Archivists' Note:

In light of recent substantial evidence that this author has plagiarised works of fiction in both the Magnificent Seven fandom and others, we have taken the decision to remove all links to her work from our archive as we have no way of knowing which - if any - of her stories are her own.

Please check the following websites to see further details of this matter:




If you have any questions or comments regarding our decision to remove these links, please contact
Donna and Barb.


On 19th September 2004 we - along with a 'select' group of others - received a vaguely threatening email from someone calling themselves 'Wolf', saying that we must add a link on our site to her 'report' where she "investigates" these plagiarism claims. Terms such as 'libel' and 'sued' were used....
Needless to say that link is not included here, nor shall it ever be - unless we decide it truly adds something other than a good laugh to these proceedings.

We do not respond to threats (especially empty ones), nor to people trying to dictate what we should or should not include on our website.

For further information about this chapter of this saga, please see here:


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