissa then unbuttoned his waistcoat and finally his shirt.

At the feel of her nimble fingers against his flesh, Ezra reclaimed her mouth in a kiss that was both tender and violent. He held her closer to him and walked with her to the bed, never breaking the kiss. Finally he pulled away and regarded her with a gentle smile.

Ezra removed his jacket and vest. But when he reached for his gun belt, Elissa put her hand on his and shook her head. She pushed his shirt off of his shoulders and kissed him. Ezra removed her dress and looked at her. He groaned when he felt her hand fumbling with the buttons on his slacks.

She stepped closer to him and kissed his shoulder. Within a few moments, she was standing before him clad in nothing but her passion. Ezra was wearing only his gun belt, for everytime he tried to remove it, she stayed his hand, though she had allowed him to remove the gun.

He picked her up and carried her to his bed and laid her upon it.

+ + + + + + +

She couldn't believe it. When he had slammed the door at the outset, she just knew he was angry, but now her heart was beating so quickly as his kisses made her blood pump fire through her veins. His hands were setting fire to her in many other ways. She moaned as he took her breast in his hand and caressed her.

"Ezra," she breathed.

He looked up at her and smiled ever so slightly, then he cupped one hand under her chin and lightly nibbled at her lips, never completely enveloping her mouth, just slightly licking her lips. Elissa grasped his shoulders and clasped him to her.

She could feel his gun belt pressing up against the soft flesh of her stomach...but instead of being painful, it was erotic and enticing.

Ezra explored her body. Slowly, meticulously, deliberately his fingers explored her silky depths while his mouth caressed her skin.

She was lost in the sensations he was creating within her. She reveled in the feel of his flesh under her fingers and against her.

She clung to him. All she needed was him...all she could see was him. For this moment, her world was Ezra Standish.

+ + + + + + +

He could feel it. The heat radiating off of her body, the fevered pitch of her moans. Ezra kissed her. He claimed each inch of her body with his mouth. All thoughts of anything besides Elissa were driven from his mind.

He moaned when she reached for his member, already aching to be touched. But she didn't touch him. Instead she positioned her hand over his holster. She gazed at him, then turned his eyes to watch her hands. She caressed the holster lightly at first, gently, slowly trailing her fingers over the taut leather. Then she quickened the pace of her caress. Ezra nearly groaned at the thought of her fingers doing that to him.

As if that weren't torture enough, she kissed his chest. She changed her position so that she was practically kneeling beside him. With a wicked gleam in her eye, she licked the holster. Ezra groaned.

Elissa finally reached for his throbbing manhood and repeated what she had done to the holster. Ezra threw his head back when he felt her lips wrap around him and lightly, ever so lightly, tease him with the tip of her tongue.

Ezra reached for her and pulled her up to him. He could almost stand no more. Ezra smiled down upon the vision of loveliness before him as he felt her legs wrap around his hips. He positioned the tip of his manhood at her entrance and slowly entered her.

Her eyes closed as she tilted her head back and moaned. Ezra captured her mouth once again, his tongue fencing with hers. He gradually picked up the pace, reveling in the sounds he was eliciting from her.

It was a moment which lasted forever but was over entirely too soon. Ezra cupped her face within his hands and kissed her lightly. He could hold back no longer and quickened his motions until she screamed out his name and he collapsed against her, his energy nearly spent.

He lay down beside her and kissed her once again, still caressing her. He could taste the salt of her sweat and found it intoxicating.

Suddenly she groaned, and Ezra looked to where his hand was resting. Right at her hip, where his gun belt had rubbed against her, was a scraping bruise. "Darlin," he whispered to her. "I'm sorry."

She smiled at him and shook her head. Ezra quickly removed the belt. He kissed her lightly again and pulled her to him. "Stay with me tonight?" he asked.

And Elissa smiled.

There was a knock on the door. Ezra smiled over at her. "I ordered a bath on my way up. It appears that it is being delivered."

She stretched languorously and kissed him. "I'll wash your back for you."

Ezra enfolded her in his arms, nodding. "Sounds quite pleasant, Darlin. Quite pleasant indeed."


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