Would You Care To Indulge In A Game Of Chance?
(Old West)

by Lissa Grinstead

It was a hot and muggy day in the town of Four Corners. Ezra Standish had his usual table in the corner, but he was sitting alone shuffling his cards. None of the other regulars had arrived and Ezra felt it was too hot to be out in the sun.

Ezra looked up as a woman entered the saloon. He hadn't seen her before, which meant she was new in town. He made it a point to know everyone who was around. He always had made a point to do this, and Ezra saw no reason to discontinue the practice now. Information was a commodity. and any commodity in the right hands could prove valuable.

But Ezra did not recognize this woman, this woman with reddish-gold hair that glowed like a halo around her delicate face. So he watched her surreptitiously, not wanting her to notice his interest in her.

She approached the bar and ordered a glass of whiskey. The bartender handed it to her, and she thanked him. Then she turned around, scanning the room. Her eyes settled on a handsome man sitting alone at a table, absently playing with a deck of cards. His face wore a bored expression.

She decided that the direct approach would be best and crossed over to his table, taking a chair directly across from him. "Would you care to indulge in a game of chance?" she asked him, innocently.

Ezra looked up at her approach. When he saw her sit down, he smiled broadly, allowing her to see his golden tooth. "Just what did you have in mind, my dear?" he asked.

She smiled at him coyly, then said, "I think a more private venue would be much more comfortable. It is far too crowded in here," she said as she indicated the near-empty room, "and I do dislike large crowds."

Ezra stared at her with his brilliant green eyes, smiled, and nodded his head. "I think I can accommodate that. If you would care to accompany me, I can escort you to my private game room." He stood and offered her his arm, which she took readily.

Ezra escorted her to the hotel and up to his room. She smiled broadly when she saw the room and immediately took a seat at the table.

Ezra asked, "What is your pleasure?"

"Poker." She smiled and reached into her bag, bringing out a deck of cards, which she began shuffling quite expertly as Ezra looked on in amazement.

"And the stakes?" Ezra asked.

She looked at him and said simply, "Me." Ezra raised his eyebrow and sat down at the table.

She dealt the first hand, absently making small talk, watching the man in the intoxicating red jacket and delectable black hat, and learned that his name was "Ezra." He received a pair of jacks and discarded three cards. She dealt him three more cards then looked at her hand. Ezra quietly said, "You still have not granted me with the pleasure of hearing your name."

She looked up from her hand, which contained three queens, and smiled. "Dealer stays," she said. As she revealed her cards, she said, "Francesca." Ezra revealed that he had three jacks, but she had three queens. She arched on eyebrow at him. "That means," she said to him, "that I must remove an article of your clothing."

Ezra nodded his head and motioned to take off his jacket.

"Oh no," she said as she wagged a finger at him. "You have misunderstood.I must remove it." She stood up and walked over to him. She trailed her fingers lightly over his body, all the time pondering his clothing, obviously trying to decide precisely what item to remove. Then she grinned. "Perhaps you are right. I really do like that jacket," she whispered close to his ear.

Francesca sat down across his lap and reached her hands around his waist, pressing them against his flesh as she ran them up his sides. Francesca stopped at his arm and removed her hands briefly. Francesca reached up and pushed the jacket off of his shoulders, bringing it down partially, but not quite removing it, effectively pinning his arms to his side. She raised one eyebrow and the lifted her face toward his and licked her lips. Francesca ran her tongue lightly across his jaw. Ezra turned his mouth toward her roving tongue and she backed up, shaking her head. Then Francesca removed his jacket completely and stood up, folding the jacket carefully as she walked back to her seat.

