One Night In Purgatory
(Old West)

by GoneToTheDogs

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Author's Notes: In my story 24/Seven I stated that both Buck and JD knew about Vin and Ezra's relationships but didn't explain how they found out. This is that story.
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Part I

Buck stepped out into the moonlit single street of Purgatory, practically dragging JD behind him. Nathan and Josiah had taken Jock Steele and John Blackfox to the livery. They were going to settle in to the hayloft for the night. The two peacekeepers figured with all of the money the little man had been passing out during the afternoon that someone would likely slit his throat for the rest if they didn't keep an eye on him. They also figured that between the three of them they could make sure that Blackfox wouldn't escape. Chris and Vin were still back at the saloon working on a bottle of red eye and Ezra had disappeared a short time ago; probably headed for the same place he and JD were going. Right now it was the youngest of the group who had his attention. Buck was determined to finish the job he had started when he took the kid to Wickes Town. JD had admitted to him later that nothing had happened between Emily and himself that night in the hayloft. Although he still claimed to have had plenty of experience before he came west, Buck still had his doubts. Buck had made arrangements with a prostitute named Pilar. Even though she spoke no English and JD spoke no Spanish, the ladies man was sure that they could find a common language.

Ahead of them was what passed as a brothel in this town, an adobe structure that was one long series of small rooms, eight in all. It was obvious that not a lot of money was spent on maintenance. The thatch roof had holes in it and most of the rooms no longer had real doors only sheets over them to give the occupants a small amount of privacy. Pilar stood outside a door at the far end motioning them to join her.

"Aw come on Buck. I told you before. I don't need your help," JD protested as he stopped in the street.

"Sure." Buck didn't sound convinced

"It's not like I haven't been with a woman before cause I have."

"Uh huh."

"I have!" He would have sounded more convincing if his voice hadn't squeaked.

"Now JD. I'm sure you knew some nice young ladies back east but..."

As they passed the alley by the saloon, they heard a young boy urging someone to follow him. "Vamos, you come with me. I take you there."

The voice that answered had a very familiar Texas twang.

"Hold up. Where are we going? ¿adónde vamos?" he repeated in Spanish.

"Le traigo, I bring you to the room."

Buck pulled JD into the shadow of a doorway as Vin emerged from the alley behind the saloon. He was being led by a boy who looked no more than 15. The boy took him up the street and into one of the rooms of the brothel.

"That son of a bitch!" JD said as he pulled his gun and started up the street.

Buck grabbed him by the arm. "Hold on JD!"

"But you saw. That bastard just took that boy to a brothel. Ain't anything right about that."

"You're right, but look." He pointed up the street where the boy was already coming out of the room. "See he ain't doing anything wrong."

JD put his gun away and started to turn back toward the saloon.

"Let's go," Buck said redirecting the younger man toward the brothel.

As they passed the room that Vin was in, Buck paused, a wicked grin on his face. He opened his mouth to call out something but JD never found out what he was going to say, as another familiar, very southern, voice came out of the room.

"God Vin I thought you'd never get here."

"Sorry Ezra, Chris wanted to go over plans for tomorroooooh."

The wind blew and for just a moment the curtain across the door moved allowing Buck and JD to see inside. Vin was leaning against the wall with a shirtless Ezra kneeling at his feet, his face pressed into Vin's groin.

Buck quickly grabbed JD putting a hand over his mouth and pulled him away.

Once they were back out into the street he released the younger man.

JD had been too shocked to struggle now he jerked away from this friend. "Oh my God, Buck! Oh my God. Vin and Ezra, they..."

"...ain't doing anything wrong."

"But they're both men and Ezra was..."

"...not being forced to do anything."


"What two men do in private is their own business, JD. Come on, we could both use a drink."

He grabbed JD by the arm and took him back to the saloon. The room was dark but not empty. Chris had brought in his bed roll and was laid out near the back softly snoring.

He guided the younger man to the same table the seven had used earlier.

"Stay there," he ordered then went behind the bar for a bottle of the local hooch, all of the glasses were dirty.

"To hell with it," he muttered, pulled the cork off and took a swig. Then went back to the table and shoved the bottle at JD. "Drink."

JD took a long pull on the bottle then set it on the table with a clunk.

"How can you sit there and tell me that what they are doing isn't wrong?" JD whispered.

"JD, you know where I was raised."

The younger man nodded but he knew better than to use the word whore in connection with Buck's mother.

"Mama tried to shield me from most of it, but hell, we lived there. I had a room in the attic with some of the other kids and we pretty much stayed up there at night. But it didn't take us long to figure out what was going on. When I was around 13 or so Miss Bettina, the owner, gave me a job cleaning and helping to serve drinks in the bar.

