Entertainment Tonight!
(Men In Tights)


by MAC

Author's Note: Cowboy Dreams Mistletoe Challenge Answer
Completed: 24 December 2004

The music curled around their shoulders, warm and low. Humming along, Ezra sung under his breath, along with the tenor... "chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping-"


Stunned, Standish looked up into irritated dark blue eyes. "Ezra, quiet down or I'll show you roasted nuts alright." Buck's impatient growl wasn't quite teasing.

Before the taller agent could shove Standish, clearly his intent, a lean, blond shape slipped in between them.

"Buck, back off."

Chris nudged his oldest friend in the ribs with a sharp elbow, eliciting a woof of air and whispered curse. Then Chris turned toward his other friend, wrapping an arm around him and reeling him in close, ignoring a sputtering stream of hushed German curse words, at least, that's the language he was guessing that Ezra had resorted to. He leaned in and caught the still moving lips in a deep kiss, letting his arm run up until his hand slid into that fine, thick chestnut hair and secured Ezra's skull in position. He wasn't bothered by the pointed green cap that fell to the floor. Even as his lips curled up at the corners, he pressed his kiss on the lips of the now well-positioned, rock-steady head of his younger friend. Parting lips that had softened and were returning his touch, he swiped the inside of Ezra's familiar, moist, tasty cavern and then pulled back, making a popping sound with his mouth as his lips parted from lush, eager ones.

Chris grinned down into Ezra's starry eyes for a moment, then he shifted his gaze over to squint at Buck. "THAT's how you hush him up, Buck."

Wilmington grinned good-naturedly and shrugged, irritation gone, watching as Larabee settled Standish deeper into his hug, nestling the man against his chest. Just then, the opening chords of their number sounded. He was due to go on first. He straightened his elf hat and flashed the boys, all dressed in green tights, a wide grin, then spun away from them on out onto the small temporary stage of the St. Phillip's Home for Wayward Boys. Showtime!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT! (The boys are definitely planning on it...)

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