Ezra cleared his throat softly and reached for the cards. "My, my...." He shuffled the cards and dealt them out quickly. Francesca looked at her hand, and liked what she saw. She had four Sevens. But she did not show any indication of this to him. Francesca looked at the cards thoughtfully for a moment and then removed one. "I'd like one card please," Francesca said to him. Ezra removed one card from the top of the deck and passed it to her. She picked it up. Then he looked at his hand. He once again had three of a kind. "I'll take two," Ezra said. But he did not receive any additional help from the new cards. They laid their hands on the table. Francesca grinned. "Looks like I win again."

Once again Francesca stood and walked over to him, drinking in the sight of him with her eyes, tracing over his body with her glance. Then she smiled very slightly. The smile was a devious one that Ezra could not read. She knelt in front of him and massaged his right leg deeply, all the way up to where it joined his hip, then she traced her hands down his right leg to the bottom of the leg of his pants. Francesca gently raised his leg and rested it on her shoulder as she worked the pant leg slowly up. She reached the top of the boot with her fingertips, but she pressed her hand further up, caressing the flesh of his leg. Ezra looked at her in mild surprise, and she smiled up at him. Then Francesca turned her attention back to his leg. She lightly kissed the area of exposed flesh as she slowly removed his boot. Then Francesca did the same with his left leg. His expression indicated that this was one game of chance Ezra really did not mind losing.

The boots in her hand, Francesca crossed back to her seat and laid them next to the jacket. "I believe it is my deal," she said sweetly. Ezra nodded his head. She dealt out her hand and his. Francesca did not pick up the cards. He looked at his hand for a moment and looks at her. "I'll take three." She dealt him three cards, but did not touch her own. "I am going to stand on these," she said. He raised an eyebrow, and laid down two pair. Francesca smiled and slowly flipped over her cards, revealing to them both what she had. Three of a kind, which beat his two pair.

"My dear sir," Francesca said coyly as she slowly walked over to him, "it seems I have beaten you once again."

"That it does," Ezra whispered in anticipation, meeting her eyes.

Francesca once again sat on his lap. She reached up and ran her fingers lightly through his hair. Then she reached down to his right sleeve and lightly inserted her finger between the black garter around his arm, tracing around it slowly. Francesca pulled it down to his hands, but before she pulled it off, she brought his hand to her mouth. Francesca planted a kiss squarely in the middle of the palm, then she licked from the middle of his palm lightly up to the tip of his middle finger, stopping there to suck and nip at the finger lightly before moving on the other fingers on the hand, giving each one her complete attention. Then she took and placed his hand on her waist as she turned her attention to the left sleeve garter.

Ezra started to allow his hand to rove up her waist to her stomach, but Francesca looked at him sideways and smiled. Then she took his hand and placed it back firmly on her waist. Francesca gave his left hand the same ministrations she had given his right hand, then removed his hand from her waist and returned to her seat, placing the sleeve garters with the ever growing pile of clothing that Francesca had garnered from him.

"I believe it is my deal now," Ezra whispered. He looked quite flushed, but he was trying to hide it. Francesca nodded her head while smothering a grin. He shuffled the cards and dealt her a handful of hearts. "I'll stay," Francesca said. Ezra raised his eyebrow, but said nothing. Then he looked at his hand and said, "Dealer takes two." His cards were good, but did not beat her flush. Francesca stood up once again and walked over to him.

Francesca had decided on the belt before she reached him, but she also decided not to let him know just yet what she was going to take. Francesca straddled him. She bent forward and began to nip and suck on his ear; Ezra moaned. She trailed her fingers along the buttons of his shirt, but did not undo any of them. Then she moved her mouth down his jaw to begin licking his neck. Ezra took his hands and placed them on her face, bringing it up to meet his.

Before Ezra could kiss her, Francesca laughed lightly and said with a sly grin, "Oh no, You haven't won that yet." He looked at her in amazement. She rubbed her hands across his chest, savoring the feel of his pectoral muscles. Then Francesca shifted her weight on him, brushing up against him, intentionally teasing him into a state of excitement. She reached behind him and felt the outline of his back as Francesca pressed herself up close against him. Finally, she traced her hands back to the front of his trim waist and began to toy with the buckle, undoing the clasp and pulling it off.

