Finding Me

by GoneToTheDogs

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Author's Note: This little PWP came to me in the shower which was kind of annoying because I had failed to bring paper and pen with me.

The undercover man sat in his living room still dressed in his filthy, wrinkled suit. After three weeks undercover the bust had gone down without any problems. The bad guys were on their way to jail and he had a 48 hour grace period to get his report in.

He sipped his scotch and tried to remember his real name. Lord, he was tired but he knew there would be no sleep, not yet. He jumped when the doorbell rang. He should have been expecting it but somehow he was still surprised. He was too tired to move but not answering was not an option.

He sat his drink on the end table, crossed the floor and opened the door to admit Vin Tanner.

No words were spoken. Vin took him by the shoulders and walked him down the hall to the master bath. Vin started the water then turned to strip him of his clothing. He then watched as Vin removed his own. They stepped into the shower together. After making a slight adjustment to the water temperature Vin reached for the shampoo. Standing behind him Vin gently washed his hair. Massaging his scalp moving from the front of his head to the back over and over again until the foam was completely rinsed out. Next Vin reached for the sponge and body wash. Reaching around him as he washed his chest, arms and moved to his back carefully avoiding any of his personal "hot spots". There was no attempt to arouse as Vin washed away the remnants of the Eddie Saunders persona the undercover man had been living in for three weeks. His breath was caught in a half sob at the thought of that name. He didn’t want to go back there, not even in his mind.

"Easy Ace. You’re here with me now." Vin’s voice was gentle and soothing as he wrapped his arms around his love and let the water wash the stranger away.

The water was turned off and they stepped out of the shower. The undercover man was dried by a big thick bath sheet wrapped around the two of them. Then he was walked out the door to the bedroom.

As they slid into the bed he was taken into familiar loving arms.

"I love you Ezra P Standish," Vin whispered, lips brushing his ear. Then with Ezra resting against his chest Vin began, "There was this time you, me and Buck took JD to Vegas for his birthday and you won all that money at poker. JD got drunk and passed out and Buck convinced him that he had stripped and danced naked in the fountain."

Ezra drifted off to sleep as his lover told him the stories of his real life.

Later he would wake up and they’d make love, but for now all he needed was this man holding him and telling him who he really was.


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