(Dark Knights)

by Crow

Warning: This is an Adult story with slash/ a male/male relationship if that is not something you can handle turn back now.
Author's Note: I have several ideas on more stories in this Verse. I am calling it the Dark Knights Verse. It is a shapshifters/Were verse. It is open; I only ask that all stories be sent to me before being posted anywhere. I do as I said have ideas for where this story will go and although I welcome any stories that this may inspire I request the right to say if those stories are canon or not in my Verse.
Disclaimer: I don't own the guys or anything but my verse and this story idea.
Dedication: This story is for my luv Sam who demanded I 'get to the good stuff' right now.

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It was four days after the attack and the regulators' second night back in town. They had stayed out at Chris's shack giving Ezra not only time to heal from his wound as well as give him time to adjust and wrap his mind around the fact that his friends and now himself were shapeshifters, a pack. That in a few more days' time he would be forced into the shape of a wolf if he didn't manage it beforehand. They had spent the time answering his questions and telling him what to expect as the changes started. They explained pack life and laws to him and introduced him to pack mannerisms.

Chris and Vin spent as much time in private with him as they could manage talking him through the physical act of shifting, showing him repeatedly and encouraging him as he tried to willfully shift. He'd managed to change his ears a few times and his nose twice as well as add patches of fur to his body on occasion. Both Vin and Chris were patient with him and positive that he could do it, they didn't tease him just pointed out that he was doing real well.

Nathan stayed close under the guise of his usual mother henning while Ezra was up and about the town during the day when Chris and Vin couldn't do lessons with him. He had to pull the young man into a dark alley once and up to his room twice when high emotions caused ears to change or fur to start sprouting unexpectedly.

They all ate together more often and those not on patrol or on information gathering trips to outlaying farms tended to stay close together. None let Ezra out of their sight.

Ezra grew frustrated at the constant feel of eyes on him and what he felt was a lack of progress in his ability to shift and the over protective actions of his friends. He had spent most of his life being unwanted and abandoned; having no one showing him the care the other lawmen did now. Moreover, the constant heated glimpses between him and Chris and occasional brush of flesh as hands met or limbs brushed in an innocent looking dance frustrated him no end. Chris had refused to lie with the southerner until he'd healed some and as endearing as it was it kept him on edge with desire for more intimate acts.

The regulators were sitting at their regular table in the saloon having finished a meal and some drinks when after several more touches and a low growl from Chris when a man seemed ready to approach Ez for a game of cards, Ezra decided he'd had enough. He watched as the glare and growl sent the stranger out the batwing doors towards the hotel and then turned his own glare on the man in black.

"Mister Larabee may I speak with you in a more private locale? Now." The small southerner stood crisply and stalked away up the stairs towards his room. He didn't even look back to see if the taller man was following just kept going and left the door open as he stalked over to the window by his rocking chair. He stared out as he listened to the sound of spurs come closer and the snick as the door latched. He listened as the spurs moved closer to him and whirled around when they stopped behind him. He brought his hands up and pummeled the strong chest in front of him. Words expressing his nerves and anxiety of all he'd been through and would go through the next few days spilled out without him even realizing it.

"How dare you!? How dare you chase away everyone who comes near me!? You act as if you have claim on me but do nothing! I work hard with you and Vin and still nothing! I 'm afraid and I... I... don't want to be... I don't... don't like this... I detest being frightened...!"

Strong arms wrapped around him pulling him closer and pinning his own arms between them as Chris lowered his head to whisper in Ezra's ear, "Shhh... It's alright Ez. I know you're scared. It's gonna be all right." Chris breathed deeply smelling the smaller man's unique scent and then nuzzled behind the small perfect ear. "Everything is gonna go right on the full moon and that mangy pack ain't never gonna lay a finger on ya again. I'll rip them apart if they try."

Both men pulled their heads back enough to look into each other's eyes and share silent comfort and reassurances. Slowly eyes slid shut as mouths met in a sweet tender kiss. The kiss slowly turned more and more passionate as Chris tightened his hold of the smaller man and one hand slid up into the silky auburn hair cradling the head of his mate. Ezra's hands flattened on the muscular chest and began mapping the taut lean lines and to tease the nipples hardening through the homespun shirt.

One hand left Ezra's waist and began removing the fine clothes demanding flesh-to-flesh contact. The gambler's own hands began to remove the gun belt and clothes keeping him from the body beneath. Hunger and desire raged in both men and before either realized it, both were naked and rubbing together, still locked in a consuming kiss. Chris moved Ezra slowly back until he had gently laid the other man out on the feather bed, he took a moment to ravage the younger man with his eyes laying claim to all that was before him and staking it as his. He stretched himself out on top of his love and kissed him again as hands mapped and memorized bodies. Soon he released the tempting plump lips and worked down the strong jaw line.

Chris found his goal of the slender long neck that arched beneath him and couldn't resist latching on and leaving his mark behind. He ground his hips down into the other's as a moan of pleasure escaped Ezra. The younger man's fingers raked down the back of his lover and tried to pull him closer. Soon both men were rubbing, touching, and kissing franticly as the passion built and threatened to scorch both.

"Chris... mmmm... aaahhh... pleeeaassse. Uuhh... need you." Ezra managed to get out the plea as the sensations the older man caused in his body overwhelmed him.

Chris grabbed the expensive hand oil on the nightstand, popped the corked top off, and poured some onto his hand. He put the bottle back and then coated a few fingers in the oil. He slowly inserted one finger into his mate's warm entrance, he worked the guardian flesh and the channel loosening it and slowly added another finger and then another. He watched enraptured at the responsiveness of his love whose head thrashed on the pillows and whose teeth ravaged the bottom lip he loved to suckle on. The blond knew the smaller man was ready when he started thrusting down on the fingers invading his body. Chris coated his aching manhood with the remaining oil and then leaned over his love and pressed into the heated welcoming body.

Chris shallowly thrust in slowly deepening the thrust until he was fully sheathed in the enveloping furnace of his mate's body. Once in all the way he stilled allowing Ezra to adjust, when the lean strong legs wrapped around his waist and tried to pull him deeper he began to thrust deep and hard so his claim would be felt for a few days. Just before taking those honey lips again with a possessive kiss, he stated his claim. "Mine! My mate!"

Ezra felt a tremble overcome him at the possession in the statement and the pleasure that coursed through him knowing the truth of it. "Yours my mate," was whispered in deep southern honey as his mouth was taken, a moan escaped as Ezra gave back as good as he got.

The heat and passion grew and the rhythm became wild as they worked to completion. Moans, keening, and sounds of flesh against flesh filled the room. Pleasure overwhelmed them and both cried out for the other as they climaxed one right after the other and then collapsed onto the bed.

Chris kept his mate tight against him and remained inside him not willing to loose the connection until nature took it from them as they both caught their breath and calmed. He nuzzled the sweet hair and rubbed one hand up and down the still heaving back as they lay entwined.

Ezra tucked his head contentedly in the hollow of the older man's shoulder and neck, the spot a perfect fit for him and as drowsiness overcame him he snuggled close as possible and muttered quietly, "My mate." Sleep overcame him but the last thing that registered in his mind was the whispered reply and the kiss placed on his head.

"Forever my mate."

The End... for now

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