"I was a pretty good looking young fella, tall for my age," Buck said with a grin, "and I had my share of propositions not just from the ladies of the house but occasionally from some of the customers. I always turned those down but I learned real quick what they wanted."

"But you were just a kid. It wasn't right."

"No, it wasn't but that's just the way it was. No harm done," he said with a shrug. "But there were these two fellows that came in every Friday night. Wes was the son of a local rancher; Stan was one of the ranch hands. They'd get a room and always asked for Mama. I heard her tell one of the other ladies that the first few times they had both used her but that they had always been more interested in pleasuring each other. After a while they made the arrangement that Mama would sleep on the floor while they fooled around on the bed, that way no one would know what they were really up to. She said it was the easiest money she ever made. They truly cared for one another and that some nights all they did was just hold each other. She said she would listen to them whisper late into the night making plans for their future together."

"What happened to them?"

Buck shook his head sadly. "Wes' father found out about them. He had Stan hung. But he couldn't do that to his own son so he had him locked away in an asylum. They say he killed himself in there. What a waste of two lives. They weren't hurting anyone and they were actually helping my Mama. They paid her well, kept her from having to work on the busiest night of the week. She said that they were planning to go west and homestead. They had offered to take her along as their housekeeper and I could work for them. In reality I think they just wanted to thank her for keeping their secret. The point is Vin and Ezra ain't hurting anybody either. But if anyone were to find out about them they could very well hang. So what I need to know is what are you going to do?"

"I don't know." JD took another swig from the bottle then passed it to Buck.

"Well you need to make up your mind 'cause if you can't keep quiet and mind your own business, I need to go warn them so they can get away."

"You'd do that?"

"I don't want no trouble, not with you and not with them. But, JD, they are my friends too. I can't sit by and watch if you are going to go running to the others and raise a stink about something that ain't none of your concern."

JD was quiet for a long time taking several draws from the bottle. Finally he gave in. "Okay, I won't say anything to the others. Like you said they aren't hurting anyone."

"And I trust that they ain't gonna. You have my word, JD, that if I ever find out that they have, I'll kill them myself."

He nodded. "I'd appreciate if you wouldn't tell anybody about this."

"I won't."

Buck grinned as JD blushed, no doubt remembering the brief scene they had witnessed earlier. He was reminded once more that JD was still young and he was glad that he was still open minded enough to let Buck guide him through this new fact of his life. He patted JD on the shoulder as he went to collect their gear; sure that JD really wasn't in the mood for a night with Pilar now. When he came back JD had finished off the bottle and was lying with his head on the table, snoring. Buck smiled and put his gear on the table beside him.

"He gonna be alright?" Chris asked from the darkness.

"He should be. I'll keep an eye on him." Buck turned to see his oldest friend sitting up, leaning against the wall.

"Get some sleep. We got an early start tomorrow." Chris put his gun back in its holster on the floor beside him, lay back down and was quiet.

Buck gulped, he was sure that Chris wouldn't have killed JD outright to keep him quiet. But the fright that he would have given him would surely have driven the young man from their group. Because as much as he considered JD his little brother, he also knew that Chris felt the same about Vin. And as much as Chris liked JD he wouldn't hesitate to stop him by any means necessary if it meant saving Vin's life.

He considered trying to find a spot to lay his bed, but the fact was he wasn't sleepy yet. He thought of the beautiful Pilar, while he usually never paid for it for himself he had already paid for JD. No need to let the money go to waste. He got up and made his way back up the street. Pilar was now sitting in a chair outside her room smoking a cigarillo. He waved to her, she waved back. As he passed the room Vin and Ezra were sharing, he heard moans and the sound of the bed squeaking as it hit against the wall. He laughed and he joined the Mexican beauty waiting for him. No words were spoken as he took her in his arms for a kiss then let her take him inside.

Part II
(The smutty part)

Ezra had spent most of the afternoon playing poker. While he hadn't found anything new about the man called Fowler, he had accumulated a nice little stake. He nodded good night to Nathan and Josiah as they took Blackfox and Steele to the livery for the night. He gathered up his winnings and bade goodnight to the other players as they left the saloon. He looked across the room to the table where Chris, Buck, JD and Vin were having a drink. He caught Vin's attention and nodded his head up the street, Vin nodded back and winked.

He made his way to the brothel, the only thing resembling a hotel or rooming house in the village. As long as it was fairly clean, it would do. Once he had secured a room, he paid the owner extra as he made it clear that he had no interest in the ladies of the house but would be glad if the owner would send his son to the saloon to get his partner. The boy was dispatched with very a specific description of Vin Tanner and a promise to be discreet.

