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The Fifth Horseman
Crossover with The Wild, Wild West and Highlander
Scoundrel, card-sharp, gunfighter, embezzler... before the man who now calls himself Ezra Standish became these things, he was an idealistic young man caught up in a war he did not choose, and faced a ruthless enemy he never dreamed existed... and from an evil older than Ezra could ever have imagined. Now, years later, a notice from a fellow warrior in that fight brings back the haunted memories of the terrors Ezra faced back then... and the promise of more horror to come...
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 28 February 2009
Love Letters
How love was found... and lost... among the Seven, over the years, as their stories weave a tapestry between and around the letters they write.
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 1 February 2004

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