Boarding The Damn Train
(Old West)

Missing Scene: Chinatown

by Lokemele

Warning: M/M rape
Disclaimers: The characters of "The Magnificent Seven" are copyright of MGM, Mirisch, and Trilogy Entertainment. Please do not use original characters without giving me credit.
Notes: This is a "missing scene" from "Chinatown" that answers the questions about why it took Ezra so long to get into that train car, where he got the coat which he wasn't wearing later, and why no one paid any attention to him at first when he should have been plainly visible inside the train car!!

Stanley Dunridge sighed as another hour passed in his stint guarding the supply car. Who in his right mind would want to steal railroad spikes? The only people you could sell them back to would be the ones you stole them from in the first place. Somebody had once mentioned the Chinese might use them for weapons. Now that was just plain stupid! Why would the Chinese need weapons?

He scratched his crotch and thought of his wife Annie. He'd promised her he wouldn't lie with another woman while they were apart, and he'd kept his promise. But he'd had an old childhood friend who was a druggist in St. Louis, and he'd been getting a regular supply of opium from him since he found he could sell it to the Chinese at twice what it cost him to get it. One night one of his customers didn't have the money for his dose and offered a trade instead: he'd let Stanley use him like a woman ("tighter than girl; you like, I swear!") in exchange for the opium. Fucking a Chinaman wasn't breaking his promise to Annie, and now he had several who'd let him whenever he asked as long as he left them opium.

But lately he'd begun to wonder: what would it be like to do that to a white man? Would it feel any different to be inside a white man than a Chinese? He knew he couldn't ask the men he worked with; they'd almost certainly demand he be fired. Maybe he could find somebody from the town which they were approaching?

There was a group who came in today asking about missing and dead Chinese. There were seven of them, wandering around and asking questions. They were a motley lot: black clad leader, a fella who looked like he'd hunted buffalo or maybe other things, an older man who seemed to speak some Chinese, a pair who horsed around like brothers; hell, they even had a colored fella said he was some kind of healer. Then there was the Southerner; handsome almost to the point of being pretty, well-dressed, well spoken, with a voice that slid over your ears like a silk scarf. Why, if he closed his eyes he could almost hear it...

Never mind almost; that was the fella! What was he doing here? Hadn't the others told him they were to stay away? Must not have, as he was here and mumbling to himself. Stanley smiled; he had an idea.

Moving quietly as possible, he slapped a hand over the man's mouth and dragged him inside the supply car. After getting his guns, he asked, "You know if I yell you're in a whole lot of trouble, don't you?" The man nodded. "Good. You'll have to give me something to keep quiet, you understand?" Another nod. "Turn around and drop your britches. I want to see your bare backside."

Knowing what was coming, Ezra unbuttoned his suspenders and trousers and bared himself to his captor. Though he preferred mutual affection when he was physically intimate, he could manage to withstand a less than gentle encounter. He leaned against the boxes stacked in the car and stuffed one coat sleeve into his mouth to muffle any noise.

It was well he had; his captor shoved his cock up his ass with no warning or preparation. The only small consolation was the act was over quickly. The man continued to pin him against the boxes afterward, however, and he began to wonder why. It didn't take long to get an answer.

"God, you're even tighter than the Chinese!" he said. "I want to do that again, and you're not gonna stop me, now are ya?"

Having a gun to your head limits your options. The second time was less painful than the first, partly due to blood and semen lubricating him and partly due to his being stretched somewhat by the first time. Stanley really shouldn't have turned his back on his captive, however, as Ezra took the opportunity to coldcock the bastard with a railroad spike, tie him up, steal his overcoat, and make his way to Browner's car.


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