Good For You
(Old West)

by Jade Standish

Chris Larabee was only aware of three things: a pair of warm lips nipping at his neck, a pair of warm hands ghosting across his chest, and the teasing light in an even warmer pair of green eyes. He reached up and ran his hands through the gleaming chestnut hair, pulling Ezra's head up until he could meet the Southerner's lips. He moaned as he felt a tongue licking at his lips, then sliding inside his mouth. Chris's eyes drifted shut as his tongue lazily danced with Ezra's. He felt Ezra's hands sliding lower, and he arched up into the touch.

Chris heard his own voice moaning Ezra's name as he awoke. He glanced around the darkened room in confusion for moment, then realized that he was alone. He sat up and ran a shaking hand through his hair, groaning when he remembered just who he had been dreaming about. Again.

The gunslinger began pulling on his clothes when he realized that he wasn't going to be able to get back to sleep. He glanced over at the black duster that hung off the back of a chair, but decided to forgo it this time.

He walked quietly down from his room and headed toward the saloon, hoping a glass of whiskey would calm him enough to return to sleep. The lights were still burning, but Chris couldn't see anyone as he pushed through the doors. He had just reached the bar when the sound of shuffling cards penetrated his brain. He turned and saw Ezra seated at one of the back tables, dressed in only his shirt sleeves.

The gambler never looked up from his cards as Chris walked toward his table, simply watching them fly between his fingers. He only looked up when the gunslinger pulled out a chair and sat opposite him.

"Mr. Larabee. I assume that you also have been plagued by a bout of insomnia?"

"Guess you could say that. What's keepin' you up, Ezra?"

Ezra sighed as he stilled his cards and ran one hand through his hair. "Nothing that I wish to speak about, Mr. Larabee."

Chris looked more closely at the gambler, for the first time noticing the dark circles under his normally vibrant green eyes and the lines around his mouth. "You feelin' okay, Ez?"

Ezra's eyes hardened as his poker face slammed down. "I am perfectly well, Mr. Larabee. Why all the sudden concern about my well-being?"

Chris sighed. "Can't I just be concerned about ya, Ez? Is that so hard to believe?"

"Mr. Larabee, you have never shown any hint of regard for me before. In fact, you seem to believe that the world would be a better place if I was not in it. Therefore, I must assume that this sudden showing of concern comes with a price tag, and I do wish that you would simply tell me what it is and be done with it." The gambler looked almost embarrassed at his sudden outburst and lowered his head, his fingers beginning to fidget with his cards again.

Chris closed his eyes and sighed. It was time to be honest and he'd simply have to hope that Ezra didn't shoot him. "I know I haven't shown it, but I don't hate you and I don't mistrust you. I'm sorry if I hurt you, but I figured it was safer if I just kept my distance."

Ezra glanced up at the gunslinger, his poker face replaced by a mix of curiosity and a guarded hope. "And why, Mr. Larabee, did you feel safer keeping your distance from me? Were you afraid that I was going to shoot you?"

Chris shook his head, a wry smile on his face. "No, I was afraid that I was going to kiss you."

"And why would you want to do that, Mr. Larabee?" There was no hint of anger on Ezra's face, only a sincere desire to understand Chris's motives.

Chris groaned silently. This was not a conversation he had ever planned on having, especially with the gambler. "I could try ta come up with all kinds of excuses, but I'm not gonna. I want to kiss ya cause I think I love ya, Ez."

Ezra's eyes widened and his deck of cards slipped from suddenly numb fingers. "Whatever gave you that idea, Mr. Larabee?" His normally smooth voice cracked slightly and his accent had suddenly thickened.

Chris leaned forward, resting his hands on the table near Ezra's. "It was right after your ma came to town. I finally realized just how amazing it was that you were as good a man as you were." He lowered his head for a moment, then glanced back up at the gambler. "Part of the reason I've been so hard on ya is cause I wanted ya."

"So you desire me. That I can understand, so please do not feel that it is necessary for you to profess any stronger feelings." Ezra's poker face had returned, but there was still a hint of sadness in his eyes.

Chris had finally had enough. "I don't feel like it's 'necessary' ta lie to ya, Ez." He rose from his chair and stalked toward the Southerner, leaning against the back of his chair. He leaned down until his face was only inches from Ezra's. "Yeah, I desire ya. But I also think I love ya, and I'd like a chance to find out if I do. And I think you want the same thing."