The owner grabbed a lantern and led him to the room. Ezra had collected his and Vin's gear before coming here and as he entered the room he was glad that he had. The room had no window and its doorway was covered by a long curtain, the floor was dirt. The owner lit a candle and left. Ezra realized that the small bed and the table with the candle were the only furniture in the room. There was nowhere to hang his clothes. Cursing he made an orderly pile on the dirty floor at the end of the bed. Hat, jacket, vest, shirt and holsters were neatly stacked on top of his saddlebags. Vin's gear was laid beside his. He took the gun from his shoulder holster and a bottle of oil from his bag and sat them on the table by the bed. He removed the soiled bedding, putting it in a pile in one corner and replaced it with his own bedroll. Sitting on the bed he removed his boots as he pondered the intelligence of a tryst here in this strange and dangerous place, but after the past few days of being so close to Vin and yet not being able to touch him, quite frankly, he was horny. Judging by the looks he got earlier he figured Vin was too.

His contemplation was interrupted by the arrival of the man himself. Vin was led in to the room by the boy who had been sent to fetch him. He dropped his coat, bandana and hat on the floor by Ezra's things, then walked over to the bed and placed his mare's leg against the table holding Ezra's gun. Meanwhile Ezra stood, reached into his pocket, pulled out a coin, gave it to the boy telling him to go.

"God Vin I thought you'd never get here."

"Sorry Ezra, Chris wanted to go over plans for tomorroooooh."

Vin had been unbuttoning his shirt when his breath was knocked from him as the gambler roughly shoved him against the wall. Ezra plastered himself against Vin's body and buried his nose in the collar of Vin's shirt breathing deeply of his scent, then he dropped to his knees his face pressing against Vin's groin licking and nipping it though buckskin. His hands wandered up Vin's legs caressing calves, thighs and finally his cheeks. Vin's hands weren't idle undoing the fastenings on his pants, as Ezra stopped his ministrations to help him out of his boots and socks.

Vin's breath was growing ragged as his cock got hard. Past experience had made Ezra a tentative lover; usually he allowed Vin to take the lead. But lately he showed some aggression in his play, something Vin always encouraged. The con man could be very creative when he put his mind to it; the results were usually mind blowing. In a brief moment of clarity he knew exactly what he wanted. Dragging Ezra from the floor he shoved him on to the bed. He advanced on his lover, shedding clothes as he went.

Ezra leaned on his elbows watching enthralled as the bounty hunter stalked him. Vin knelt beside the bed and whispered to Ezra, "Want you to fuck me."

Ezra's eyes opened wide in surprise. Vin was the first man who had ever trusted him enough to submit to him and he loved the feeling of being buried deep within his body but tonight he was uncertain. "Are you sure Vin? We have many miles to ride tomorrow I wouldn't want you to feel..."

He was quieted by Vin's finger over his lips.

"I don't care," the other man replied as he let his hand drift down Ezra's bare chest brushing his nipples and caressing the muscles of his belly finally stopping to gently massage his hardening member. "Want you to fuck me... hard."

Still kneeling on the floor Vin stretched across the bed laying his head on one arm while his other hand began to undo the fastening on Ezra's pants. The look he gave was smoldering and lit a fire in Ezra. The gambler scrambled from the bed. Pants and undergarments were quickly discarded. As he turned toward Vin a breeze hit his backside and he noticed the curtain over the door blowing. He blew out the candle plunging the room into darkness. Grabbing the bottle of oil from the table, he knelt behind his partner and Vin shifted to give him better access, gripping the side of the bed.

Ezra poured oil on his hand and started to massage the round globes of Vin's ass.

Vin moaned and leaned into the talented hands as a finger invaded his body reaching deep to stir his arousal even higher.

"Hurry!" he gasped as his hips began to surge impatiently.

Ezra's chuckle was warm against his back as the other man leaned into him. He could feel the hard length of Ezra's cock as it slipped between his cheeks and pressed into his hole. He stopped there causing Vin to grunt in frustration.

"Do it," he commanded as he pushed backward.

Ezra slipped in slowly, remembering times when rough play had only left him in pain, he began a slow gentle rhythm. But Vin was not having that.

"I said hard, dammit!" and pushed himself against his lover so hard that he almost knocked him over. Ezra regained his balance, drew a deep breath as he grabbed Vin's hips and shoved himself back in.

"Oh yeah!" Vin cried as Ezra finally set the pace he wanted, pulling almost all the way out then slamming back in. Vin pushed against the bed frame to meet his advances. When Ezra changed his angle to hit his sweet spot, Vin cried out, almost losing his grip on the bed. It was only Ezra's hold on his hips that kept him from falling. As soon as he recovered they continued their almost violent pace, Ezra's strokes started coming shorter and faster until with a near scream he buried himself in Vin pressing and pressing as if trying to get even deeper while his liquid heat shot into his lover's body.

