By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
Cowboy Dreams PWP challenge

by MAC

Disclaimer: I don't own them, or the show they rode in on. I wrote this for fun, and no profit is made from it.
Archive: Starwinder's, You Want Fries With That?, and The All-Ezra FanFic Archive --- all others, please ask.
Summary: This is a very simple PWP in answer to the Cowboy Dreams PWP Challenge
Warnings: No plot
Author's Note: Originally exclusive to Cowboy Dreams Archive, now timed out.
Completed: 27 October 2003
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It was perfectly rounded. Slightly dusky rose colored, purpling at the uppermost end of the obelisk as it rose at a steep angle from the tossed bed of wiry copper curls. A hint of moisture caused the tip to glisten in the moonlight. From this angle, the two plump ellipses filling the stretched sack rested, paired and blanched upon the darker goose-pricked skin of taut thighs.

Buck swallowed hard, his mouth full of salivation. This close, his chin resting upon one slightly raised kneecap, he could blow upon the sweet cluster of 'grapes' that so aroused his hunger. Instead, he inhaled deeply, letting the wafting scent of musk draw fully inside him, nearly tasting the bitter bite of the brew rising yeastily toward him. His lips parted and tongue slid out to lick at his own full, pulsing labial flesh.

A ghost of air puffed over them, sharpening the feel of the night air, making the grayed light more penetrating. Buck reached out a hand, never moving his jaw from where it lay upon Ezra's knee. He knew his calloused palms and finger pads would be unwelcome against that most delicate of flesh, that tender tower, yet how could he not touch? His hand hovered, half-clenched in the space beside the ever-swelling sight before him. He flicked a look upward, to meet the gleam of green, shot through with heavy challenge, languid and lustful. Ezra's lids were so low that the color of his eyes was shaded with the fringe of his lashes.

Buck's eyes dropped back to the rising, shining lobes and shaft, soft oval shapes like fog-edged hills at daybreak. They loomed large in his vision, his own dark blue eyes black now with need. His hand fell to the simple blanket, to move in until he felt the silken-sheathed muscle and bone of hip. He touched, stroked, fingertips tingling.

Ezra's breathing increased to breathy, small moans, mounting in frequency, sound and intensity. "Touch me --- there."

Buck pushed off with his other hand, the one that had been supporting a straight arm, bulwark to his body's balance on Ezra's knee. He let his sternum shove forward, propelled by the thrust of hand, let himself slide, glide down Ezra's shapely thigh, strong and smooth; light furring only increasing the heat of his passage. He nestled his face down among those curls of copper, snuffling like a pig in heat. He lapped up one side of the engorged shaft, then suckled noisily for a moment at the tip.

Ezra's moan became hoarse and high-pitched. He threw his hips up toward the Selenean sky. The starlight embroidered the edge of his vision as flashes of Buck's white skin and black hair filled his sight.

Buck slathered his wet tongue over the sacks buried beneath the wiry offering of curls. He nudged them right, then left, seeking the lower, hidden entrance. Lashed it with his tongue and grinned at the tickle of curls against his nose.

Ezra squealed suddenly, vibrating under the onslaught.

Buck contained the trembling body with swiftly wrapping arms, hauling the smaller man close, tight, hard against his face and chest. Burying his face deeply in the lush forest of his beloved's groin, against the hard wood of his genitals. With a wordless growl, he sucked one ball within the vacuum of his mouth, laving it greedily.

Ezra squealed again, arching up higher still, and then froze, a bridge across their union. And, with a gasp of release, sagged down to lie quiet, breathing shallowly, a toneless moan leaking out to vanish on the moonbeams.

Buck tilted forward, ass raised jauntily as he dipped down to lap up the creamy puddle now glowing like translucent milk upon Ezra's belly. Strands of the semen dribbled from the corner of his mouth as he lifted his head and smiled fondly at his now sleeping lover.


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