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Accessory After The Fact
Ezra has pulled off another of his fantastic schemes... but now he needs some help dealing with the clean-up - will Vin be amiable to helping?
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 4 January 2009
Diamond In The Rough
Another peek into Ezra's thoughts.
Universe: ATF
Date Added: 7 October 2007
Know When To Fold
Companion piece to Out Of Aces.
AU M7/Highlander 'verse's meld. The other half of the coin - or story if you will. Ezra's view on the split and missing time as well as the reunion.
Universe: M7/Highlander AU
Date Added: 4 Jul 2009
Know When To Run
Sequel to Know When To Fold.
Ezra explains why he refuses to play the 'Game' like every other fool out there.
Universe: M7/Highlander AU
Date Added: 31 December 2009
Out Of Aces
AU M7/Highlander 'verse's meld. In the Old West, Ezra went his separate way after a falling out. In the time after the others found out they were Immortal. Then in the late 1970's a song is a catalyst to them figuring out they could still be Seven again. (AN: Yeah, *cringing*, doesn't every M7 writer out there have to get the bug to write a 'Gambler' fic at some point?)
Universe: M7/Highlander AU
Date Added: 22 June 2008
Relative Absurdity
Crossover with The Sentinel.
A none too serious M7-ATF AU crossover with The Sentinel. While the Denver team visits Cascade they find an unlooked for relative of their most secretive teammate in the last place they would expect.
Universe: ATF AU
Date Added: 24 April 2007
Relative Absurdity 2: Wrangling
Sequel to Relative Absurdity. Crossover with The Sentinel.
Maude and Naomi attempt to talk some sense into their offspring while other similarities Ezra shares with Blair surface. Plus a member of Team 7 finds out that he and Jim have a lot in common.
Universe: ATF AU
Date Added: 31 December 2009
Secrets From Graves
Another AU of a Modern Team 7 getting to know their Ezra, this time it's via an old co-worker of Ezra's.
Universe: ATF AU
Date Added: 7 March 2006

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