Ezra fell against his lover forcing the other man to briefly hold up both of their bodies until he came to enough to realize that Vin had not yet reached completion. He gently withdrew, sat back to the floor and pulled Vin into the V made by his outstretched legs. His mouth went to Vin's neck, teeth scraping against flesh, hard enough to give sensation but not enough to mark. His left hand moved to Vin's chest kneading and pinching while his right hand took a firm hold of Vin's cock with a jerk. Vin's head fell back against Ezra's shoulder, his hips surged as he too came with a cry.

The two men sat on the cold dirt floor while they came down from the most intense sex either had ever experienced, their breath slowly returning to normal. Then Vin's whole body seemed to go slack. Ezra pushed him forward and managed to get to his feet. He helped Vin into the bed laying him on his stomach. He retrieved Vin's canteen and a rag from the other man's gear, used them to clean first himself, then Vin. Once he was through he got in the bed and helped Vin to shift until he lay against his chest. Vin's hair tickled him as he settled in and fell into a deep sleep. Ezra smiled contentedly as he too drifted off into a dreamless slumber.

Purgatory Morning

Morning came all too soon for most of the group. JD was still asleep, his head on the table and Chris was just coming back from washing up when Buck returned to the saloon. He roused JD and sent him to clean up. Soon they were joined by Josiah, Nathan, Steele and Blackfox. Josiah made free use of the pantry in the back coming up with coffee, a loaf of bread, some cheese and fruit. Vin came in next, joining Josiah in the back, muttering something about weak coffee. Finally Ezra staggered in, complaining loudly about the ungodly hour, but he shut up quickly when Chris threatened.

"I can make sure you get plenty of sleep Ezra," he said shoving his duster back to reveal his six shooters.

Vin stepped in handing Ezra a cup of coffee and a plate of food. He took him by the arm, guided him over to the table and sat him down. He allowed his hold to remain a moment longer than necessary. Ezra looked up at him with a smile of gratitude, and maybe something more, shining in his eyes?

It amused Buck, the way Vin seemed to hover over his friend. Once he got Ezra seated, he stood behind him leaning against the wall, arms folded across his chest. The look he gave Chris seemed to say that he would not tolerate the gunslinger taking out his ill temper on the conman. For a moment the two men glared at each other and just when Buck thought he would have to step in, Chris gave in, with a nod of his head. Fortunately no one else seemed to have noticed as Ezra concentrated on eating his meal, JD was too hung over and the others were listening to some story being told by the diminutive writer.

Buck hadn't really been surprised by last night's revelation. He had known from the first day that Vin had been attracted to Ezra and he had suspected that the feeling was mutual. He was glad that they had found the courage to act on their feelings. He was a true romantic and felt that love was to be encouraged wherever it bloomed.

Once they finished their meal they headed to the livery. Buck grinned as Vin led Peso from the stable, he could swear he saw a little hitch in his stride. His suspicions were confirmed when Vin winced as he took his place on Peso's back. Ezra laughed out loud, looking entirely too pleased with himself. The tracker gave the other man a Larabee worthy glare, then smiled and winked. He pulled Peso close to Chaucer and said something low that only Ezra could hear, causing the con man to blush.

Looking around Buck decided that the others were too busy with their own morning preparations to notice anything. Then he spotted the group's youngest member. JD was watching subtly, while checking the saddle on his horse, a frown on his face. He pulled Lady in front of his young friend.


"I'm okay with it."

"Good man." He reached down and patted the other man on the shoulder.

"Let's ride," Chris ordered, leading Pony from the stable and mounting. JD followed suit. Fowler had gotten a head start on them and it had taken all of his persuasive skills to convince Chris that they couldn't go chasing after him last night, they were all too tired. Finally Vin had come back from scouting for signs of Fowler's departure. He sat down, ordered some dinner and declared that he would be leaving at first light. Fowler, it seemed, was heading back the way they had come, back toward Eagle Bend. Chris had no choice but to wait.

Now they were underway there with Chris and Vin taking the lead. JD and Josiah went next, riding on either side of Blackfox whose horse was tethered to Josiah's saddle. Nathan followed just ahead of Jock Steele, leaving Ezra to his self appointed duty to make sure their uninvited guest kept up. Buck fell in last, taking up the role of guardian, determined to watch the backs of the men he thought of as family. Hunting a cold blooded killer, they would face what was to come together and together they could face anything.


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