"Thank you," Francesca said softly as she stood up, and once more went to her chair. She placed place the belt on the floor next to his boots, the jacket, and the garters.

Once again, Francesca dealt. Before either picked up their cards, Ezra said, "Let's make this round double or nothing."

Francesca raised her eyebrows. "You mean, winner takes two articles this time?"

Ezra nodded his head.

"Sounds fair to me," Francesca said slyly. They both picked up their cards. She looked at her cards, trying to hide the disappointment. She had dealt herself a straight, and she didn't want to win this hand. Francesca looked up at Ezra, who was contemplating his cards.

"I'll stay," Ezra said quietly.

Francesca nodded at him and looked at her straight. "Dealer takes two." She discarded two of the middle cards and drew two more. They gave her nothing.

Ezra laid down his cards and looked at hers. "You drew to an inside straight?" he whispered in amazement. He had two pair, tens high. "Well, my dear, this means that I win this hand."

Ezra stood up and surveyed her. Then he pulled her chair out from under the table, giving himself some room. Her desire for this man was intense, and Francesca looked eagerly into his green eyes.

"Well," Ezra said casually as he lowered himself to his knees, "where should I begin?" He reached up to her hair, held in place loosely by pins, and ran his hand up the back of her head, causing her lustrous reddish-blonde hair to cascade loosely around her shoulders. Ezra raised his eyebrows and pushed it back. Ezra placed his lips on her neck and nuzzled her softly, his warm breath sending chills down her spine. Ezra demonstrated quite readily with his right hand that his dexterity was not limited to shuffling cards as Ezra casually raised her skirt and petticoats above her knee, all the while still kissing her neck. He stopped when he' d raised her skirt as high as he intended to take it, for now.

"I believe that I shall start with your boots, my dear," Ezra said with a smile.

Francesca whimpered.

Ezra reached up her thigh, and lightly brushed his fingers across her legs, caressing the skin of her legs through the silken stockings Francesca was wearing. He worked his way down her leg and reached the lacing of her left boot. He untied the boot deftly with his right hand. His left hand began to explore her other leg. Then Ezra untied the right boot, and removed them both gently from her feet. He placed the boots on the floor next to him and then smiled at Francesca.

Ezra reached for her and pulled her face close to his. "I believe I have won a kiss this time," he said as he placed his lips on hers.

The kiss was meant to be a momentary distraction, for he reached up under her skirt, seeking the garter straps holding up her silk stockings. Ezra caressed her buttocks and located the strap. Working expertly, he undid first the right one in front, running his finger lightly across her, then the left. Ezra stood with her quickly, pressing her close to him. Francesca gasped as he reached behind her and undid the straps holding the stockings up in the back. He lowered her gently back to the seat, still kissing her hungrily. Francesca returned the kisses just as enthusiastically.

Ezra then released the kiss and focused his concentration on retrieving her stockings. With both hands now, he reached up her leg and started to roll the left stocking slowly down. He raised her skirt even higher, kissing the flesh of her leg as he exposed it. When the left stocking was completely his, Ezra rolled the right one this time, using only one hand to remove it. With the other hand, he deftly sought out the place between her legs and lightly brushed against it. Francesca moaned. He kissed down her right leg and when he reached her toes, he stood up, his prize of stockings in his hand and crossed back to his seat.

Francesca eyed him hungrily, breathing heavily.

"I believe it is my deal," Ezra said.

"You are quite right," Francesca said breathlessly. Ezra dealt the cards.

This time, Francesca received nothing to work with. Not that she was sorry, but still the cards were not in her favor. Or are they, she wondered to herself, but Francesca still took three cards.

The new cards did not help at all hand at all. Ezra kept his hand. The cards revealed that he had a straight. and Francesca had nothing, Ezra smiled broadly, lust clearly shining in his eyes, and stood up.

