Ezra Briosa
(Old West)

by Lin

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and not intended to infringe upon the copyright of Mirisch Corp., MGM, Trilogy Entertainment, or CBS. The Magnificent Seven characters belong to them. This piece was written solely for the enjoyment of the author and readers.

Shortly after dusk a young boy of 15 arrives in Four Corners.He pulls his horse up in front of the hotel.He dismounts then reaches up to help his 6 year old sister down.After tethering the horse to the post he grabs their travelbag,then taking his sisters hand leads her to the hotel.After securing a room for the night he exits the hotel with his sister in tow and heads to the saloon.

"Well, my, my. Fortune is indeed smiling upon me tonight." Ezra says as he collects the pot after having won again.

The man who he has been playing cards with glares at Ezra.

"Mr.Thompson,you should not bet something you are not willing to part with." Ezra says as he holds up the deed to the saloon.

"One more hand!" Thompson demands slamming his fist on the table.

"And what will you be betting with?" Ezra asks.

"I demand a chance to win the saloon back!" Thompson says as he stands and draws his gun.

"When you have something to bet with then we shall talk." Ezra tells him. His derringer suddenly appearing as if out of nowhere and is pointed directly at Thompson's chest.

Vin and J.D appear suddenly behind Ezra, hands on the handles of their guns. Seeing the two men standing behind Ezra, Thompson stomps out of the saloon. "You haven't seen the last of me Standish!" He yells pushing past two young children who are standing in the entrance to the saloon.

"You think he's here Eb?" The young girl asks her brother.

"Only one way to find out." Eb replies and enters the saloon followed by his sister.

Just then Buck and Chris enter the saloon.

"Which one do you think is the man named Ezra," The girl asks.

"Sshhh Cathay," Eb says.

"Do you think he is here Eb? Like momma said."

"Quiet Cathay."

"You kids lost?" Buck inquires.

The two turn around and see Buck and Chris standing behind them. "We're looking for a man named Ezra." Cathay tells them. "Momma said..."

"Ssshhh Cathay don't tell them anything," Eb says, cutting his sister off.

"Does this Ezra person have a last name?" Chris asks.

"Ezra won the saloon." J.D informs Buck and Chris as he walks up beside them.

"He is here Eb," Cathay says as she starts looking around the room.

"You don't think..." Buck says looking at Chris.

"Don't think what?" Ezra asks as he and Vin join the men.

"These two youngsters here are looking for a man named Ezra." Chris tells him. Vin, J.D and Buck all turn and look curiously at Ezra.

"What?" Ezra says looking back at the three men. "I have never seen either of these children before." Ezra says.

"Are you Ezra Standish?" Eb asks looking at Ezra.

"Yes, that is my name," Ezra replies. "And what by chance might your name be young man?"

"My name is Ezra Briosa and this is my sister Cathay," Eb tells him. "Our mother sent us here to find you."

"Are you sure I'm the man your looking for?" Ezra says. "As far as I can recall I don't know anyone by the name of Briosa."

"You probably knew her by her maiden name Althea Davenport."

"Ali sent you?" Ezra responds. "Why... How old are you boy?" Ezra asks suddenly.


"My god," Ezra says as his eyes widen.

Part One

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