Ezra's Ride
(Old West)

by Roger

Summary: Ezra and Chris are together, but does Ezra really love Chris? Does Chris really love Ezra, or is he looking at Vin a little too much? Will Vin come between Chris and Ezra?
Author's Notes: This story contains adult situations, violence, sex, language, OOC.

Chapter One
(The Slap)

It started out like any other night in Four Corners. The stores were closed, the streets were deserted, the saloon was packed. It was almost midnight when Chris walked through the batwing doors. He stopped for just a moment, looking around as if surveying his surroundings. Then he spied his lover, Ezra Standish, sitting over in the corner alone, shuffling cards. Chris smiled and headed over to where Ezra was. "Hello, Ezra. What's happening?" asked Chris.

"Not a hell of a lot," answered Ezra as he used his foot to slide out a chair for Chris.

"How come you're sitting here all alone?" asked Chris.

"Waitin' for you."

"What for?" questioned Chris.

"We need to have a talk," Ezra replied.

"What about?"

"I heard that you and Vin were havin' a private conversation today," replied Ezra. "And, maybe, there was even some flirting going on."

"There wasn't," lied Chris. "We were just talkin'."

"Well, I don't like it," said Ezra. "And, it better not happen again."

"I can talk to whoever I like," replied Chris.

Chris didn't have time to react before Ezra's open hand connected with the side of Chris' face. The sound of the slap carried all around the saloon. It got real quiet as everyone looked to see what was going on. Chris rubbed the reddening spot and could feel the tears filling his eyes.

"Please don't hit me again," sobbed Chris.

"I'll do what I want to with my bitch," growled Ezra as everyone except Vin laughed.

Vin slowly walked over to where Ezra and Chris were. "Don't do that again, Ezra," snarled Chris.

"Who's going to stop me?" demanded Ezra. "You, bounty hunter?"

"If I have to," replied Vin. "And, that's ex-bounty hunter."

"You'd better just keep walking," growled Ezra.

"And, if I don't?" said Vin.

"Now, wait," sobbed Chris, "I don't want you two fighting over me."

"Shut up, bitch," said Ezra as he slowly stood up.

Vin's hand dropped to the gun that he wore at his side, but Ezra was two seconds faster. Ezra's gun barked, spitting fire and lead. Vin spun around, a bullet in his shoulder, spewing blood. Nathan was there in a flash, pulling Vin to the side.

Ezra holstered his pistol and looked at Chris. "Crawl your ass out of here, Chris. Wait for me over at the jail, I'll be there in a second." Chris got up to leave. "I said to crawl out."

Chris fell on his hands and knees and started to crawl towards the batwing doors. The laughter that filled the saloon was humiliating, but not as bad as the words he heard. "Look at the Prairie Fairie!" he heard one voice yell.

"Is she the queen of the cowgirls?!" yelled another voice.

When Chris finally reached the outside, he couldn't stop his stomach from heaving. Then, he threw up. He finally got up and walked over to the jail to wait for Ezra. He hated nights like this. He knew how Ezra would be. He knew what he was going to want to do.

---End Chapter One---
(Chapter Two coming soon)

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