Ezra pulled the chair Francesca was sitting in closer to his own; she gazed at him, wondering what his next move would be. Her breath caught when she saw his eyes. He once again raised her skirt, but not her petticoat. He ran his hands tenuously up her leg to her waist, pulling her up by grasping her waist. Francesca threw her arms around him. Ezra bent down and kissed her passionately. His hands pulled at the string that secured her petticoat, which came tumbling to the floor. Ezra lifted her up and moved the petticoat aside with his foot. Gently, he lowered her feet back to the ground, bending her over in a deep dip before sitting her back down. Then he took one of her hands in his and brought it to his lips, kissing it tenderly. Ezra arched an eyebrow at her as he released her hand. Bending down, he swept up the petticoat and put it with her boots and stockings.

"I believe it is your deal," Ezra said quietly. Francesca nodded her head, and this time, the cards favored her. As her prize, her eyes settled on his shirt.

Francesca crossed over to him and straddled him again.

"I like that," Ezra whispered.

Francesca smiled at him. She reached around his waist, caressing him. She pressed herself close up against him.

Ezra reached around and held her closer to him.. "I cannot take this much more, my darling," he said between shallow breaths, as Francesca rocked slightly against him as if she were riding him. "I must have you," he insisted.

"But you haven't won me yet," Francesca said softly. Her eyes met his briefly as she bent down to kiss him. Ezra opened her mouth, probing his tongue between her teeth. For a moment, she let herself become absorbed in the kiss, then she broke it off with a sigh. Her eyes sparked, and Francesca grinned at him wickedly. She bent her head and began kissing his neck, stopping only when she reached the top button of his shirt.

Francesca parted her mouth, grabbing the button tab with her top teeth and securing the button in place with her bottom teeth, she slowly unfastened the button. Then she kissed the newly exposed flesh and moved to the next button. After a moment, Francesca slid herself off of his lap and spread his legs, kneeling before him. She continued working on the buttons until the last one was released. Ezra was gazing at her in amazement. His breath was coming rapidly. Once again Francesca straddled him, placing her arms around him, under the shirt. She rubbed up against the cloth of the cotton undershirt he was wearing. She pushed her hands up his back, bringing them out at the collar of the shirt. Francesca pulled it down. Then she brought her arms forward and pressed herself up close to him as she brought the shirt off of him completely, exposing the strength of his arms. Francesca kissed his shoulder gently. Then she stood up and folded the shirt.

"Your deal," Francesca said slyly.

Ezra nodded, and dealt the cards. Francesca looked at her hand. She held a Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and a Jack, nearly a straight, and she badly wanted that shirt. She longed to see his flesh exposed. "I'll take one."

Ezra nodded and handed her one card. It was a Four. Francesca looked up to him. He was studying his hand.

"I'll take two," Ezra said.

When Ezra had placed his cards in his hand, they laid their cards down. He held a Deuce, Three, Four, Five, and a Six. A straight. But Francesca too had a straight. And hers was higher. "Looks like I win," she grinned.

Francesca approached Ezra. She walked behind him and stroked her hands down the front of his chest. As she reached the waistband of his trousers, she gently began tugging at the undershirt Ezra was wearing, pulling it out. He turned around and grabbed her waist, bringing her around to him. He leaned her across his lap as he bent down and began kissing her urgently, insistently. Francesca's fingers worked their way under the now-freed undershirt. Francesca reached up and began trailing her fingers along his chest, up to his nipples, circling them lightly. Francesca worked the shirt up some more, and Ezra suddenly broke off the kiss and grabbed the shirt, removing it and throwing it across the room. Ezra grasped her to him, standing quickly.

Francesca kissed him hungrily, then broke free from his embrace. She pushed him gently back towards his chair. Kneeling before him, she calmly began to lick and suck at the flesh so newly exposed. Ezra grasped her head and ran his fingers through her hair, moaning softly under her ministrations. Francesca worked her way back up to his mouth, kissing him fervently and then nibbled on his ear a moment before whispering, "My deal."

