Part of the A Good Honest Man series

by Silver

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Note: Blame this one on Joe Diffe's 'So Help me Girl'... don't ask. Thanks to the bestest KS for being my friend and for being my beta... which ain't easy people believe me... A big thank to The Magnificent Two list for their wonderful encouragement. Jo Ann has been a saint and Antoinette has the patience of one. Without these Ladies there would be no Silver or this new series.

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Vin had seen the haunted look in his lover's eyes and saw the starkness that entered them when he asked Ezra to stay. He had seen the tears shimmering in them as he watched his Heart turn and walk out of his home and most likely his life. He felt his tears running freely down his face as he dropped back onto his pillow feeling the hole the gambler had just left in his heart. Ezra was scared he knew that in his heart but it hurt so much that the undercover agent could not let him into his heart.

Ezra was constantly trying to walk away from him, but that was impossible. Ezra was bound to him, as he was bound to Ezra. He would never get very far when he tried to leave him. Ezra just didn't realize his soul had been marked with a love stronger and tougher than anything he had ever encountered.

They were written in the star's that the gambler loved to watch so much. Just like the stars in the heavens, they would be together always. Vin knew it. He could feel the pull of their souls. He had fought against its pull at first, but had given in to the consuming need that was in his soul. It was too strong and he had never been the type to fight destiny. Just the kind to fight for it. He would fight for his lover and he would win in the end. Just as it had been written eons before.

All he had to do was figure out what he was fighting first. Ezra's fear and uncertainty, which was bad enough, or a past ghost that caused that fear and uncertainty in him.

His heart broken, Vin rolled over and let the tears flow as the pain consumed him.

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