The Biggest Gamble:

(Old West)

by Draig

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Vin stormed down the street, his temper boiling at the sight of his lover tripping towards him, fastening a... a tablecloth about his middle, his boots slapping against his bare legs, gun slung low on his hips.

Tanner felt his temper inch even higher when he noticed the small group of women who had stopped to giggle and admire the firm body of his lover.

"What the hell are you doing." Vin gasped as he reached out and snatched Ezra by the arm, dragging him about and heading him back towards restaurant he had just come out of.

"He cheated..." Ezra fumed, totally unaware of just how angry Vin really was. "I don't know how but I know he cheated." He continued to rant as Tanner opened the door and almost threw him into the restaurant.

"What the hell's wrong with you?" Vin snarled, glaring about the room and seeing only a few patrons, he again began moving, pulling his lover towards the back entrance, as he did so he shrugged out of his coat and wrapped it over Ezra's pale shoulder, unable to stop himself from creasing the skin under his hands.

Ezra suddenly pulled himself to a stop and demanded, "Where are we going?"

"Back to your room." Snapped Tanner, holding open the back door and motioning Standish through it.

"I was on my way back to my room when you grabbed me and manhandled me back in here." He grumbled, as he pulled the coat more firmly about him, he snuggled into the warm and breathed deeply of the scent of his lover. He shook himself as he felt his body respond, after all he only had on a tablecloth and Vin's coat.

"We are going back to the saloon by the back route.... This town has enough entertainment without you providing those old battleaxes with a free show."

Ezra pulled to a stop, his face lighting up in a flashing smile that always managed to melt Vin's heart. "You're jealous." He stated firmly, "you're actually jealous."

Tanner had come to a stop when Standish did and glaring at his lover he snarled, "Jealous... no Ezra I wasn't jealous... I was angry... furious... this isn't the first time you've lost your shirt, trousers, and... and..." he waved his hands up and down his nearly naked partner. "well, let's just say I'm getting a little tired of seeing more of you than is decent in the main street."

Ezra continued to smile widely at his lover, and he nodded eagerly, "I know... I know... I used to lose my shirt on a regular basis in Kansas City... it got so bad that I ended up only playing in the saloon where I was staying..."

"Ezra... this isn't funny.... I'm getting a little tired of this..." again he waved his hand up and down his lover to impress his undress. "Either you give up playing for such high stakes or... limit yourself to the actual money you have in your pocket or..." he stumbled to a stop.

"Or what?" Ezra asked, his tone changing his loving glance turning into shivers of ice.

Tanner swallowed hard and finished, "or I'm not going to put up with this any more."

Ezra closed his eyes and swallowed hard before he said, all humour at the situation suddenly fading in the face of his lover's real anger and distress. "I thought I had a winning hand." His eyes flew open when a large, warm hand cupped his cheek and offered gently, Tanner's lips only inches from his own.

"You have Ezra.... Me... I love you... heart, soul, every breath I take... but I can't take this... maybe it is jealousy... I've never felt this... this need I feel when I see you... touch you." A gentle finger rubbed itself across Ezra's top lip and the gambler flicked out his tongue to capture the digit. Tanner began to breathe heavily, and licked at his own suddenly dry lips as he felt his body swell in response to taunting.

Ezra gently released the captured finger and leaning into his lovers welcoming embrace he whispered, "I will never, ever bet more than the shirt on my back ever again... you have my word." He finished by turning his face up towards that of his trapper, who obliged by dipping down and plundering the welcoming mouth.

Several moments later both men parted, gasping for breath as Ezra smiled once more and huskily said. "I think we had better take this inside otherwise the entertainment I'll be putting on for the good town folks will have nothing on my walking down main street in an old tablecloth."

Vin smiled again and gently swiped Ezra's dark fringe from his eyes, saying. "You and me both partner... you and me both."

Tanner was suddenly yanked forward as his lover began to trot along the back streets heading towards the saloon and their bed, clutching the tablecloth his with one free hand as he drop about his ankle.

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