Ezra groaned. "Really, my dear."

Francesca arched one eyebrow at him. "Surely, you don't want to end this game just yet.." she said coyly.

Ezra eyed her hungrily and picked up the cards Francesca dealt him. He had a hard time maintaining his poker face. "I'll stand pat with this, my dear."

Francesca nodded and picked up her own cards. Once again, she had nothing to work with. "I'll take three."

Ezra knew he had her for this hand. He could tell by her draw that her hand was bad. He laid his cards down. Three Deuces and two Threes. A full house. Francesca smiled and laid down her cards. There was absolutely nothing in them. No pairs, no straights. Just five cards, Ten high. Ezra smiled.

"Oh. that hand is surely bad enough to warrant your granting me two articles," Ezra grinned.

Francesca looked at him, her eyes wide with amazement. "That's not how the game works!" Francesca said.

But Ezra only smiled. He was enjoying this immensely. He hadn't had this much fun in a long time.

"You are, of course, quite right, my dear," Ezra said huskily as he approached her and stood her on her feet. He ran his fingers from the top of her hair and down to her back. Gently, he began to unbutton her dress, pushing it to the floor.

Francesca stood there in only her undergarments, looking at him expectantly.

Ezra took a sharp intake of air as he gazed upon her. "My dear. you are quite lovely." He reached out and pulled her close to him. He placed his arm along her spine and dipped her gently back, kissing her passionately. Ezra pulled her back up, running his fingers along her cheek. Francesca leaned in to his touch. He gazed at her.

"Now. assuming you still want to play the game," Ezra said, his breath coming in short gasps, "I suggest you allow me to deal the cards." He led her back to her seat, kissing her hand as Francesca sat down.

Ezra shuffled the cards, looking at her the entire time, not really paying too much mind to the cards. He quietly dealt out five cards each. Francesca didn't touch hers. She looked at him, daring him to let the cards on the table reveal for themselves the winner of this hand. Ezra grinned broadly, and began to flip over the cards. He had nothing. It was, quite possibly, the worst hand he had ever seen. Then Francesca flipped over her cards. Ezra's jaw dropped. She had been smiling at his hand, but she was even more amazed than he was. Her cards were worse.

Ezra quickly smiled. "I never thought that hand would win anything, my dear.but I do believe that it has won me possession of that charming bustier you are wearing."

Francesca actually blushed.

Ezra stood up and crossed to her. He placed his warm hands on her shoulders. Francesca lifted her face towards his, and he kissed her passionately. His hands began undoing the strings that held her bound. She felt him releasing her and leaned against him more. Ezra undid the corset completely, letting it fall to the floor unhindered. He held her close against him, savoring the feel of her naked flesh against his. Ezra kissed her neck and slowly brought his hands around her waist, trailing them upward and cupping her breasts the palms of his hands. He teased her nipples, gently at first, then more urgently as Francesca gasped under his ministrations. He brought her nipples to hardness. He kissed his way from her neck down her shoulder and to her breast. He tasted of her deeply. She let loose a low, throaty moan. Ezra reached behind her and placed his arm along her spine. Francesca leaned back against his arm. He allowed his kisses to trail across her chest to the breast he had not yet sampled.

Francesca reached for his head, running her fingers urgently through his hair. "Don't stop," she murmured softly.

Ezra smiled and looked up. Her eyes were closed, and Francesca was breathing heavily. He gently lowered her back into her chair and knelt before her. He kissed the top of her breast and gently kissed up to her collar, licking her gently before nuzzling his face into her neck. Ezra kissed her lightly and then once again returned to her mouth. Ezra, too, was breathing heavily.

"Last hand, my dear," Ezra whispered softly into her ear. Francesca moaned as he stood and walked away from her.

