(Old West)

by Kayim

Disclaimer: You actually think I own them? Cool.
Summary: Chris wonders how well he knows Ezra.
Rating: PG-13
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Chris and Ezra laid sprawled out across the huge feather bed, too warm to be under the covers. Despite the expanse of space, they were close enough for their bodies to touch from shoulder to ankle, neither wanting to lose the physical contact they had come to depend upon. Their hands rested between them, fingers entwined.

With a sigh, Chris turned his head to look at Ezra.

"Why so great a sigh?" Ezra asked, his free hand reaching out to brush a stray lock of hair from Chris's forehead.

Chris looked into Ezra's eyes, his pale blue connecting with the stunning emerald eyes that stared back at him. "I just realised that I know nothing about you."

Ezra gave a soft laugh. "You know every inch of me. There is no one who knows me nearly as intimately as you do." He pulled Chris's hand to his lips and planted a small kiss on the palm.

Curling his fingers to caress Ezra's cheek, Chris shook his head. "That's not what I mean, Ez, and you know it. I know more about each of the others than I know about you. I've met your mother," he added, before Ezra could interrupt, "but I don't know anything about where you grew up. Or how you got here. Or how you learnt to kiss so well..."

Ezra bestowed one of the prompted-for kisses on Chris's warm lips, relishing the slight saltiness of his sweat. With the ease of familiarity the kiss deepened, their mouths wet, hungry and desperate for each other. These moments were still rare for them - having to hide their relationship from the rest of the world was difficult. The few precious moments they had together were filled with love and physical contact.

A few moments later, Chris pulled away.

"Bored with me already?" Ezra asked, a fake look of hurt on his face.

"Never," he replied, planting a quick kiss on Ezra's forehead. "I'm just not going to let you distract me this time."

Ezra smiled and put up his hands. "You got me," he answered. "The sex was merely a cunning ploy to distract you from your investigation."

Chris glared, the stern look slightly less intimidating when accompanied by a pair of wandering hands.

"Hmmm, nice."

It took a lot to reduce Ezra to single-word sentences, but in their short time together, Chris had learnt almost every method.

"So, will you tell me?" Chris asked hesitantly. He knew that Ezra kept his past hidden for a reason and had already decided not to push further if the answer was no.

"I'll make a deal with you, Mr. Larabee," Ezra replied. "You promise to keep doing just what you're doing to me and I'll tell you anything you want..."


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