Ezra looked up at Chris, unsure if he was telling the truth. "Mr. Larabee..."

"Shh." Chris slid one finger against Ezra's lips, silencing him. "I don't talk much so now that I've started, let me finish. I don't want just one night. I want you ta be happy, and I think I could help ya. I think I could be good for you."

Ezra didn't get a chance to answer as Chris leaned down and took his lips, gently swiping them with his tongue. The gambler moaned, allowing Chris's tongue to slide into his mouth. When the need for air drove them apart, Ezra simply looked at the gunslinger with slightly dazed green eyes.

"Tell me to stop, that you don't want this, and we'll both forget this ever happened. But if we go any further, then it's for keeps." Chris backed away from Ezra's chair to give the gambler some room. He bit back a moan as Ezra licked his lips, then glanced down at the cards that were spread across the table.

Ezra's eyes locked onto two of the cards. The ace of spades was lying next to the queen of hearts. He glanced up at Chris once more, seeing the desire and what looked like fear in his eyes. The gambler sighed, decision made.

"I think that, perhaps, I might be good for you, too."

"Are you sure about this, Ez?" Chris wanted to be sure that he gave Ezra every chance to say no, no matter how much he wanted the gambler to say yes.

Those words told Ezra that Chris was being sincere. He smiled as he rose from his chair, leaving his cards where they lay. "What I am certain about, Chris, is that if you do not kiss me again, I shall become very irate."

Chris grinned as he pulled the gambler closer and captured his lips once again. He moaned as he felt his shirt being untucked and Ezra's hands sliding under it to glide up and down his back. His knees nearly buckled when Ezra began sucking on his tongue. He pulled his mouth away from Ezra's but was unable to speak as the gambler simply reached up to lick at his earlobe instead.

When he finally was able to speak, his voice was little more than a low throaty growl. "If we don't move this up ta your room now, we'll never make it up there and I don't wanna explain to Inez what happened down here."

Ezra paused and glanced down, noticing that his and Chris's shirts were both somehow unbuttoned. "You might be right, Chris." He suddenly found himself being pushed up the stairs toward his room by a very eager gunslinger. He managed to pull out his room key by the time they reached the door, but he was unable to put it in the lock. Chris had taken the opportunity to slide his hand inside Ezra's open shirt and was lightly brushing his fingertips across Ezra's nipples.

"Ah cannot open the door if you continue to do that, Chris." Ezra's voice was husky and his drawl was much thicker than normal. He was able to slide the key in the lock when Chris removed his hand, but he nearly broke it off when the gunslinger began to grind his hips into his ass.

He finally managed to get the door open and as soon as they both were inside, he turned and pushed Chris up against the door. He ignored the gunslinger's mouth, nipping and sucking at his neck instead. He slowly ran his hands up under the black shirt, allowing Chris to move away from the door long enough to push it off his shoulders.

Ezra moved lower, his lips marking a fiery trail down Chris's chest. He savored every moan that passed the gunslinger's lips as he licked and sucked his way across his chest. He felt hands tangle in his hair and allowed himself to be pulled back up.

Chris gazed into Ezra's passion-filled eyes and nearly forgot what he had intended to say. "Bed, Ezra." When Ezra didn't move, Chris began slowly pushing him backwards across the room, sliding the shirt off the gambler's shoulders as he went. He pushed Ezra back onto the bed, then growled as Ezra pulled him down on top of him. He rolled them both over until Ezra was lying sprawled across his body, a familiar light in his green eyes.

"I've dreamed about this." Chris wasn't even aware that he had spoken aloud until he saw Ezra smile.

"So have I." Ezra licked a path around Chris's ear, grinning at the groans he provoked. "You've been keeping me up at night."

Chris's groans grew louder as he felt Ezra's hands fumbling at the waistband of his jeans. He let the gambler work at it for a moment, then pulled away only long enough to take care of them himself as Ezra did the same. He ran his hands up the gambler's back, moaning as Ezra took his mouth. He knew neither one of them would last long and began rocking his hips up into Ezra's. Moments later, both men collapsed, spent.

The room was silent for a moment and Chris glanced at the man still in his arms. He smiled when he saw the peaceful expression on Ezra's face.

"You were correct, Chris. You are good for me."

The gunslinger leaned up to capture Ezra's lips in a gentle kiss. "You're pretty good for me, too, Ez. I love ya."

Ezra smiled. "And I you, Chris."


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