Francesca whispered softly, "Whose deal is it?"

Ezra grinned, "My dear, it is your deal."

Francesca nodded and reached for the cards, shuffling them very carefully. She dealt out the cards. Ezra picked up his cards. Francesca picked up her own. She had three kings.

Ezra looked at her. "I'll take one card."

Francesca handed him one card. "Dealer takes two," she said softly. She didn't receive the King of spades she needed for a perfect set. However, Francesca did receive a pair of Aces. It was still a very good hand.

Ezra laid down his hand. He had a royal flush in spades. "Well, my dear," he said softly. "I have won the last of your stake."

Francesca nodded.

Ezra stood and motioned her to do likewise. Francesca readily did. He approached her and put his hands on her waist, drawing her close to him. He kissed her, and she pressed close against him. She ran her fingers over the taut muscles of his back. He worked the waistband of her remaining undergarment over her hips and allowed the article to slide to the floor. Ezra picked her up and carried her to the bed, kissing her hungrily. Francesca took her hand and began tickling his earlobe lightly. Ezra smiled through the kiss. He placed her on the bed gently and lay down beside her.

Francesca reached over and began to undo his trousers. Ezra placed a hand on hers. "Oh no, my dear.." he smiled wickedly. "You did not win those, so you may not remove them." Her eyes widened.

Ezra took her arms and raised them above her head and pinned them down with one of his hands. The other hand he allowed to explore her body. He trailed his fingers over her breasts while kissing her eyelids. Ezra covered her mouth with his as he reached her womanhood with his fingers, teasing her lightly at first, then he began to lightly explore the inside of her with his fingers. He smiled as he felt her gasp beneath his kisses.

Francesca began to moan lightly as he continued, her breath coming more quickly. Ezra kissed her throat and she struggled to release her arms from his grasp. But he held them firmly. He kissed her neck.

Francesca moaned softly as Ezra continued his ministrations. The sounds of her excitement were driving him wild. He looked up as he heard her try to stifle a cry. Ezra kissed her mouth hungrily and brought both of his hands to cradle her face. She grasped him and held him tightly to her, trying to get as close to him as she could. Ezra began to pull back and Francesca followed him, never allowing his mouth to get out of her reach. He quickly began to undo his trousers, removing the confining articles as quickly as possible.

Francesca reached out and pulled him close to her, feeling the fire of his flesh burn against her. Ezra kissed her deeply, drinking in her breasts, her shoulders, her stomach. His hands were definitely more talented than Francesca had guessed, he brought her to a climax with his touch. She pulled him closer to her, wrapping her legs around him, rubbing his chest, his strong shoulders. Ezra pulled away, and she reached out and lightly touched his manhood, feathering it with her fingertips. He moaned softly at the touch, and Francesca wrapped her hand around it, gently at first, but starting to place pressure on it.

Ezra grasped her shoulders and pushed her flat against the pillow, leaning towards her as Francesca wrapped herself around him once more. He entered her. Gently, expertly, they performed an elaborate dance that brought them both closer and closer to satisfaction. They reached it together, exhausted.

Ezra looked over at Francesca and lightly ran his fingers through her hair. He smiled at her. "I must say, my dear Francesca, that this indeed was the most exhilarating game of chance I've engaged in."

Francesca smiled and leaned against him. When Ezra'd fallen asleep, Francesca quietly gathered her garments and got dressed. She bent down and kissed him on the cheek, lightly so as not to disturb him. Then Francesca left the room.

Ezra awoke at the sound of the door shutting. He noticed immediately that Francesca was not beside him. The only evidence that he had not dreamed her up was the pile of neatly folded clothing beside the chair she had occupied and the rumpled sheets on the bed.

Though the evening had not been profitable, it had certainly been enjoyable. Ezra got dressed and made his way to the saloon. He ordered a bottle of whiskey and waited for his next opponent to show.


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